Chapter 126: Brute-type Soft Sister

Outside Snow Valley, a group of people wound their way toward the Chaos Ice Cave!

The leader was familiar to me. At closer look, this was an old enemy, Purple Marquis!

Presently, Purple Marquis was a popular person in Floating Ice City. Ranked fourth, he had refined steel armor and wielded a sharp blade. His expression was slightly dark as he moved with steady steps toward the Chaos Ice Cave!

Damn it, such bad luck. A group was coming at this time when Xu Yang and the others were arriving!

Undoubtedly, Purple Marquis wanted to monopolize the Chaos Ice Cave. They probably didn't know that I had already gone through it. While the monsters in Chaos Ice Cave were not rare resources, the herbs and ore within were relatively valuable. Especially at the start of the game, the ores were even more precious!

Countless thoughts flashed through my mind. However, the first thing I had to do was to conceal myself. There were more than a dozen high-level players behind Purple Marquis. If we really fought, I may not be their match, especially since Purple Marquis was among their ranks. His mechanics were good, his movement sharp, and his level was close to mine. Just him alone was troublesome. If the archer behind him started shooting arrows at me, I wouldn’t survive!

I retreated slightly, turning into a stream of bloody red energy, merging into the ground. At this time, Earth Escape was my lucky star!



Murong Mingyue sent a message:"We are arriving in five minutes. Lu Chen, how about I add you?"


I responded and received an invitation. After accepting, I joined a three-person party: I, Xu Yang, and Murong Mingyue.

"Oh, it's Brother Broken Halberd!" Xu Yang laughed and greeted me.

Murong Mingyue said, "Sinks Into Sand, ignore this idiot. Describe the situation of Chaos Ice Cave?"

I nodded and said, "You must obtain a rite of passage to enter Chaos Ice Cave. To get it, you must defeat a Level 70 elite monster, so there are not many people with the strength to enter Chaos Ice Cave.”

"Oh? Then how will we enter?"

"No problem. Come over and we will take it. Also, prepare for PvP. Purple Marquis has brought a group of the Shadow Clan around the Chaos Ice Cave. I think he came for the cave. Everyone, be alert!"

"Oh, yes, alright!"

"Can you give me party leader?"


Murong Mingyue was surprised but gave me the position of party leader. After accepting, I immediately sent an invitation to Lin Yixin.

Several seconds later. Beep—

Party Notice: Player “Wind Fantasy” has joined the party!



Xu Yang was shocked. "Beauty... Beauty Wind. Why... Why are you joining our party?"

Lin Yixin was silent for a few seconds and asked, "Who are you?"


Xu Yang’s mind was in chaos. In He Yi's words, Xu Yang's brain storage was low. If he read too much data, his mind would easily get stuck.

Murong Mingyue generously sent a greeting. "Hi, Beauty Fantasy, nice to meet you. Are you coming for the Chaos Ice Cave?"

"Yes!" Lin Yixin laughed. "So it is Murong Mingyue, the legendary beautiful priest of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls. Haha, pleased to meet you too. Remember to give me some buffs later~~~"

"No problem!"

It was easy for women to get acquainted. Even though they had not interacted much previously, Lin Yixin clearly had a good impression of Murong Mingyue. Similarly, Murong Mingyue felt that Lin Yixin, this famed Fruit Knife Goddess of China, was very strong in the game, and her beauty was great.


Murong Mingyue sent over a message: "Lu Chen, tell me honestly. What is your relationship with this Wind Fantasy. Have you gotten her already?"

I was torn between laughing and crying. I responded, "Sis Mingyue, do not worry so much. She and I are just friends, we aren't at that point!"

Murong Mingyue stilled. A few seconds later, she sent a message: "It’s for the best… I can see that this girl is not ordinary. You might not be able to handle her. Your body might recover, but your personality won’t change. If you want a girlfriend, find one in Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls. Eve is the brute-type, Lian Xin is the soft-type. If you want a brute-type soft girl, you can find me~~"

I almost spurted out. As expected, after more than a year, Murong Mingyue was still the same and would always tease when she saw a handsome man. In the past, just a few words could cause a pure young man to be unsettled and anxious. This was one of Murong Mingyue's greatest traits. She could move easily around the business world with this smooth and clever method. After becoming He Yi's assistant, in the GGS Asian Region, she, Murong Mingyue, was a famous person!

Of course, all of that she had told me by herself. As to what the reality was, I had no way of knowing. Maybe she was just an ordinary front desk receptionist.

After struggling a while, I responded, "Sis Mingyue, are you about to arrive? Don’t be in a hurry to approach. You and Xu Yang meet up with Lin Yixin. There may be PvP soon. With Lin Yixin joining, our chances of victory will double.”

"Yes, understood. Be careful!"



At this time, Purple Marquis was leading a group of people over. All of them had names with the word "Shadow.” These were my old enemies, and also Xu Yang and Murong Mingyue's old enemies. We had not clashed just one or twice. Our grievances run deep.

Purple Marquis held his sword and walked forward. After talking for a while, he returned and said, "We must kill the Green Giant to obtain a trial certificate. We can then enter the Chaos Ice Cave for 6 hours. How about I go first?"


The people behind him nodded in unison. They clearly respected Purple Marquis greatly. After all, the experts on the Heavenly Ranking were all popular people, like the superstars of real society. Many players chased after stars. For example, Lin Yixin. As a beautiful female player, Lin Yixin's influence in the Floating Ice City was unrivaled. If she waved her arm and called, Snowy Cathaya would be full of talent and no one could rival them!

Purple Marquis quickly started the battle, his figure disappearing with a whoosh, teleported to the trial space.

About two minutes later, Purple Marquis reappeared. He raised the trial certificate in his hand and laughed out loud. "Nothing major. Come, go try!"


The members of the Shadow Clan went to try. After several seconds, one of the players on the outside had an ugly expression. "Purple Marquis, this is bad. They did not defeat the Green Giant and... were sent back to Floating Ice City, dropped one level...”


Purple Marquis was shocked. He shook his head and said, "Are they too green? Never mind, then you return as well. I will go look around by myself and level up my Mining skill!"

My heart jerked. Damn, this guy is a miner?

This was not good. I had called Xu Yang over to mine. If Purple Marquis went into the Chaos Ice Cave first, wouldn't Xu Yang have come for nothing?

I could not disappoint my brother. This was a principle of my life!


I held my sword and erupted out of the earth. The Ghost Ice Soul headed like lightning for Purple Marquis, immediately turning into an icy spike that crashed onto the warrior’s shoulder.


The earth-colored armor around Purple Marquis took form. This was a Warrior defensive skill—Steel Protection!

However, the Steel Protection could only increase Defense by 15%, so it was much worse than my Ghost Deity Armor. Basically, even Rank 4 Ghost Deity Armor was on that level. Currently, my Ghost Deity Armor was at Rank 6 and offered a boost of 18%. It also stacked with the 100 Defense of my third-promotion skill Enhanced Bones. Clearly, in terms of Defense and survivability, Undead Swordsman class was much superior to the ordinary Warrior!


The Ghost Ice Soul attack wasn't able to draw too much blood. Purple Marquis's equipment was extraordinary, and he could be called a strong enemy!

"Ha, it's you?!"

Quickly turning around, Purple Marquis looked at me. He snickered, "Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand? I was itching to fight you but I didn't think you would come to me!"


I smiled and the Ghost Ice Soul came like a snake.

Purple Marquis's expression turned cold and he used a combo attack—Assault + Heavy Slash!



My powerful Defense was greatly effective. The Ghost Deity buzzed. As Purple Marquis created two attacks in succession, I raised Ghost Ice Soul. Pardon!


A large MISS arose. Purple Marquis’s expression twisted. The Pardon skill had become my trademark long ago and had a legend on Floating Ice City's forums. Once the Silver Moon Devil used Pardon, his enemy’s life would be reaped.


Purple Marquis suddenly changed targets. His figure suddenly dashed away and immediately stunned a low-level snowman mob 14 yards away. He actually... actually charged at a monster to avoid the attack after my Pardon?

I grimaced inside. Damn, Purple Marquis was very fast and had learned the Charge skill. This person was as troublesome as expected!

Without hesitation, I also used Charge. This could be called a Charge combo. Before Purple Marquis could react, he was already stunned. Just like the mantis stalking the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind. The pitiful snowman mob did not even realize the situation before dozens of targets appeared.

"How... How is this possible?

Purple Marquis looked directly at me, his eyes filled with shock and unwillingness. He was shocked that I knew a high-level skill like Charge, and was unwilling to die like this!


Desperate Gambit came down, and Purple Marquis knelt with a grunt.


In reality, Purple Marquis and I were not archenemies. However, our two clans had too many grievances. I could only kill on sight. If I didn’t, I would be the one dying.

Also, so what if I killed him?

I held the Ghost Ice Soul and turned around. Suddenly a powerful arrow flew by and stuck into my chest armor. The arrow feathers trembled. The attacker was Level 54 Shadow Deep Sea, the best archer of the Shadow Clan!

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