Chapter 1242: Crimson Firmament Slash

We bobbed up and down on Cyanscale Sea for a dozen or so hours at least. Thankfully, when the storm had finally passed us by, we entered an astonishingly peaceful part of the sea where a bright, beautiful sun hung above us.[1]

I had entered light sleep mode while we were drifting toward Dragon Domain. Suddenly, I felt someone caressing the back of my head. When I looked up, I saw Murong Mingyue withdrawing her hand and smirking at me a bit. "What, you woke up already?"

I asked suspiciously, "What were you doing?"

"Taking care of you, of course!"

"And how were you taking care of me, exactly?"

"Like, has the sea rotted your dick yet?"

"Fuck you!"

I struggled a bit. The part of my body submerged inside the sea felt incredibly uncomfortable, sure. If there was one thing I was certain about though, it would be that my dick was perfectly intact.

Whoosh whoosh...

I planted the Chill of the Nine Provinces on one end of the plank. Then, I hung a priest cloak on it to use as a simple sail. It should help us get to the shore faster.

"Seriously though, are you really okay?" Murong Mingyue asked again.

I shook my head. "Of course not. I’m so tired I could fall asleep at any moment. We’re almost at the shore though. With luck, we’ll reach whatever the other coast is called in 2 hours tops."

Murong Mingyue lay down on the plank lazily and tilted her head at me. "Sigh, I’m realizing all over again why Eve loves you so much. Little men definitely have their own unique charm…"

I stared at her. "What the hell are you talking about, sis?"

"Nothing. I was just wondering how I should thank you for submerging your dick in the sea for an entire day for me."

"You don’t have to thank me. We’re all family."

"I won’t accept that. How about…"

She thought for a moment before suddenly moving her face closer. Before I knew it, her right arm was wrapped around my neck, her red lips were planted against my lips, and her tongue was teasing me lightly. My mind went blank. I was so shocked that I wasn’t able to react at all.

Almost 15 seconds later, Murong Mingyue finally let me go and giggled like a female gangster who just pulled off a heist. "Not bad, not bad!"

I shot her a glance before asking in a calm tone, "You’ve been looking for a chance to do it for a long time now, haven’t you?"

"You realized? Damn…"

"Damn, my ass!"


Still lying on top of the plank like sleeping beauty, her breasts looked like they would succumb to the demands of gravity and spill out of her tight clothing. She shot me a seductive look before saying, "No need to think too hard about this. I like you, so I kissed you. It’s that simple. We’re all adults here, and I’m hardly going to ask you to take responsibility for me kissing you. Of course, I’m still not going to ask you to take responsibility if you wish to go… deeper…"

It felt like my world view was being turned upside down. "Stop trying to brainwash me! I refuse to understand your world view!"

"Oh, you stubborn, old-fashioned brat…"

Murong Mingyue opened the map screen and checked our coordinates after chiding me a bit. She then said, "Yes, it looks like we’ll reach the shore in an hour. By the way, what is the plan after we arrive?"

"Log out, eat supper, and sleep like a log!"

"Yeah, that makes sense."


As she said, a lush, forest-filled shore entered our sight 55 minutes later. Thank the heavens!

I summoned the Ancient Divine Dragon, held Murong Mingyue in a princess carry, and climbed onto its back. Then, I sheathed my weapon and ordered it to fly straight toward the shore. We were out of the deep sea area, so the Night Gulls wouldn’t attack us anymore. And even if they would, they might not be able to catch up to the Ancient Divine Dragon travelling at full speed.

I spotted two familiar figures on the beach almost immediately. They were Beiming Xue and Lian Xin. When Beiming Xue saw the Ancient Divine Dragon, she immediately waved with a light smile on her face. "Over here, big brother!"


After the Ancient Divine Dragon had descended, and I had set Murong Mingyue on her feet, I asked, "Is everyone here, Beiming?"

"Everyone except Sister Eve has arrived. You can see her location on the map screen."

She was right. We were party members, so we could check each other’s coordinates. He Yi was less than 5 km away from me. She was just too small to see from here.

So I said, "I’m going to fly over and fetch Eve. Feel free to take a rest or whatever while I’m gone. By the way, where are Yiyi and Guanyue?"

“They’re picking coconuts over there…"



I turned around and took to the sky, flying straight for where He Yi was. Less than 3 minutes later, an orange dot entered my view. It was He Yi sleeping on top of a plank about 2 square meters big with the Suppressing Fire Sword pierced on one end and a cloth armor robe hung over it.

I quietly descended beside her. She was curled up like a sleepy Persian cat basking under the warm sunlight. I couldn’t help but look back and forth between her bubble butt and her tightly squeezed breasts.

I felt sorry that she had to go through that distressing experience, and yet I couldn’t help but love her current appearance even more. I pecked her on the lips once before hugging her gently, "Time to wake up, Eve."


When He Yi opened her long eyelashes and saw me, she became so agitated that she gave me a back-breaking hug. "Uuu! I felt so lonely, cold and empty drifting alone last night!"

I set her on my dragon’s back and pulled out her Suppressing Fire Sword from the plank. "I know. I felt exactly the same. Now come on. Sis, Yiyi, Beiming and everyone else is waiting for us!"


He Yi nodded, but moved closer to kiss me on the lips instead. It was natural for a person to feel a bit fragile after a lonely night’s journey. However, the emotions born from this experience was also one of the truest and most precious of them all.

Unlike her usual dignified self, with one knee on my dragon’s back and facing toward me, He Yi hugged me and kissed me deeply while sitting on my thighs. I reciprocated by kissing back just as deeply, snaking my right arm around her delicate waist and caressing her long, tender thigh with my left. I could feel from her slightly shivering body that she was very nervous and very deep into the kiss.

It wasn’t until a long time later did she let go of me. I said, "Satisfied yet? You know, sis would say that we were gone long enough to blow a load…"

He Yi blushed like an apple, but she replied smirkingly, "You wouldn’t be able to do it in the game even if you wanted to. At the very least, Heavenblessed certainly doesn’t have that kind of technology!"

I kissed her on the cheek one more time before saying, "Alright, time to go. Sit tight."


I gave the order, and the Ancient Divine Dragon shot toward the shore like a lightning bolt. We arrived slightly over two minutes later. As I thought, Lin Yixin, Murong Mingyue, and everyone else had gathered already.



I activated Fusion Armor and landed softly on the sand together with He Yi. Lin Yixin held up a coconut and said to me, "I bet your Satiety level is very low, right? This coconut can restore over 80% Satiety in one go if you drink it all, and it tastes excellent. Here!"

"Thanks, Yiyi!"

I accepted the coconut and drank it all. As promised, it restored my Satiety to almost max. This was great news, because it meant that we wouldn’t be starving in Dragon Domain anytime soon.

I checked the time and took out my tent. "Alright, time to log out, people. It’s almost noon already. Let’s eat whatever, go to bed, and explore Dragon Domain around… Actually, do you girls want to do this tonight, or wait until tomorrow morning?"

Beiming Xue replied, " Let’s burn the midnight oil. It’s the weekend, so I don’t need to attend class. Also, there might be more players if we wait until daytime."

Lin Yixin agreed, "Me too. Let’s burn the midnight oil!"



The moment I logged out and took off my helmet, a wave of dizziness immediately assaulted me. The consequences of staying up all night were no joke.

After I entered the living room, Murong Mingyue said, "I just booked a table at the restaurant downstairs, so get ready. We’re heading down in 20 minutes…"

"Got it."

I brushed my teeth and washed my face. Then, I put on a gray overcoat and left the room.

Murong Mingyue was holding her wallet and passing in front of me when He Yi was tying her shoes. Suddenly, she came to a stop and pecked me on the lips before I could react. She then smiled at me triumphantly as if saying, "You think I won’t dare to kiss you in real life? You thought wrong!"

It was a mess. My relationship was already pretty messed up, and adding another woman to the mix wasn’t going to help things at all. So, I renewed my determination and took He Yi’s hand in my own. Then, we led the way with Murong Mingyue and Lian Xin behind us. When He Yi or Lin Yixin was with me, I would hold their hands and stay away from any other woman. If they were both present, well… I could only pray for the best.


My phone rang while we were eating lunch at the restaurant. It was Gui Guzi.

"What is it, Little Gui?"

"Li got his Ancient Divine Skill, Boss Broken Halberd!"

I shuddered. "Oh man! Did Chengfeng get an SSS Rank Ancient Divine Skill?"

"Unfortunately, that is not the case. It’s an SS Rank Ancient Divine Skill that somehow managed to avoid detection until now…"

"That’s still awesome. What is it called? How powerful is it?"

Gui Guzi laughed. "Oh, it’s quite amazing. The name is Crimson Firmament Slash, and it works exactly like your Xuanyuan Slash except that it only increases Attack by 125%. Also, it has a 100% success rate to Blind all targets for 3 seconds. Awesome, right?"

I was wild with joy. "Holy shit, that is awesome! An AoE skill that 100% Blinds for 3 seconds? With Chengfeng’s skill, there are only a handful who can eat Crimson Firmament Slash and survive the 3-second Blind! This SS Rank Ancient Divine Skill is almost as good as an SSS Rank Ancient Divine Skill!"


Gui Guzi then said, "That’s all I wanted to say, so, later!"



I hung up and reported Li Chengfeng’s new skill and effect to my guild leader. Naturally, He Yi was absolutely delighted by the news, and Lian Xin commented, "Our team of Ancient Divine Skill owners is growing crazier and crazier."

Murong Mingyue also said, "Over 60 of the 99 Ancient Divine Skills have been taken already, and the rest are hidden in god-knows-where. Not everyone has Li Chengfeng’s luck and skill, so in the end it’s all about grinding that equipment and level. With that said, let’s do our best in Dragon Domain and hit that level cap as soon as possible!"

"Sure, right after we finish this meal and catch some sleep…"

After we gorged ourselves on the food, we returned upstairs and slept like logs. We would continue our journey at Dragon Domain at noon sharp.

1. T/N: I don’t know if you realize this, but there were Cyanscale Straits in chapter 737. It’s pretty amazing to be honest

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