Chapter 1231: Twelve Divine Armaments

Time passed little by little. I was browsing China’s Nation War contribution point leaderboard on the Nation War interface. Despite not having fought for an entire day, I was still sitting comfortably in the first place and well ahead of the runner-up, Luo River God of the Capital. The mage had fought from the start until the end this time, and skills such as Galaxy Storm and God Devil Break were as powerful as ultimate skills in her hands. That was why she had outperformed Lian Xin, Lin Yixin, Candlelight Shadow, Li Chengfeng and more. Not even Lian Xin with her better class could beat her, even though the gap was very small.

"It’s almost time!"

Some time later, Gui Guzi abruptly bounced to his feet and said, "The first to fourth places on the world contribution point leaderboard belong to us, so we are undoubtedly the biggest winner of this Nation War. I can’t wait to see how great our reward is going to be, hahaha!"

I nodded with a smile. "Mn. Don’t forget to treat us to a meal if you get a Divine Armament. That applies to everyone as well~"

Despite being the attacker this time, China was still the country that killed the most enemies in this Nation War. Our old rivals such as Vienna’s Sorrow, Breeze and Rain, God of War and more were also present on the list, but there were a couple of factors that greatly limited their ability to reap more contribution points. Vienna’s Sorrow had to focus all his strength on retaking Seven Star City, so he couldn’t just run amok like he usually did. Neither Breeze and Rain nor God of War had missed most of the major battles, so their enemy kill counts were slightly below their usual standards as well. That was why the top spots of the contribution points leaderboard were dominated by the Chinese.

A while later, the long-awaited system announcement resounded across the sky, and everyone received their Nation War reward. It was a hard 72-hour fight where countless opponents were slain, so the reward wee pretty pretty handsome—


System Announcement: Due to the number of servers participating in the Nation War, a total contribution points leaderboard based on countries have been created. In descending order, the Top 10 nations with the most contribution points in this Nation War are—China, India, USA, England, Russia, Vietnam, Brazil, Japan, Korea, and Argentina. As the number one server on the leaderboard, the China server is awarded the MVP of this Nation War. All players of the server gain Level +1, and their three main cities—Sky City, Vanished God City, Wind City—gain Rank +1, Defense +25%, City Defense +40%, and 80% city NPCs revived!


System Announcement: In descending order, the Top 10 player with the most contribution points in this Nation War are—Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand (China), Luo River God of the Capital (China), Wind Fantasy (China), Lian Xing (China), Vienna’s Sorrow (USA), Beiming Xue (China), Legendary Brave (China), Candlelight Shadow (China), From Water (China), and Breeze and Rain (India). Moreover, player "Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand" from China is awarded the MVP of this Nation War. They gain Level +5, Luck +5, and the equipment reward "Xuanming Bow" (Twelve Divine Armaments, Outstanding★★★★★★★★★)!


I shuddered. What the heck areTwelve Divine Armaments?

I opened my bag and saw a deep cyan-colored bow lying inside it. Its strings glowed slightly, and its limb was made of some sort of metal that I couldn’t identify. Its build was perfectly flawless, and despite its relatively normal appearance, I had a feeling that it was one of, if not the most powerful equipment out there right now.

"Lu Chen!"

He Yi gave my shoulder a push and said, "Show us its stats already! I want to know what these Twelve Divine Armaments are, and why haven’t we heard about them before?"


I nodded and took out the Xuanming Bow. As I waved a hand across its limb and summoned its stats screen, the jaws of every Chinese player close by hit the floor with a resounding thunk—


Xuanming Bow (Twelve Divine Armaments, Outstanding★★★★★★★★★)

Attack: 12500~15500

Agility: +2450

Stamina: +2300

Strength: +2250

Intelligence: +2100

Tactics: +275

Passive: Increases user’s Attack by 225%

Passive: Increases user’s splash effect by 49%

Passive: All bow-type skill rank +2, damage +20%

Slots: 18

Outstanding Property: Ice Kill. When attacking a target, a small chance to trigger Ice Kill and freeze the enemy. If the target is killed within 7 seconds, they will lose 5 levels instantly.

Ancient: Xuanming Flame. Activate to target all enemies within 1000 yards of the user and lower their HP by 45% and deal continuous burning damage.

Effect 1: Proficiency, Level Requirement is lowered by 35

Effect 2: Evolvable

Introduction: Xuanming Bow. One of the Twelve Divine Armaments, the Xuanming Bow was a creation of the God of Ice and Fire. It was created across a thousand years using a frozen metal that came from beyond the heavens. After the weapon was created, the God of Ice and Fire ordered a divine envoy to hunt down an evil beast at the southern sea, which they succeeded in just a single strike. Unfortunately, the divine envoy grew greedy and left the God Realm with the bow. When the devils slayed him, the Xuanming Bow went missing as well.

Level Requirement: 220

Reputation Requirement: 700000


Gui Guzi licked his lips with a wide-eyed disbelief. "Holy shit. Its Attack is insane, it boosts all four stats, and it’s even evolvable! If this isn’t a god-tier weapon, I don’t know what is…"

Li Chengfeng said, "I know right? This bow’s Attack is 7 times my Dark Blade’s. How is this fair? Man, if only I could have one of the Twelve Divine Armaments…"

Lin Yixin walked over with a dimpled smile on her face. "I know right? My Seven Star Veluriyam Sword needed an upgrade for a long time now. The only reason I’ve kept it until now is because it has excellent passives. Still, it’s time for a change…"

He Yi echoed in agreement. "Yes, I would like to get a new weapon as well."

While this was going on, I walked up to Beiming Xue and handed her the Xuanming Bow. "Here, take this. There’s no one here who’s a better fit with this weapon than you…"


Beiming Xue’s mouth fell open. "But big brother, it’s Twelve Divine Armaments! One of the only Twelve Divine Armaments in the entire world! You can’t just give it away for free!"

I grinned. "If you were anyone else, sure. But my little sister? Sure I can. So just take it."

"Mm, okay. Thank you, big brother! I love you forever!"


As I turned back to face the others, Li Chengfeng called out to me, "Yo, Lu Chen, check the equipment leaderboard interface, you know? Twelve Divine Armaments have been added to the Weapon Ranking…"


It was as he said. A new ranking had appeared on the leaderboard, but so far only the Xuanming Bow had a clear owner—


The Twelve Divine Armaments of Heavenblessed Continent


The Dignity That Connects Heaven and Earth—Xuanyuan Sword, Owner: Incomplete

The Roar of Titans—Pangu Axe, Owner: None

The War Song of the God of Ice and Fire—Xuanming Bow, Owner: Beiming Xue

The Aria of the Goddess of Rain and Dew—Jasper Flute, Owner: None

The Soft Cry of the Wind of Silence—Dead Wind Blade, Owner: None

The Curse of the Reaper of Darkness—Ghost Killing Halberd, Owner: None

The Storm of Infinite Void—Spirit Void Fan, Owner: None

The Giant Constrictor of the Goddess of Vengeance—Spirit Devouring Whip, Owner: None

The Melody That Moves The Heart—Seven-stringed Zither, Owner: None

The Eternal Dawn—Immortal Blade, Owner: None

The Blaze That Burns All—Scepter of Divine Flame, Owner: None

The Freedom That Soars The Heavens—Wind Severing Sword, Owner: None


"The War Song of the God of Ice and Fire? Tsk tsk, that’s a pretty cool title…" Li Chengfeng chuckled. "Hmm, it doesn’t look like there are many weapons among the Twelve Divine Armaments that suit me unfortunately. The Xuanyuan Sword is obviously out of the question, but the Dead Wind Blade and Immortal Blade may fit me. I won’t mind having the Wind Severing Sword either, hehe…"

Chaos Moon rolled her eyes at him. "Quit dreaming, there are only 12 of these weapons in the entire server, and the chances that you’ll end up with one of them is next to nil. By the way, it says ‘incomplete’ in the owner bracket of the number one weapon of the Twelve Divine Armaments, the Xuanyuan Sword. What does that mean?"

Gui Guzi smiled proudly. "That’s Boss Broken Halberd’s Chill of the Nine Provinces, of course! It’s not the Xuanyuan Sword yet, but maybe it’ll be during its next evolution! Anyway, it’s just a matter of time!"

He Yi giggled. "So, the first and third weapons of the Twelve Divine Armaments belong to the brother and sister, Lu Chen and Beiming Xue, huh? Not bad, not bad at all. Also, it’s looking like the guild with the highest number of Twelve Divine Armaments will own the world in the future!"

Xu Yang clenched his fists and guffawed. "In that case, Ancient Sword shall do their best to collect all twelve and become unrivaled!"

Lin Yixin pouted. "OMG, are you trying to make the rest of us delete our accounts?"



So far, only two Twelve Divine Armaments had surfaced to the world, and my Chill of the Nine Provinces was technically a half-finished weapon at most. Even so, the Xuanyuan Art of the Chill of the Nine Provinces and the Xuanming Flame of the Xuanming Bow were skills with a 1000-yard range, the kind that could decide the scales of a large-scale battle or even a Nation War single-handedly. Therefore, the power of the Twelve Divine Armaments couldn’t be underestimated.

Also, the Twelve Divine Armaments weren’t bound items. This meant that their owner could drop them if they were killed. In the future, I fully expected the servers to go to war to claim the Twelve Divine Armaments for themselves!

After the interlude, I looked at the others and asked them, "So, what did the rest of you get?"

Lian Xin replied first, "I got a Sacred Armament ring that adds 90% Magic Attack and 3000 Intelligence…"

I sighed on behalf of all our enemies. "Damn, our metal-armor brethren are going to cry so hard when they hear about this…"

Lin Yixin said, "I got Ancient Immortal-grade boots that I’m going to wear until we grind the S7 instance. Unless I’m sorely mistaken, no other instance equipment except S7 is going to outperform Ancient Immortal-grade equipment."

"That’s true."

Li Chengfeng complained, "I got a helmet, but dammit, what I need is a weapon, not defensive equipment! I’ve been holding onto this Dark Blade for god knows how many chapters already. I need an upgrade, man!"

I grimaced. "Sorry. You’ll just have to work harder, I guess…"


After the loot discussion was over, I took out my return scroll and looked at Sunset City one last time. "Alright, it’s time to head back to Sky City and log out, everyone. This Nation War has given us at least a week of peace, so make sure you cherish it by grinding mobs or instances, doing quests, earning gold and more of that good stuff, okay? Nation Wars aren’t all there is to this game after all."


I crushed my return scroll and teleported back to Sky City first. I had over 900 top-tier pieces of equipment in my bag, so it was high time I unloaded them at Air Force One and made some RMB!

"You’re finally back, master!"

To my surprise, my beautiful shop assistant, White Fox, looked absolutely excited to see me. She shot me a beautiful smile and said, "The shop hasn’t been doing very well as of late, not to mention that it was closed for a very long time. That being said, I’m sure things will get better now that you’ve returned…"

I was confused for a moment until I made the connection. She must mean the time I was exiled from the China server. Should I thank Tang Long for just closing my Air Force One instead of deleting it outright? Nah, considering Dark Moon City had remained mine all along, I bet he didn’t have the authority to do so.

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