Chapter 1225: Eat More Bunnies


A couple of tiny rocks shattered beneath the Ghost Spirit War Boots as I zigzagged toward Soul Slayer like a lightning bolt in the night. The moment I reached the guild leader, I slammed my sword into his, spun around and punched his shield with Magic Piercing Punch.


Soul Slayer turned green as the skill sent him staggering to the back. Because he had avoided fighting me throughout the battle, he had failed to grasp my true speed, accuracy and strength until it was too late.

The Devil Bell rang crisply as Lin Yixin appeared from behind me. "Let’s take him out together, Little Cheat!"

Understanding what she meant, I launched myself past Soul Slayer like a cannonball but didn’t attack him despite having the chance to do so. Soul Slayer summoned a protective aura to protect himself while retreating, but he still had no idea what Lin Yixin and I were planning. I spun around and locked eyes with Lin Yixin for a second. Then, we both executed the helix maneuver and dashed toward Soul Slayer at the same time.

As our blades punched through Soul Slayer’s torso at the exact same time, an incredible damage number rose above his head—



Soul Slayer groaned and dropped to the ground, dead. It had been a long time since we used our combination skill, Intercourse, and the result had exceeded all expectations. Both of us had grown a lot stronger since the last time we used it, but we still didn’t anticipate it to have grown this powerful.

Shabby Castle couldn’t hold the fort alone, so it wasn’t long before he was taken out by Li Chengfeng and Gui Guzi. The system announced to all players that both Heroic Bannermen had been killed.


Standing atop the Ancient Divine Dragon’s back and floating high up in the sky, I said slowly, "This is it, brothers and sisters. Don’t let even a single fly escape our net. Sunset City must pay for their daring to assist the Vietnamese!"

The rest of the battle was a cat-and-mouse game. After their two leaders were dead, Sunset City’s players were unable to form even the slightest bit of meaningful resistance. The ground was littered with bodies and equipment alike. It took another two hours or so, but in the end we were able to slay every single Sunset City within the forest. We then spent the time distributing the loot and enjoying the fruits of our labor, also known as equipment. Despite having been online for a dozen of hours, neither of us felt tired in the slightest. In fact, even I was brimming with a kind of high energy excitement that I hadn’t felt for a long time. Up until this point, every war we fought had felt like a mountain that we just barely managed to throw off our backs. That was why a landslide victory like this was something we all craved.

I took my time to choose my equipment carefully. It was about time I started looking after myself anyway. My piggy bank had become a bit emptier after spending those millions to buy Beiming Xue’s BMW. Unlike He Yi, I wasn’t a rainmaker who could make it rain gold everyday. I might have 10% of Raincube’s shares in my back pocket, but that didn’t mean I shouldn’t strive to improve myself.


A while later, all the guild leaders and corps commanders came together at a clearing beneath the moonlight.

Sitting atop a dead trunk and holding the Chill of the Nine Provinces loosely in my hand, I invited, "Why so serious, people? Feel free to take a seat if you want to…"

Stranger of Three Lifetimes looked at the ground once before replying, "Thanks, but no thanks. The ground is covered in dew, and we have no intention of drenching our clothes…"

Ling Xueshang sat down beside me before starting. "Although we’ve taken out the main force of Sunset City, it might not be over just yet. The Germans from Chariot City and the Koreans from Burning City both possess the manpower to attack us. That being said, they still haven’t made any major movements up until this point, so there’s a good chance they won’t be coming to Hot Sand City’s rescue."

He Yi agreed with her assessment. "It’s probably because they know that there is nothing they can do to save Hot Sand City."

I said, "Yeah. Anyway, can everyone give me a casualty report? Maybe we still have enough players to do a little something..."


Another while later, everyone reported their situation—

He Yi: "Our main guild and subguilds total up to 190k players. 29k of them are Dragonlight Cavalrymen, 12k are Zephyr Cavalrymen, and 14k are Dragonlight Archers."

Lin Yixin: "Snowy Cathaya’s main guild plus subguilds total up to 210k players in total. 9k are Kui Dragon Cavalrymen, and 37k are Purple Dragon Cavalrymen."

Stranger of Three Lifetimes: "Blazing Hot Lips only has a ragtag group of 70k left. Do whatever you want with them…"

Ling Xueshang: "Same. We only have 110k players left."

Luo River God of the Capital: "Purple Lily is doing fairly well, I guess. We still have around 270k players, and our organization is relatively intact."

Indigo Collar: "Can I stay quiet? No? Oh well. We only have 40k players left…"


I smiled and rose to my feet after hearing everyone’s report. "Not bad, not bad at all. Despite all the battles we fought, we’re still a million elite players strong. It looks like we can pull off one last heist big before the Nation War ends after all."

"What are you planning, Lu Chen?" Indigo Collar asked.

I answered smilingly, "It’s a secret. For now, we should let our backup replace us and catch some well-deserved rest. Let’s meet up again in 8 hours, shall we? It’s 4 am in the morning now, so let’s meet up here at noon tomorrow!"


We all needed to catch some rest after tens of hours of fighting. And even if that wasn’t the case, I could almost hear the groans of a million bladders desperately waiting for release.


I sent a message to Hot and Sour Noodles before I logged out of the game: "Uncle Zhang Chun, the battle at eastern front is more or less finished. We’ve taken out over 17 million enemies in total, destroyed Sunset City’s effective forces and a large chunk of Cyan Earth City’s as well. I trust that you, Candlelight Shadow, and Warsky will be able to hold the northern front while we’re gone? Also, I’m planning to do a bit of something tomorrow afternoon, so I’m going to log out now and take my rest."

Hot and Sour Noodles replied quickly, "Wait, Lu Chen. Let me tell you my report first. Our front has less intense battles than the western front, but we still hold the advantage because neither Titan City nor Hero City had dared to send their true elites against us. I’m sure they know how bad the situation is and are unwilling to weaken the defenses of their main cities even more than they already are. The battle at Hot Sand City is still ongoing, and I think it’ll be at least 10 hours before the city is taken. Finally, we’re still getting an endless amount of reinforcements from the Center."

"Oh. Good. So, can I log out now? I need to pee…"

"Haha, sure. Candlelight Shadow and I will stay up for another 10 hours. You’ll take over after that."


I set up a tent in the forest and logged out after that.


It was the wee hours of the morning, and Murong Mingyue had cooked us some porridge. We all went to bed after eating supper.

It wasn’t until almost noon did I finally wake up, and even then I felt like I could sleep another 10. As expected, fighting non-stop for tens of hours was extremely exhausting. It was worth it though. We all needed a massive victory to remove the trauma that had been inflicted upon us during the previous Nation War.

Du du!

At 11:30 am or so, I received a call from Lin Yixin—

"Hi, dear!" I greeted her.

Lin Yixin didn’t say anything for 2 seconds before replying, "I want to murder someone!"

"What’s wrong?"

"Nothing. Anyway, I’m treating everyone in the Frost Cloud workshop to lunch at J&W Restaurant, so get up now!"

"Ohh! What happened though, seriously? J&W isn’t exactly the cheapest restaurant out there."

J&W Restaurant was a well-known restaurant both inside and outside Suzhou. Although it wasn’t star-rated, its dishes were so pricey that normal office workers could only stare at it from afar. I used to be one of these people. Although I was rich enough to afford a table now, I was still afraid to check it out for fear that my natural scent of poverty would betray me.

Lin Yixin giggled. "It’s nothing big. Snowy Cathaya performed so well in the Nation War that our Apple e-sports club decided to increase our salary. Our annual salary has been changed to monthly, and our total income is 30% higher than before. It won’t be long before I catch up to you, Little Cheat!"

I grinned. "So what? My CGL salary is still way ahead of yours!"

"You dare? Very well, you can stay at home while I eat lunch with Sister Eve, Sister Mingyue and Lian Xin then!"

"Noooo, you can’t don’t do this to me! Yiyi, Yixin, Xing’er, please take this humble one to J&W, please~~~"

"Mu. You’re so corny…"


I stepped into the living room after I was done washing myself. He Yi, Mingyue and Lian Xin were of course excited that Lin Yixin would be treating them to lunch today. Murong Mingyue even held her tummy lightly and swayed her hips left and right, saying, "Thank goodness I didn’t eat too much during breakfast, or I wouldn’t be able to savor Beauty Lin’s beauty today…"

I looked down at her tummy. "What, are you pregnant, sis?"

"If I am, it’s yours!" She puffed up her chest.

"And how on earth could it be mine?"

"You’re the only one who came on to me recently!"

My eyes nearly fell out of my eye sockets at the baseless accusation. "Sis! You’re taking the joke way too far!"

He Yi asked quietly, "Yeah, when did Lu Chen come on to you exactly? Confess now, or else…"

Murong Mingyue giggled. "Well, he supported me while I was carrying a pumpkin the other day. That counts as coming on to me right? You know, the physical contact and everything…"

After we were done jeering at Mingyue, we raced downstairs and vroomed to J&W Restaurant in excitement.


Lin Yixin had booked a table on the third floor, and it turned out that we weren’t the only ones who were invited for lunch. Purple Marquis, Nangong Lexi, Clear Perfume and Shadow Chanel were present as well. There were nine of us in total.

A while later, after the delicacies were served on the table, I grabbed my chopsticks to placate my grumbling stomach and said, "Well, what are you guys waiting for? Please, don’t hold back on my account!"

Lin Yixin cocked her head at me. "Who’s the host here, you or me?"

I grinned at her and put a piece of rabbit meat on her table. "Here, Yiyi. You should eat more bunny meat so that your bunnies will grow creamier and—er, you guys totally didn’t hear what I just said, did you?"

Beside me, Lian Xin suddenly let out an unnatural cough. "Ahem…"

I immediately picked up on her meaning and put a piece of rabbit meat on He Yi’s plate as well. "I haven’t forgotten about you of course, Eve. For the sake of your bunnies, you should—ah pooh! You guys didn’t hear anything! Now eat!"

Despite my attempts, Purple Marquis and Nangong Lexi couldn’t help but glare at me with exasperation and disbelief.

Shadow Chanel said with a giggle, "It’s hard to be an excellent man, and even harder to be an excellent man with two excellent girlfriends, isn’t it?"

I nearly shed tears there and then. "My soulmate! Where have you been all this time!?"

Lin Yixin burst into a giggle before forcing herself to say, "Enough! Eat your food already!"

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