Chapter 1222: Marry You Both

Currents of air surrounded my person. It was as if an infinite wall had caught the arrows flying toward me before I made them clatter uselessly to the ground with a hand wave. I swung the Chill of the Nine Provinces and executed Burning Blade Slash. Thanks to my domain increasing the skill’s range by leaps and bounds, I was able to annihilate entire swathes of terrified Ice Wind Cavalrymen with ease.

I spurred the Ancient Divine Dragon deeper into the enemy line and attacked some more. The sword auras split the earth in half, scattered grass, and spilled blood everywhere. The massive boost in resistance, attack range and splash brought by the Domain of the Heavenly River Transformation almost felt like a drug. It was a shame it cost 10 Divine Energy Points to maintain this transformation for just a minute, or I could literally solo a million-strong army!


Bang bang bang!

Dull-sounding explosions shook my body a little. A couple of smart eighth-promotion mages were hiding behind their cavalrymen and attacking me with God Devil Break non-stop. Even with over a million HP, I had dropped to less than 25% HP in the blink of an eye. I turned and flew back to my people in a hurry, but thin sheens of ice were growing atop my dragon’s back. The mages’ Ice Arrow Spell was useful at any stage of the game.

"Over here, Lu Chen!" Murong Mingyue shouted from a distance.

I sped toward her with a smile. "Feed me, sis!"

Murong Mingyue winked seductively at me before replying, "If not you, then who?"

Me: "..."

Li Chengfeng and the others immediately broke out in laughter. After unleashing Xing Tian’s Defiance, High Fighting Spirits looked at me and complained, "Hey Lu Chen, do you mind if I ask you an honest question? Is there really nothing between you and Mingyue? Because it feels like you’ve been sleeping with each other. If that’s true then fuck you, how dare you tarnish the goddess of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls…"

I stared at him. "Are you kidding me right now? Of course not! Also, stop using Xing Tian’s Defiance so frequently and stick to normal skills! Do you think Divine Energy Points grow on trees or something?! Save up at least 100 Divine Energy Points so you can fire 5 Xing Tian’s Defiance every 10 minutes! That’s the right way you use this!"

High Fighting Spirits nodded. "Hmm. Got it boss!"

It was at this moment Li Chengfeng held out a golden ring and asked, "By the way, this is a Heaven-grade ring I got from an Ice Wind Cavalryman I killed ten minutes ago. It increases the upper limit of Divine Energy Points by 20, so I’m 100% certain every one of you Divine Generals and Ancient Divine Skill owners would love to get your hands on it. I can sell it for the cheap price of 100k gold. So, anyone? Come now, don’t be shy…"

Chaos Moon chided him with a chuckle, "You profiteer! We’re in the middle of a battle, and you’re trying to sell us stuff?"

Li Chengfeng shrugged. "What can you do? I’ve worked in the Public Security Department for 4 years, and I’ve never made any unclean money. My monthly salary is around 8000, and I’ve waived all oversight expenses and other allowances. How much do you think I can afford with my income? Right now the house price at 6th Ring Road is priced at 40k RMB per square meter, you know? How can I afford one If I don’t earn my RMB from Heavenblessed?

“Also, you of all people don’t have the right to criticize me, Chaos Moon! You think I didn’t see you smashing a guild leader’s face in and stealing over 70k gold with your Greedy Wolf Howl? You, a big money-maker who earned 70k RMB in a second dares to call me a profiteer? Have some shame, girl..."

Chaos Moon actually blushed at the vehement protest. She tried to defend herself in an embarrassed tone, "I-I mean, I’m a girl who’s living independently, so of course I have to make some cash. A-also, I’m trying to save money for my dowry! What if I marry a useless idiot in the future? I’ll have to be the woman of the house!"

Xu Yang cackled. "But I thought you wanted to marry Lu Chen? He’s a big money-maker himself, so he wouldn’t care if you are poor or not. Or have you resigned yourself to marrying a poor but attractive pretty boy with good stamina in bed already? What disappointing loyalty…"

I interjected expressionlessly, "It’s fine to marry someone you like. Also, Chaos Moon and loyalty? I didn’t know you’re such a joker, Xu Yang…"

He Yi’s giggle reached me from a somewhat far distance. "Greedy Wolf Howl is an incredible money-making skill, so don’t hold back on our account, Chaos Moon! Plunder them all and become the richest beauty in Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls!"

Chaos Moon grew even more embarrassed. "Not you too, CEO He. I’ll never catch up to you even if I give it my all. I would rather focus on collecting more dowry…"

As she said this, she robbed—I mean she fought even harder and instakilled a bunch of dudes with Rock Crush, Ultimate Strength Break and more killer moves to accumulate Divine Energy Points. Whenever she found a suitable player, she would hit them with Greedy Wolf Howl and steal gold equal to 10% of the damage received by the victim. She only targeted guild leaders or vice leaders because she knew that they would most likely carry tens, or even hundreds of thousands of gold on their person. There was one unlucky fellow who ate Greedy Wolf Howl and lost around 500k+ HP, but survived the Ancient Divine Skill. Two minutes later, Chaos Moon hit him with Greedy Wolf Howl again and even scored a critical hit, stealing around 130k gold this time. The poor guy must be thinking about deleting his account right now. Greedy Wolf Howl truly was a deadly Ancient Divine Skill that murdered not just the body, but also the soul.


The battle lasted 7 hours. It was a true decisive battle where over 20 million players fought tooth and nail to annihilate the other side. Coincidentally, 7 million+ players were left at the end of the 7-hour long battle, and over 80% of them were Chinese. This victory absolutely belonged to the China server.


Li Chengfeng knocked back Ironscale with a mighty swing of his blade, leaving the Flames of War guild leader with only a sliver of HP.


At the same time, Chaos Moon activated Heavenly River Transformation and cried, "Back up, boy! My turn!"

"God damn…" Li Chengfeng stood slack-jawed with surprise.

Ironscale pulled out a dagger and parried a strike from Chaos Moon. He used the knockback force to push himself backward before attempting to Leap away to safety. Unfortunately, Chaos Moon’s skill was among the best in our guild. She Charged perfectly toward the spot Ironscale was about to land, gathered the power of Greedy Wolf Howl around her blade, and stabbed him right through the chest. Just like that, the guild leader of the third strongest guild of Cyan Earth City ate a critical hit, let out a death groan and died!


+42049 gold!


I would be lying to myself if I said I wasn’t envious. Poor Ironscale. It was bad enough that Chaos Moon had killed him, she even stole over 40k gold from him. This would rank as one of the Top 10 most shameful deaths for sure...

Blood, equipment and consumables littered the entire battlefield. Of all the battle lines, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls was the most indestructible, and our Famous Generals, Divine Generals and Ancient Divine Skill owners all put on an exemplary performance. They were the main reason our losses were suppressed to a minimum. Over 600000 players had entered the forest, fought at the frontlines for 7 hours and killed countless enemies, but over 450000 of us were still alive, and our main force was more or less intact.

"Sweep the battlefield and be ready to receive the next wave!" He Yi’s crisp voice resounded among our ranks.

There had been no time to pick up any loot until now, so her order got everyone excited. Everyone started looking for the equipment they wanted in earnest.

At the same time, we received news from the western front that France’s Eternal Love City and Germany’s Chariot City had dispatched a massive 9-million-strong army to rescue Hot Sand City. However, October Rain was able to catch them in a three-pronged attack and have Warsky ambush their rear. Thanks to the excellent strategy and terrain advantage, they were able to score a massive victory over the attacking force. Germany and France only had a total playerbase of less than 15 million, and their online player count was lower than most servers’. As a result, they were more or less all out of troops and could no longer do anything in this war.

According to the report, the western front was able to kill 5 million enemies before the remaining 4 million+ decided to return to their main cities. The French and the Germans weren’t idiots after all, it was one thing to give one’s all to save one’s "ally", and another to do so much their own main cities were left vulnerable.

Overall, thanks to the assistance from the Chaotic 27, Frostsword City, Iron Horse City and three main cities to our southeast, the China server was enjoying their smoothest Nation War ever since the system came online. After the initiative had fallen into our hands, it was almost as if our earlier decline had never happened. The western front was winning non-stop, and our eastern front had also slaughtered over ten million troops and dealt a severe blow to Cyan Earth City. In fact, they should start fearing the possibility of us launching an invasion against them after we were done with Hot Sand City.


I returned to my spot on the banyan tree, crossed my legs and held a blade of green foxtail between my teeth. I said with a chuckle, "Aiyo, this Nation War is going about as perfect as it can. Tsk tsk, it’s so nice to have the initiative for once! If the three southeast cities, Frostsword City and Iron Horse City would help us sooner, we never would have come within a hair’s breadth to losing all our main cities."

Also sitting at the same spot in front of me, Lin Yixin shook her long, pale legs while rolling her eyes at me. "That was then, this is now. Your battle at Dawn Valley had made our server world-famous, and your achievement at the WEL international elevated Sky City to become the King of Cities. It’s only natural that even our ally, the Russia server, would wonder if our meteoric rise was too much and hold back their support. Later on, Vanished God City was flattened by the boss, Wind City was uprooted by the Northern Alliance, and Sky City was on the brink of annihilation. The Russians knew that once China was wiped out, the enemies would come for them next. That was why they finally sent some real forces to help us.

“As for this Nation War, well, just wait and see what happens after Hot Sand City falls to us. I bet you that the Russians are going to suddenly lose their motivation…"

I grinned and moved closer to her. Then, I put a hand on her soft thighs and started caressing. "You’re too smart, Yiyi. You won’t be able to get married like this!"

Lin Yixin looked down on my hand while saying, "Who do you think I am? If you think you can dump me after you savor the goods, I’ll have something coming for you!"


Suddenly, He Yi let out a cough from beneath us before jumping up the branch. After she sat down beside me, she said, "We are in public, you know…"

Lin Yixin turned red and pushed my hand away from her thigh. "It’s all his fault, Sister He Yi…"

He Yi smiled softly. "You tell me. We both know Lu Chen’s a bastard."


Each girl took up one side of my body, leaning against my torso like cats enjoying a nap under the sun. My mind turned blank for a second, and before I knew it I had my arms wrapped around both girls’ shoulders already. I felt them shiver to my touch before saying, "H-how about we come to an agreement?"

"What agreement?" they both asked.

I clenched my teeth and forced myself to speak in a less-than-confident tone, "Little Gui once told me that love is a kind of giving. That the person I truly love is someone I feel like I can hang around, cry, and laugh until death. If he ever finds a girl who’ll make him feel that way, he won’t hesitate to marry her. So… I want to stay together with Yiyi and Eve forever. I want to marry you both… can I?"

At this point, the shame became so much that I bowed my head and muttered, "I know, I know. Hit me all you want…"

However, an answer I couldn’t believe came from both my right and left. "Sure!"



"Oh come on!"

It was at this moment the banyan tree shook violently, and all three of us crashed unceremoniously into a bush. Still hugging the girls, I asked again, "Seriously, give me a real answer, please!"

He Yi simply giggled without saying a word.

Lin Yixin gazed into the distance and said, "That’s not important right now. Someone is attacking us again, so we’d better focus on that!"

I looked up and saw that the horizon was covered in dust clouds and a sea of cavalry. Truly, there was no end to war!

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