Chapter 1220: Invincible

Swhoosh swhoosh swhoosh…

Greens were everywhere, and the healing numbers were obscene. Shennong Tastes Grass was the only recovery skill among the SS Rank Ancient Divine Skills, and it more than deserved its rank. In one move, Gui Guzi had restored over 3 billion HP across the board. It was an amount that could put every priest in the world to shame. There wasn’t a single priest in the entire world who could boast this level of recovery, and the skill belonged to Gui Guzi and Gui Guzi alone. Truly, the charm of the milk knight was undeniable...

I fought at the forefront while riding on the Ancient Divine Dragon’s back. Since the enemy had no peak experts, and noobs were incredibly bad at dealing with attacks from the air, I saw no reason to activate Fusion Armor. Hovering about 45 meters above the enemy, I rained down Burning Blade Slashes, Myriad Swords Obliterations and Summon the Storms, making myself the best damage dealer on the battlefield.

A short distance away, Lin Yixin was also riding her mount and throwing Ice Flame Slash and Ultimate Strength Breaks at her enemy. Occasionally, she would point her left palm at a group of enemies and hit them with Ice Storm, turning everyone within the skill’s range into dead bodies.

At first, many Indian players thought themselves lucky to be able to meet a cute and beautiful warrioress like Lin Yixin. However, they quickly regretted their impression when the fifth CGL Hall of Famer of China and goddess of moe unleashed her wrath upon them.


The second time we punched through the enemy’s formation, I checked out my Divine Energy Points and noted that they were almost full. I hadn’t realized how quickly the meter was rising until just now. At this point, I had realized that the average magic knights couldn’t even survive a simple Myriad Swords Obliteration + Thousand Ice Slash combo. That was just how powerful the Chill of the Nine Provinces was. The average Level 200+ magic knights only had 500k HP at most, and my new weapon could inflict over 200k damage to them in one basic attack. Heaven knows how many people had died to it.

After we emerged on the other side, I turned around again and swung my sword at a 45 degree angle. "Alright, change of tactics! We’re going to charge in a Z-line this time and inflict as much damage to the enemy as possible!"

Li Chengfeng grinned. "Hoho, is this the legendary helix maneuver?"

"More or less. Let’s go!"


The enemy tried, they really did, but it was futile. Our blades and iron hooves easily scattered the Cyan Earth City’s players’ shield formations like sand and crushed their courage into pieces.


About half an hour later, the players we fought suddenly grew a caliber or two. Their guild symbol on their arm glowed a faint red color.

"That’s… Flames of War! Finally!" Gui Guzi exclaimed in excitement.

I nodded. "Yes. Be careful though, Flames of War is nothing like the weak players we toyed with earlier. Now, charge!"


The scattering enemies before us parted to reveal an orderly troop of shielders. Almost all of them were above Level 200, and behind them were rows and rows of Lightning Archers. This was the legendary archer unit that gave us a ton of trouble a long time ago, and their advantage over foot soldiers couldn’t be understated.


I raised my Chill of the Nine Provinces high and declared, "The critical moment has come, brothers and sisters! It is time to show them the strength of our ace cavalry! Do you want to die beneath their shield formation, or do you want to trample them into pancakes? Answer me!"

Everyone raised their weapons in unison and shouted, "We want to kick their asses!"

Lin Yixin asked me, "How are we going to do this though? It’s clear they’re planning to halt our initial charge with their shield formation while their Lightning Archers stun and damage us to hell and back. There’s a high chance we may screw up big if we don’t do this carefully, Little Cheat!"

I nodded solemnly. "I know! When we get close, I will use Xuanyuan Slash to carve open a path. Yiyi, Eve, I want you two to use your Ancient Divine General Skills and attack their shield formation as well. We will crush their defense from three different directions and weaken them enough that the Dragonlight Cavalry can get through. Dragonlight Cavalry, if one of your brothers is stunned by the enemy, ignore them. Just focus on your charge and kill as many Lightning Archers as possible. That is the best way to save your brother, understand? Players who are already eighth-promotion should use Ultimate Strength Break and fuck them all up!"

He Yi and Lin Yixin nodded in unison. "Understood!"

Everyone else started speeding up and swinging their blades. "Fuck them all up!"


Faster than anyone else, I shot toward Flames of War’s formation like an arrow. As expected, I saw Ironscale standing behind his army and cackling loudly, "Get ready to Far Shot your Shock Arrows! These Chinese think that they can stop us with just 10000 elite cavalrymen? Pooh! Show them your strength, Lightning Archers!"

Ironscale’s cackle caused a smile to spread across my lips. It was true that the Lightning Archers were god-tier at pinning down enemy units, but the cavalrymen behind me were equally good at tearing down the obstacles standing in their way, no matter the odds. That was without mentioning the countless Famous Generals, Divine Generals and 4 Ancient Divine Skill owners including myself. Finally, Ironscale overestimated himself and brought only 30k cavalrymen and 50k Lightning Archers to stop us. We were going to make him eat a boot or two by the time we were done with him.


The Chill of the Nine Provinces buzzed ominously as shining energy gathered around its blade. The moment I activated Heavenly River Transformation, a seemingly unlimited amount of divine power surging into the weapon and transforming it into a giant blade of gold. I brought it down in one mighty swing. Xuanyuan Slash!


Countless cavalrymen and Lightning Archers were shredded to pieces. The frontliners couldn’t believe they were one-shot, and the Lightning Archers couldn’t believe that I could reach them from where I was. Practically every player—tanky or fragile—suffered a million damage or so. In face of such might, no Defense mattered.

Bloodcurdling screams filled the air. The one strike had split the shield formation in half and killed many of the Lightning Archers behind them!

Not done yet, I flew straight to the center of the enemy’s formation and fired Burning Blade Slash to my left, and Thousand Ice Slash to my right. Then, I fired my AoE ranged skills, Myriad Swords Obliteration and Summon the Storm and made my Phantom Wolf King and apparition go to town with the enemy. In just the blink of an eye, the enemy’s shield formation looked like they might crumble at any moment.

Not far behind me, Lin Yixin and He Yi activated their Ancient Divine Skills and struck the enemy at nearly the same time. White wings spread behind their backs, and sword shadows appeared beneath their feet to turn all their attacks and skills unblockable and empowered. They easily cut down the shielders blocking their way with Ice Flame Slash and Purgatory of Ice and Magma and slaughtered their way into the archers as well.

The Dragonlight and Kui Dragon Cavalrymen didn’t let the opportunity slip by. Despite the rain of lightning arrows falling upon their heads, they bravely charged through the enemy lines and executed their Ultimate Strength Breaks at the Lightning Archers. Both Ancient Sword and Snowy Cathaya had brought their best cavalrymen to this battlefield, and there were at least one thousand eighth-promotion players within our ranks. Therefore, Ultimate Strength Break wasn’t a rare skill among our players. There was nothing the so-called ace units of Flames of War could do as our troops rained hell upon them and dealt at least 300k damage thanks to the Strength difference. It was a slaughter.



Ironscale shuddered and froze like a statue. He couldn’t believe how quickly his players were losing. The Dragonlight Cavalry had shredded the five-layer thick defense line he had ordered like paper, but the real problem was the sheer number of eighth-promotion players among them. Every time a Dragonlight Cavalryman executed Ultimate Strength Break, dozens of Lightning Archers would drop to their knees and die. A couple of them executing the skill at the same time? Well, it was like being struck by several hurricanes at once.

Thud thud thud!

That wasn’t to say they weren’t putting up a good fight. Countless Lightning Archers Leaped away to safety while firing the Lightning Arrows at us. Mages were also coming from all sides, firing their Touches of the Dragonkiss and deleting much of our players’ HP.

Gui Guzi shouted, "It’s your turn, Boss Broken Halberd!"


I hovered at the center of my players, held up my weapon with the front facing toward the sky and cried, "Xuanyuan Art!"

Swhoosh swhoosh swhoosh!

Columns of healing lights surrounded all Chinese players within 1000 yards of me and restored their HP by 50%, instantly turning from dying cavalrymen to ferocious warriors once more. If Gui Guzi was a king-sized milk knight, then I supposed I was a full-sized one.


Unfortunately, the storm of Touches of the Dragonkiss raining down on our players was too great, especially the spells from eighth-promotion players. They usually cast God Devil Break in tandem with a single-target skill too. Although the enemy didn’t have many eighth-promotion players, the fact that they existed was a threat to our players. Eventually, Dragonlight and Kui Dragon Cavalrymen started dropping here and there. My party of 4000 had already dwindled to a bit over 3700. Our losses would only grow if we kept this up.

"Let’s get away for now so we can use our recovery skills! Protect those who are stunned and use Trapping Net to immobilize the enemy archers! Go go go!"

I made a sharp turn and fired off another combo to cover my players’ retreat. At the distance, I saw Ironscale hiding behind his players again with an ashen expression on his face. He yelled, "Retreat! Retreat! We’ll hit back after our main force and cavalrymen are all here! These Chinese motherfuckers won’t get away with this!"


After everyone had restored themselves to full health using War God Recovery, we charged toward the enemy a third time. In total, we battled for over an hour until our blades were almost completely covered in blood. A quick check at the interface revealed that our total kill count had reached 1.04 million or so, an insane number considering our numbers. On average, each one of us had killed a hundred enemies without dying.


The Indian players spread out, and once again Flames of War stepped to face us. Their army formation this time was no joke, however. I counted at least 20 lines of shielders and at least 200 thousand Lightning Archers behind them. To borrow a colloquial term, Flames of War had taken out their marriage money to fight us!

Behind them, Ironscale said with a sneer, "Come on! I dare you to charge us one more time!"


Gui Guzi’s eyes shouted with bloodshot eyes, "Aiyo, that cocky motherfucker! Let’s go!"

However, I shot him down with a glare. "No! There’s zero reason for us to charge head-first into a pitfall! We’ve killed more than enough people, so it’s time to retreat to Hot Sand Forest and meet up with our main force!"

Gui Guzi was neck-deep in bloodlust, but he would always listen to my orders. He relented and said, "Fine, we’ll continue our killing there…"

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