Chapter 122: Murder


The moment Gui Guzi launched his attack, Sentinel Leader Fark shouted in anger, “Dammit, we’re under attack! Warriors of the Night Creatures, raise your weapons and fight!”


A black Devil Piercing Arrow hit the sentinel leader in the throat, and Lin Yixin showed up beside him with a dagger. Moonlight illuminating her beautiful figure, she hit Sentinel Leader Fark with Moon Gaze and slammed her dagger into his chest with Extreme Break!

It was my turn now. I fired Ice Ray and Slayer Slash at the sentinel leader!

Bang bang!



Extreme Break had diminished my opponent’s Defense, so my attacks became a lot stronger than before. Sentinel Leader Fark had lost most of his HP in just a few rounds of attacks, and that was without counting Beiming Xue shooting her arrows at lightning speed and hitting the enemy’s weak point without fail! She was like a killer in the dark!

“Ah! I will be back, evil humans!”

Sentinel Leader Fark roared before perishing.

By now, twenty or so NPCs had surrounded Gui Guzi, Lin Yixin and me, and the damage they dealt quickly outdid Mamate’s ability to heal us. Everyone’s HP was falling rapidly, and he couldn’t afford to focus his healing on just one person.

I shouted in the party channel, “Lil Beiming, use Volley!”

“Got it!”

Beiming Xue immediately fired a Rank 5 Volley at the enemy, hitting eight separate warriors with eight separate arrows. The staggered Night Creatures immediately started chasing after her, although it didn’t look that they were going to catch up to her anytime soon.

Rustle rustle…

I took a few steps backward to search for the perfect angle to unleash my skill. Then, I shouted, “Thousand Mirage Slash!”

A vast sword aura split into three separate attacks and hit all the skeleton warriors that were attacking us. Their HP dropped in unison as damage numbers popped above their heads.





I had to admit that this Thousand Mirage Slash was pretty amazing when used against multiple enemies. Considering that it was already this powerful at Rank 3, I could hardly wait for the skill to reach Rank 10.

The Level 60 NPCs collapsed one after another in just the blink of an eye. It was the result we expected; their levels were low, and we were very powerful.

A few minutes later, Beiming Xue returned without even breaking a sweat.

Gui Guzi asked, “Lil Beiming, where are those eight NPCs?”

She smiled. “I took them all out, of course.”

Yamete immediately gave her a thumbs-up. “Awesome!”


I looked toward Frost Mound and said, “We’ll attack from the left side and take out the barbarian warrior first. Then, we’ll kill the material vendor!”

Got it!”

Gui Guzi activated Undying Shield and stepped to the forefront of our formation. After we got in, he immediately hit the barbarian’s head with Death Combo. It wasn’t too long ago I had accepted a quest from him, and now I had come to claim his dirty soul.

The kills went successfully. None of these production-based NPCs such as the material vendor or potion vendor were able to put too much pressure on us. The same couldn’t be said for Undead Swordsman Suren though. He was the most powerful warrior in the entire Frost Mound, and his level was so high I didn’t even know what level he was. It wouldn’t be an easy fight!

After killing 12 NPCs in a row, I stopped in my tracks and ordered, “Let’s take a rest and wait until we’ve recovered!”

“What’s wrong?” Gui Guzi turned back and looked at me in surprise.

If my eyes could shoot fire, they would’ve done so already. I glared hatefully at Suren standing in front of his wooden house but kept a cool tone. “The greatest enemy is about to show up. Don’t let your guard down, this NPC is so powerful that a party wipe isn’t an impossibility…”

“What? Party wipe?” Beiming Xue widened her eyes in surprise. “Who is this boss? Why are you so wary of him?”

I sucked in a deep breath before replying, “He’s my trainer…”


Beiming Xue’s mouth fell open. “But why would you want to kill your own trainer, boss? How are you going to learn a skill in the future?”

I stared at Suren coldly before replying, “I will find a way. Anyway, this NPC must die today, or I won’t be able to face my conscience ever again!”

Beiming Xue nodded and stopped asking anymore questions. She simply smiled and said, “Your enemy is our enemy, boss. If you think he’s deserving of death, then we shall carry out your order. But is he really as powerful as you think?”

“Yeah, he’s a boss-tier NPC, and he’s over Level 75 at the minimum since neither Yiyi nor I can see his stats. Also, this boss could one-shot me, so…”

“What? He one-shot you?” Gui Guzi’s eyes widened. “He definitely sounds like a dangerous guy. If he can one-shot you, he can probably one-shot me as well…”

“You’re fine, you have the Undying Shield, right?” Lin Yixin said with a smile.

Gui Guzi shot a wary glance at her. “You’re not planning to kill me again, are you?”

Lin Yixin replied, “Don’t worry, you’re still useful to me. I never kill noobs I can use for something~~”

Tears started pouring down Gui Guzi’s cheeks.

Gui Guzi was undoubtedly a Top 3 player within Bloody Mercenaries, but Lin Yixin also had the right to call him a noob. Gui Guzi was a first-rate player, but Lin Yixin was among the best of the best. He still had a long way to go, and his control especially needed a lot of work.


Yamete ate two Rank 6 Magic Consumables and restored his MP to full. Then, he said with a nod, “Alright, my MP should last for 5 full minutes. Should we begin?”


I grabbed the Ghost Ice Soul and walked to the front. “Let our pets draw his attention while we find opportunities to attack. Do not engage him for too long or he might one-shot you!”

“Got it!”

Gui Guzi and Mamate both had Wasp for pets. Beiming Xue’s pet was a Purple Butterfly, one that could deal magic damage.

The Dark Wasp flew toward Suren from a slanted angle while Lin Yixin’s Fire Blade attacked from the front!

All five pets unleashed their attacks at the same time!

Swhoosh swhoosh swhoosh…

Suren’s HP immediately dropped a bit after the Wasps plunged their stings into his body. The undead swordsman immediately turned furious and launched a sweep attack!


A dazzling red flash later, both of the normal Wasps were one-shot at the same time. The level gap was simply too huge!

“Fuck, his Attack is insane…”

Gui Guzi inwardly groaned but charged Suren anyway with Undying Shield turned on. The very first skill he used was his Level 50 skill, Blaze. Fire wrapped around the blade of his spear as the weapon stabbed into Suren’s chest.


The attack was okay, but it would take more than this to defeat Suren.

My Dark Wasp also unleashed its skill, Wasp King Poison!


A greenish, poisonous liquid splashed Suren all over and took effect immediately. It really was an amazing skill!

“Huh? What’s that?” Beiming Xue exclaimed in surprise.

“It’s called Wasp King Poison, a Level 60 skill. It slowly decreases the target’s HP!”

“That’s pretty rad!”

Swinging his spear around, Gui Guzi stabbed Suren again and again to draw his attention.

Although Mamate had been healing Gui Guzi all this time, the latter was still taking too much damage. Gui Guzi only had around 2000 total HP, but he was losing almost 1000 HP from a single basic attack even after Undying Shield had reduced the damage taken by 25%. That being said, he was definitely the tankiest player out of us. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call him the Undying Knight.

So far, Gui Guzi was also the only player I wasn’t confident I could one-shot with Pardon. In fact, it was close to being an impossible feat. Had he been a member of Mad Dragon or Gods of Destruction, he would’ve been a great thorn in our side.


Suddenly, Suren activated Sword Spirit Slash and knocked Gui Guzi a little off balance. A long, deep wound had appeared across his chest, and his HP was almost gone.

“Watch out!”

I tried to block Suren’s way, but it was too late. Before Mamate’s healing could even reach Gui Guzi, Suren had run up to him like lightning and struck a death blow. A couple of potions and a shiny shield appeared from where Gui Guzi’s corpse used to be.

I picked up the shield and yelled, “Mamate, heal me!”


Now it was my turn to feel pressured. The good news was that Ghost Deity Armor boosted my Defense by a lot. With the support of a priest and constant potion chugging, I should be able to endure Suren’s attacks for a while.

Meanwhile, Lin Yixin was attacking Suren like a hurricane with Killer Wind Swordplay and Holy Energy. Every hit scored at least a thousand damage. Lin Yixin was certainly our highest DPS since Holy Energy was incredibly effective against the undead. Not even I could outdamage her right now.

“Keep attacking! This boss doesn’t have too much HP!” Lin Yixin cried.

She was right. Suren was an NPC and not an actual boss, so his total HP was only around 50k or so. As long as we attacked him with all we got, we should be able to kill him in around three minutes!

However, Suren also had the highest Attack out of all the enemies we had encountered thus far. He was so horrifyingly powerful that he could two-shot even Gui Guzi!

Suddenly, Suren fired an Ice Ray at me!


The impact was so powerful that I crashed through the wooden house like a cannonball. I was completely disoriented for a time! God dammit, I didn’t know Ice Ray could be this powerful! Just what kind of monster is he?

I shook my head and collected myself. But by the time I rose to my feet and charged Suren again, the undead swordsman was already plunging his sword into Yamete’s chest! The frail priest was easily one-shot!

Even Lin Yixin was clutching a bleeding shoulder and barely holding herself together. She only had a sliver of HP left. This battle wasn’t even over, and we were on our last legs already!

“Don’t stop! The boss only has ten thousand HP left!”

Lin Yixin hadn’t given up yet, however. She climbed back up on her feet and glared at Suren with fury.


A Devil Piercing Arrow answered her call and exploded on Suren’s head, dealing 654 damage. Beiming Xue’s attack was as amazing as usual!

However, Suren shouted and glowed red all of a sudden. He was going to Charge her!

“Beiming, watch out for Charge!”

I shouted, but once again, I was too late. The moment Beiming Xue was stunned, Suren stabbed her and claimed yet another life!

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