Chapter 1199: Dragon Knight Breeze and Rain

Just as I thought, it was tough even for a group of 21 experts to battle against Thunderblade. His level was too high, and his Strength stat was out of the world. If his Ultimate Strength Break could hit a fighter for over 500k damage, I could easily imagine that damage doubling against squishies like mages and archers!

Moe God moved to the back to allow her two magic knights to tank for her momentarily. I could tell from their equipment alone that they were 5-Stamina magic knights. They raised their shields and attempted to block the boss's path.

However, Thunderblade shot them an arrogant, savage smile that perfectly matched his status as a super boss. He then flung furious waves of energy at the two magic knights with his weapon. It was Warblade Revolution!

Bang bang!





The skill dealt an insane amount of damage to say the least. The two magic knights’ HP dropped to almost nothing in just the blink of an eye. They tried to withdraw to safety, but Thunderblade last-hit both of them with well-timed basic attacks.

Suddenly, Thunderblade leaped to the air and channeled a storm of lightning around his blade. It was yet another skill. The archer he was targeting tried to retreat, but he found himself moving as slow as a snail because he had entered Thundeblade’s Domain before he realized it. In the end, he wasn’t able to escape his death.


The archer was almost split in half as Thunderblade’s sword sliced down his shoulder. The Thunder Crack Blade dealt at least 900k+ damage to the archer and stunned Shogunate and Moe God all over again.

Thud thud thud...

Ice Arrow Spells, Freezing Arrows, Shock Arrows struck the boss's body. Although their effects were limited, every bit of CC counted against this monster. Also, they were lucky that Thunderblade was a pure Strength boss with so-so movement speed. If it was the wolf king I had fought earlier, their 18-man group would’ve been party-wiped already.

"No, no, this cannot continue!"

Shogunate slowed the boss with Arctic Rain while shouting, "We need to find an advantageous terrain soon, or we’re all going to die!"

Moe God looked left and right before pointing at one of the entrances. "That wall is about a hundred meters wide, and it only has one narrow entrance. If we plug it with two fighters and have our damage dealers attack from behind, we may just be able to beat this unbeatable boss!"

"Got it!"


They immediately started withdrawing toward the entrance, but not before another three fighters and two mages dropped dead to a devastating Warblade Revolution, shrinking their group even more. Shogunate’s complexion was purple at this point. He had completely underestimated the boss's ferocity.

Moe God didn’t look as bad, however. She made her way to her position as soon as she could and began shielding Shogunate and the rest of the damage dealers as planned. Something amazing happened. As it turned out, the choke point she chose was absolutely perfect. The boss could only roam back and forth between the two ends of the entrance, and he couldn’t jump over the wall to get at the damage dealers. Of course, he would be almost unbeatable if he was capable of such a stunt.


"Haha, well done, Moe God!" Shogunate couldn’t help but laugh when he saw that Moe God’s plan had worked out perfectly.

Moe God smiled as well as she blocked the boss's path with her spear, but I gleaned much more than just delight at her plan working from it. By inserting herself between the boss and the Japanese, she practically ensured that no one could get to the boss before her. Once Thunderblade was dead, Moe God would definitely be the first person to reach the Ancient Divine Skill Scroll. Shogunate had to think of a plan soon, or he would be playing second fiddle for Moe God.

I continued to watch the boss fight from afar without doing anything. The boss had a great amount of HP, so it would take Shogunate and co. a while to defeat it. I wasn’t planning to steal the boss's experience—that would be too greedy considering the circumstances—but I definitely wasn’t going to leave the scroll. These people mustn’t be allowed to obtain the scroll without a fight.


Time passed bit by bit. More than an hour later,Thunderblade’s HP had fallen to less than 10%. Speaking of which, one of their archers had a skill that decreased health regeneration, and it was why they were able to whittle down the boss this quickly. Otherwise, considering the HP regeneration of an Ancient Immortal Rank boss like Thunderblade, it would’ve taken them at least three to four hours to defeat him.


I slowly unsheathed the Purple Ying Sword, ready to go at a moment’s notice. No one could have this Ancient Divine Skill Scroll except me!

It wasn’t long before the boss's HP had dropped to 2%, or 1.4 million HP. I didn’t think my Purple Dragon Howl would be able to instakill it unless I used Purple Frost Concentration first. Also, using Purple Dragon Howl would put me in a weakened state for 3 seconds, and both Shogunate and Moe God possessed the strength to one-shot me during that period. No, it was just too risky.

That being said, that was no reason not to move closer to the group and get into position.

In the end, it was the Japanese who acted first. Shogunate abruptly growled out, "Kill!"

The three Purple Grape City players immediately used Barrier Break, Touch of the Dragonkiss and Galaxy Storm on Moe God and the other magic knight at once. However, the second Shogunate made his move, Moe God turned around and activated her invincibility skill to protect herself. Not only that, she stabbed the closest Purple Grape City mage to her and one-shot him with Barrier Break. As expected, no one here was stupid. Practically everyone had anticipated this betrayal to happen and planned accordingly.



Shogunate cursed as he cast Freezing Spell, freezing the magic knight beside Moe God instantly. However, his skill pissed off the boss and caused it to unleash its devastating Earth-shattering Storm. Moe God was invincible, so she wasn’t affected by it. Shogunate had also activated his invincibility skill just in time to survive it. Everyone else was one-shot, however. That ultimate skill was fatal against everyone in their group.

The situation turned from good to absolutely terrible. They had grown lax because they had handled the boss for an entire hour without issue, but in the end Thunderblade still proved to be the greatest enemy of them all!


Shogunate cast a magic spell that hit both Moe God and the boss. He shouted in anger, "If I can’t get the scroll, you’re not getting it either!"

As Moe God withdrew from Shogunate, a dozen or so Indian players suddenly rushed toward Shogunate from outside the colosseum, weapons raised. The mage was completely caught off-guard. He hadn’t noticed the gathering of Cyan Earth City players and Elephant City players until it was too late.

"Rest in peace, old man!" Moe God said with a giggle.

Invincibility skills only lasted so long, and in the end, Shogunate wasn’t able to escape before his time was up. Three fighters plunged their blades through his chest, and he screamed and dropped to his knees in defeat just like that.


Meanwhile, the dozen or so Indian players surrounded the boss again as Moe God ordered, "Go all out! The boss only has 1 million HP now! The scroll is ours once the boss is dead!"

That’s my cue to act!

I abruptly flew out of the earth and dashed diagonally around the party. 0.7 seconds later, I made the decision to fire Burning Blade Slash at the boss's direction, killing 5 high-level magic knights and deleting much of Moe God’s HP!

"He’s back!"

Moe God tossed Trapping Net at me and brought her spear down with Freezing Slash, sealing off two of my attack angles instantly. I wasn’t expecting her to form such a fiery response in just a second.


I managed to knock her speartip off course and send it careening toward the ground, thus preventing myself from being frozen. Then, I stepped right past her and thrust my weapon at the boss again. Boss first, players later!

I executed a Purple Frost Concentration + Universe Break combo, dropping Thunderblade to just 400k HP in an instant. Then, I pressed a palm to the ground and cast Rise of the Guardian Dragon!


Moe God shuddered. She knew well how powerful the skill was, just as she knew why I was using it now. Both the boss and her players would die to my skill, and the Ancient Divine Skill would go to me if she didn’t do something now!


And she did. Moe God went full moe as she raced toward me and raised her fist like she was about to punch me. For a second, I thought she was joking until I saw the familiar red gathering around her fist. What the… Magic Piercing Punch?!

It worked. Battle Astral Wind had blocked the damage, but the cancellation still took effect and interrupted my Rise of the Guardian Dragon!

It was fine though. Basic attacks work on bosses too!

And so, I ran backward in an unpredictable path while slapping the boss's face with my sword again and again. Since my Battle Astral Wind was almost at full durability, I could easily face-tank a couple of hits from the boss. Deleting his 40k HP before Battle Astral Wind was destroyed wasn’t a problem at all!



I cast Thousand Ice Slash that knocked Moe God backward. The Temple Guard looked ashen-faced. It was clear as day that she and her allies couldn’t beat me here.


Finally, Thunderblade lost his last sliver of HP and dropped dead. He erupted into a floor of equipment, but I paid them no more than a cursory glance. I could tell that there was only basic Immortal-grade equipment; not even an Ancient or an Archean Immortal-grade. Naturally, I filtered them out of my mind.


The Ancient Divine Skill Scroll hit the ground and bounced into the air. To my surprise, Moe God was able to catch it with the tip of the spear and flick it into the air.


She jumped. Her control was superb. She actually managed to catch the Ancient Divine Skill Scroll before I did.


However, a shadow suddenly enveloped both of us. When Moe God looked up, her expression immediately turned complicated. "Breeze… Breeze and Rain…"

I looked up. It was Breeze and Rain, and more importantly, the guy was riding a dark green–colored wind dragon. When, where, how? Its stats couldn’t be too lousy even if it wasn’t a Holy Giant Dragon.

Breeze and Rain shot Moe God an indifferent glance before saying, "Sorry, but this scroll is mine!"


He plunged his blade into Moe God’s chest and killed her. How ruthless! Cyan Beast and Nation Guardian were allies practically since the beginning of the game, and Breeze and Rain had just taken out his ally’s vice leader without even a shred of hesitation!

Moe God dropped to her knees in astonishment as well. Even now, she couldn’t believe that Breeze and Rain would kill her with such lack of hesitation.



Unfortunately for Breeze and Rain, a spinning sword arrived just in time to knock the Ancient Divine Skill Scroll into the air once more. It was of course my Coiling Dragon Revolution. After that, I deactivated Fusion Armor, landed on top of my Ancient Divine Dragon and successfully swiped the scroll first before the wind dragon could reach it. You could bet that my movement was so clean that Breeze and Rain was chilled by it.

I didn’t use the Ancient Divine Skill Scroll despite clutching it in my hand. I simply smirked at Breeze and Rain and taunted, "I’m very sorry, Dragon Knight, but this scroll is mine…"

Breeze and Rain’s expression looked ugly, but he wordlessly turned around and flew toward the distant mountains.

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