Chapter 119: Blaze Greedy Wolf

The sword energies split the air, and dust flew. It was the official debut of Thousand Mirage Slash. Roaming Dragon and the others were my lab rats this time. The five of them were covered by the sword energy, and the damage numbers continued to jump—






If that wasn’t enough, one of them was a critical hit. Inconstant grunted and passed away. Originally, Lin Yixin had already taken away a large chunk of his HP. After being attacked by Thousand Mirage Slash, he had no reason to live.

Roaming Dragon had a third of his HP left. He held his spear and almost turned to stone. He said in a trembling voice, "A... AoE skill... how is this possible?"

Lin Yixin was also staring at me, her mouth similarly agape. It was an astounding matter for a melee-class player to have an AoE skill!

Rustling sounded in the forest. Suddenly, a powerful energy flew out!


Roaming Dragon was hit. He lost the last third of his HP, passed away, and covered the ground in potions and some Rank 4 Magic Consumables.

The ambusher was Clear Perfume who had fled and returned to help.

Coldmoon Rose looked around. The remaining three warriors were already crippled. The priests in the back could not keep up. Facing me, with full HP, and my Dark Wasp, they had no chance of victory!

"Retreat!" Coldmoon Rose ordered.

She swiftly disappeared into the frost. Archers were really quick at running away!



Lin Yixin drained another potion and got half her HP back. She laughed and said, "Finally safe. Lucky I did not drop a level...”

I asked, "Does Snowy Cathaya have high-level miners?"


Lin Yixin smiled. "Lifetaking Sword and Zi Chuanyu are both miners..."

I laughed. "Really? The main force of your guild are miners? Yiyi, you look like an unscrupulous mine owner who had caught slaves and made them slave away in the mines...”

"Is that so? Do I look so cruel?!" Lin Yixin made a threatening gesture.

Clear Perfume giggled and walked forward, saying, "In any case, this time, it was due to Lu Chen's help. Otherwise, Yiyi and I would have dropped levels. Lu Chen, how can we thank you?"

I opened my mouth and then stopped.

Lin Yixin seemed to have read my thoughts and quickly said, "Qingqing, stop talking. Lu Chen is such a generous person...”

I said, "Since the two of you want to thank me, then I cannot refuse. How about you invite me to dinner?"


Lin Yixin and Sun Qingqing seemed to ponder if they should agree.

I quickly said, "Great, you guys are very kind! It's decided. Tonight at 6, Happy House, see ya...”

I was overjoyed inside. Ohoho, I managed to save another dinner's worth of money. Look at how good I was at keeping home. If Gui Guzi and Du Thirteen were as frugal as I am, the Bloody Mercenaries workshop would have become rich long ago and bought a car.

Leaving behind the shocked Lin Yixin and Sun Qingqing, I turned and went to the Greedy Wolf Forest in the south. I would practice my skills, and also get some pelts for Mamate to craft with. Our workshop’s Armorsmithing would become our trademark!

I did not walk far when I saw Lifetaking Sword coming with nearly a hundred Snowy Cathaya experts. They did look like they owned the Falling Geese Mine. Having a guild was so great. One could pull a hundred people easily. The creation of the Bloody Mercenaries guild was an urgent matter. Otherwise, we could not match large guilds like Mad Dragon and God of Destruction.

Never mind, I will first get some wolf pelts!


Passing through the forest, I walked about fifteen minutes or so. A clearing filled with gray mist appeared in front of me. The howls of wolves came incessantly.

I carefully proceeded forward. Turning around a bush, I saw many enormous wolves, half my height, ahead!

Blaze Greedy Wolf

Level: 68

Attack: 420~500

Defense: 350

HP: 6500

Skills: Bite, Burn

Introduction: Nightwalkers of the quiet forest, these Blaze Greedy Wolves possess strong affinity with the fire element. Their attacks will also burn, causing many adventures to not dare enter Greedy Wolf Forest rashly.


Tsk tsk, these Blaze Greedy Wolves were much better than the Wildfire Greedy Wolves of Wildfire Plains. Their Attack and other stats were much stronger. They were the enhanced version of the Wildfire Greedy Wolf. Level 68. As a third-promotion Level 60 Silver Swordsman, I was more than qualified to grind them for experience!

Not too far or too near, I used Charge!


Like lightning, my powerful momentum caused the nearest Blaze Greedy Wolf to be stunned. My Ghost Ice Soul rose, and two successive attacks came like lightning—Ice Ray + Slayer Slash!


The Ice Ray attack broke the defense of the Blaze Greedy Wolf, and caused a layer of frost to form. Its movement speed decreased greatly. After I finished my combo, I quickly retreated and let my Dark Wasp take the lead. The Blaze Greedy Wolf's 500 Attack wasn’t just for show. If it hit me, it would hurt like hell. Even though I possessed the Ghost Deity Armor, Enhanced Bones, and Regeneration of the Undead, I could not face it head-on. I was alone, there was no wet nurse to feed me.

The Blaze Greedy Wolf had high stats but the Dark Wasp was a boss-tier pet and wasn’t in any way inferior.

I looked at my bag. I had a thick stack of Sealing Cards. Very good, if I encounter a Level 1 Blaze Greedy Wolf, I will seal one to sell!

Third-promotion players had an additional pet slot, for a total of 2. Therefore, I could get another powerful pet in addition to my Dark Wasp. This was a new opportunity to get rich!


My sword flashed. The Blaze Greedy Wolf hit the ground with a muffled grunt, dropping a 25 Quality Big Magic Stone. I didn't even pick it up. It wouldn’t net me much, but it would still take up an inventory slot!

I opened my hand, and shouted, "Death Plunder!"


A wolf pelt shining with firelight landed in my hand. I looked at the stats and was shocked—

Blaze Greedy Wolf Pelt: Rank 5 Armorsmithing material. Armor crafted with this item will receive a bonus of 2% Agility or 1.2% critical rate.


Tsk, tsk, very good!

I was overjoyed. The pelts of these wolves could increase stats. In this case, if I spent a few hours gathering pelts here, and had Yamete craft a huge batch of powerful leather armor, couldn’t I sell it en masse? The profit would be huge. Assassins and archers didn’t have really good equipment yet.

With my new-found motivation, my killing speed was even higher.

Using my three-step strategy, I could kill a wolf while taking minimal damage, if any at all. First step: Charge to stun. Second step: Ice Ray followed up with Slayer Slash for movement speed debuff. Third step: Pardon and Desperate Gambit for burst damage. That would usually end the fight. It was easy to kill monsters that way, the entire fight would only take ten seconds or so. As a result, my experience gain skyrocketed. It felt amazing!

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

As the wolf pelts were stacking up in my bag, the Dark Wasp reached Level 60. Suddenly, the pleasing bell of a system notice rang.


System Notice: Congratulations, your pet Dark Wasp has comprehended a special skill—Wasp King Poison!


"Hm? Wasp King Poison?"

I hurriedly opened the stats for the Dark Wasp. As expected, other than the combo skill, there was another green poison liquid skill. I opened it to look. So strong!

Wasp King Poison: 15% chance of poisoning the target. Decreases target’s remaining HP by 0.1% per second. Effectiveness halved against bosses. The effect lasts for 600 seconds!

I almost turned to stone. This Wasp King Poison was a god-tier skill for killing bosses. While it would only lower current HP by 0.1% every second, if it accumulated, there was a chance to wear the boss to death. I calculated. Each second would reduce current HP by 0.1%. Then if something was poisoned for an hour, it would drop 31% HP in total, and 52% in two hours. Basically, after three to four hours, with poison and some attacks, any boss would be killed!

I was extremely excited and patted the black head of the Dark Wasp. I praised, "Brother, I'll rely on you to kill bosses in the future!"

The Dark Wasp buzzed around and ignored me!


I walked toward another monster. The Dark Wasp attacked with a pop and exploded a green poisonous sac. The stinger flickered with green light, and turned the Blaze Greedy Wolf into a green wolf. While not much HP would drop in a minute, it was very pleasing to see. As expected from my boss pet Dark Wasp!

Like this, I continued to kill until it was 5 in the afternoon.


Lin Yixin sent over a message: "Little Cheat, didn't you want me and Qingqing to invite you to dinner? Shouldn’t you be logging off then?"

"Oh, right away!" I quickly answered.

I looked in my bag. More than 200 Rank 5 pelts. Easy money!

I took out the returning scroll and crushed it. I returned to Floating Ice City and sent a message to Mamate. "Come to the plaza by the eastern gates!"


Half a minute later, Mamate's plump body appeared. He asked, "Lu Chen, what is it?"

I took out more than 200 Blaze Greedy Wolf Pelts and said, "Here, I got these yesterday afternoon. It’s a bonus-granting material. Anything you are missing?"

Mamate immediately froze and stared at the pelts in excitement. He suddenly grabbed my arm. "Damn, Boss! You are my superstar. I was just worrying that I had no top-grade skins to craft a bestseller. Aiya, great, haha! Come here, lemme give you a kiss...”

I pushed Mamate's large face aside and said, "I'm going out for dinner tonight. Don't wait for me. You decide how to use the pelts!"

"Yes, alright!"

Mamate put away the pelts and skipped away, as happy as though he had picked up gold. It appears that these Rank 5 pelts are pretty good. Otherwise, a grandmaster armorsmith like him wouldn’t have lost his composure.

At this time, Du Thirteen sprinted over with joy and laughed. "Bro, we’re rich! Today, our workshop's operational revenue has skyrocketed!"

I was moved. The Rank 6 Steamed Fish Soup had been sold!

"Speak, how much did you sell?"

"All of it!"

Du Thirteen was red in the face as he said, "The best Magic Consumables on the market are only Rank 4 or 5. Once I appeared with Steamed Fish Soup, buyers swarmed me. I had to increase the price! Over 2 gold each! I managed to sell them for over 1500 gold total! Then I exchanged it in the afternoon. I have almost 50000 RMB on my card! Lu Chen, we should think about what brand of car we will buy for the workshop!"

I laughed. "Let's talk later. I'm going offline, I got something going on!"


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