Chapter 1181: Double Trouble

"They hurt us, we hurt them?"

Warsky licked his lips and said, "You mean like, teach the enemy the lesson even at the cost of Sky City? Kill every invader by using Princess Karinshan as bait?"

I stared at him. "You know what? Your plan is officially more stupid than mine!"

Zhang Chun urged, "We don’t have time for this. Tell us your plan already, Lu Chen!"

"Broadly speaking, it’s a two-part diversionary strategy. I need everyone here to keep it a secret, okay?"

I paused for a moment before continuing, "Okay. First, we need to distract the enemy’s main force. At our current strength, we’ll destroy ourselves first if we try anything while the enemy is aware of what we’re doing."

"Yes, you mentioned that it’s an interlocked diversionary strategy already. So? What are we doing exactly?" Candlelight Shadow asked.

I raised my eyebrows. "Before that, I have a question to both you and Warsky. Do you have balls?"

Candlelight Shadow looked confused. "I… sure? We’ll do whatever it takes to save the China server!"

Warsky also patted his chest. "Just tell us what we need to do, and it will be done!"


I nodded. "We’re going to counterattack the enemy at full force and break through their encirclement through the north. While I’m leading the main force to tackle Vienna’s main force from the east, I want you two to assemble your greatest cavalry, slip back into Sky Forest, and cross over Dragonbone Mountain Range under cover. Your goal will be the closest USA city to us, Seven Star City! Do you understand what I’m saying now? I want you to blitz the city and occupy the city via regicide! We will pay back exactly what they did to Wind City!"

Candlelight Shadow clenched his fists. "God damn! That sounds super risky!"

I smiled wider. "Of course. If it wasn’t this risky, I wouldn’t ask both of you to carry out this mission together!"

Zhang Chun interrupted, "Okay, Ancient Sword is going to distract the enemy while Candle Dragon and Warsky Alliance crosses the Wet River [1]to storm Seven Star City. However, you said that it’s a two-part diversionary strategy, and this is just the first part, right? What is the second part?"

I sucked in a deep breath before continuing, "After the strike force has slipped away, we’ll change course for White Horse Highland, attack Cyan Earth City and rescue Princess Karinshan! I have one more army at Dragonbone Mountain Range, and I’m going to order them to tear open a hole in the enemy’s southeast defense line, coordinate with us and cut into the heart of Cyan Earth City! I promise you that Breeze and Rain’s defenses will not be able to handle the pincer attack!"

Zhang Chun smiled. "Alright, let’s do that!"

"Let’s move. It will take our cavalry 3 hours at minimum to make it from here to Seven Star City, so we don’t have much time at all. Also, Candle Dragon and Warsky Alliance, make sure that you limit the number of players you bring because they’re only going to slow you down otherwise. Take a hundred thousand elites with you, and no more than that!"

"Got it!"


After we climbed up our mounts, I, Gui Guzi, He Yi, Lin Yixin, Li Chengfeng and more launched an all-out assault against the northside of the encirclement. Since Vienna’s Sorrow chose to avoid us, we were able to cut all the way through without much resistance. During this time, Candle Dragon and Warsky Alliance’s best cavalry had successfully vanished into the forest leading to Dragonbone Mountain Range like a ghost. Of all my allies, I had to admit that Candlelight Shadow and Warsky were some of the more reliable ones.

"Everyone, we ride west now!"

I raised my weapon and executed Myriad Swords Obliteration. An entire group of Northern Alliance players were torn to shreds just like that.


On the sky, Vienna’s Sorrow watched us with a smile but didn’t move a muscle. Hero Alliance’s strongest forces hadn’t tried to intercept us as well. So far, things were moving exactly as I hoped they would. It was impossible for us to defend Sky City alone, but if I exploited the cracks between the Northern Alliance and the Indian server to our advantage, then we might just have a chance to pull off the impossible!

Vienna’s Sorrow had purposely let us break out of the encirclement because he guessed that we were gunning for Cyan Earth City. In fact, I bet he really wanted us to defend Sky City successfully and save the China server from annihilation. If the King of Cities fell into the hands of the Indian server, they would become strong enough to threaten the Northern Alliance’s dominant influence over all the other servers. Long story short, the politics involved in this shit were enough to drive a person crazy.

I couldn’t help but sigh when I thought up to this point. High Fighting Spirits, Chaos Moon and more all thought that I was naturally devious, but in reality, who wouldn’t want to lead a simpler, more unsophisticated life? In a battle of wits, you either survive by being smarter than all your enemies, or die.

While Gui Guzi was swinging the Spear of the Knight God, he asked me in a soft voice, "Boss Broken Halberd, can I ask you a question? Why did you ask Warsky and Candlelight Shadow to storm Seven Star City instead of Elephant City? Geographically speaking, Elephant City is the closest city to our location, so it should be much easier to raid than Seven Star City, shouldn’t it?"

Xu Yang echoed in agreement, "He’s right. Why did you choose Seven Star City over Elephant City?"

I chuckled. "You think Elephant City is the easier target, but that is in fact completely incorrect. Some of you might have noticed already, but Natural Flow hasn’t shown up in this invasion at all. That’s because they’ve chosen to stay out of this war. Even if I’m willing to repay her favor with evil, I doubt Warsky and Candlelight Shadow have much of a chance raiding the city with her around. More importantly, taking Seven Star City isn’t the end of that part of the strategy."

"What do you mean?" Zhang Chun asked.

I replied, "Uncle, please contact Candlelight Shadow and Warsky now and tell them to contact the number one player or the Argentina server, Red Ovenbird, after they’ve occupied Seven Star City. Yes, I’m talking about your Chaotic 27 friend. Then, tell them to tell Red Ovenbird that we’re going to give them Seven Star City for free…"

Gui Guzi exclaimed in shock, "What the fuck? But why? That’s our prize!"

Contrary to Gui Guzi’s reaction, Hot and Sour Noodles burst into a grin. "Oh, I understand now. You truly are the smartest tactician of our country!"

Chaos Moon also chuckled. "Yes, one Seven Star City for the official fallout between the Chaotic 27 and the Northern Alliance is absolutely worth it! Slow and steady is the way to retake our lost territories!"

I nodded. "In fact, retaking our territory is just the beginning. Vienna’s Sorrow thinks he’s beaten us? We’ll see if he can retain his smug face when we bring the war to him!"


I contacted Hickey, explained the situation, and informed them of the coordinates and attack routes they should take. Hickey happily accepted after stating that Protective Umbrella had been waiting for too long already.

Meanwhile, we finally made it to the foot of White Horse Highland where Cyan Earth City and Elephant City players were at. There were only a million plus of us now. God of War was killing the NPCs on the frontline, while Breeze and Rain was darting here and there, barking out commands like a bat with ADHD. This man was the one who almost single-handedly orchestrated the downfall of the Center. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that he was the number one enemy of the China server.

"Defenders, prepare! The Chinese are here!" Breeze and Rain raised his weapon and ordered, "Beast King Cavalry, form a shield formation to block them! God’s Domain’s Wildfire Riders, attack them from the left, and Nation Guardian’s Divine Elephant Cavalry, attack them from the right! Flames of War’s Lightning Archers, move behind them and cut off their retreat! We will wipe them out right here and now!"

Gui Guzi inhaled. "That brutal motherfucker! I cannot believe that Cyan Earth City, Elephant City and even Purple Grape City are listening to him now."

I nodded. "Purple Grape City probably came to a secret agreement with Cyan Earth City again…"

Lin Yixin gripped her Seven Star Veluriyam Sword and asked, "What’s it going to be, Little Cheat? Feint or real?"

I replied in a low tone, "Real. We go all out and hold nothing back. It’s the only way to fool that cunning bastard!"

"Got it!"

On the frontline, all the surviving guild leaders of the China server pulled out their weapons and pointed to the front. They shouted in unison, "ATTACK!"

The ground trembled. The final battle on the plains of White Horse Highland began.

We only had a couple hundred thousand cavalrymen left, but they were all elites, and many of them were Famous Generals, Divine Generals, or both. Looking at the stratagem rings beneath their feet, almost everyone was buffed by a Famous General Skill—Knight God, Knight General, Bow General, Soul of the Foot, you name it.

Bang bang bang…

The sounds of impact were absolutely deafening. Ancient Sword’s generals were the first to make contact with the enemy and kickstart the fireworks of skills.


The corners of Breeze and Rain’s lips curled upward as he ordered, "Seek out your targets at will, killers!"

A beautiful woman flashed into view as if answering his command, and she was none other than the JGL Hall of Famer of Purple Grape City, Cyan Frost. She charged straight toward Eyes Like Water and struck her with Freezing Slash before she could react, turning her into a block of ice.

Before anyone could do anything to rescue her, Yeye the Witch landed Nether Flame Arrow, and God of War ensured the kill with his signature Inferno Sixtuple Slash. She was dead just like that!

Everyone was speechless for a moment. The Indian’s and the Japanese’s best players were concentrated at this place, and the battle quickly proved to be some of the hardest we had ever fought!


One by one, our elites were killed by the enemy. Not even a top-class expert like Purple Marquis was an exception. Breeze and Rain and God of War simply worked too well with each other, not to mention the disgusting skill that was Soul Capture. Moreover, the enemy could afford to take risks due to their number advantage, while we were forced to fight conservatively due to being attacked from fucking everywhere. It was horrible to say the least.


High Fighting Spirits executed Xiezhi Howl and murdered countless. However, it also earned him a ton of hate!


There was a flash, and High Fighting Spirits became stunned by a Shock Arrow. Almost immediately, five god-tier experts—Breeze and Rain, God of War, Cyan Frost, Red Maple and Purple Thunder—rushed toward him!

"Save Fighting Spirits!" Gui Guzi exclaimed in shock.

However, Li Chengfeng, Chaos Moon and He Yi were hundreds of yards away from him. Lin Yixin, Stranger of Three Lifetime and Lian Xin were nowhere close as well. I was the only one close enough to save him.


Rustle rustle!

My boots rustled against the grass as I traveled at full speed. Thanks to the Ancient Divine Dragon, I moved like lightning and was able to block in front of High Fighting Spirits before any of his attackers could reach him. Trusting in Battle Astral Wind to protect me, I swung my sword three times in a row.

Chiang chiang chiang...

Red Maple, Purple Thunder and Cyan Frost were knocked to the back. They looked like they couldn’t believe what just happened.

1. T/N: an idiom, I incorporated it into the sentence to make it sound better

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