Chapter 118: Burn Paper for You

Facing Mad Dragon Dominator's pressure, Zi Chuanyu of Snow Cathaya unsheathed his sword and shouted angrily, "Mad Dragon is nothing. Just clowns. If you have the balls, come. Let’s see who is afraid of who?!"

Roaming Dragon gently swung his spear and smiled faintly. "Everyone, see, it is not Mad Dragon challenging Snowy Cathaya, but Snowy Cathaya looking down on Mad Dragon. Hmph, I cannot accept such humiliation!"

As he spoke, Roaming Dragon pointed forward with a finger and shouted, "Brothers, kill these people and steal Falling Geese Mine from their hands!"


The battle immediately erupted. The high-level players of Mad Dragon leapt like wolves. Clear Perfume and the other Snowy Cathaya players were in danger!


The cold arrow was like a star. Clear Perfume shot an ice arrow and froze Mad Dragon Dominator. Behind her, three mages chanted together and three fire dragons burst out of the ground in unison. The sounds of explosions came incessantly. Mad Dragon Dominator was a Level 53 warrior but couldn’t endure the onslaught. He knelt and passed away in the fire.

Roaming Dragon snorted and moved forward. His moves were fierce. After a stab, his long spear was shrouded in thick flame. This was the Level 50 signature skill of all melee classes—Blaze!


The eyes of a Snowy Cathaya mage widened, his chest penetrated by Roaming Dragon's spear. An astounding damage number rose above his head—1024!

So powerful. I hadn't seen Roaming Dragon for many days, and he had become so strong!

At the same time, Coldmoon Rose attacked. The arrow fell like a meteor on Clear Perfume's shoulder. The powerful Devil Piercing Arrow caused Clear Perfume's HP to drop really low.


Clear Perfume managed to steady herself after taking several steps back. She pulled out the arrow and exchanged arrows with Coldmoon Rose. At the same time, she shouted loudly, "Priests, feed me~"

But the priests could not heal her as Iron Pardon came like a ghost. His sword flickered with two twirls, the Heavy Slash + Ice Ray combo engulfing the mage. Was there any hope for survival?

Clear Perfume gritted her teeth. "Detestable!"

Level 50 players were terrifying, especially those that had learned Blaze or Ice Ray. They were as powerful as gods, and low-level players could not match them.

Facing the successive deaths of several Snowy Cathaya players, Roaming Dragon's handsome face started to twist with pride. He laughed loudly. “I’ll be damned! Don’t let anyone go. Let’s show them who is the strongest guild of Floating Ice City! Kill, kill them all!"

Clear Perfume suffered multiple hits. If she didn’t have many Rank 5 Health Potions, she would have perished long ago.

Iron Pardon, Inconstant, Unyielding Mad Dragon, Coldmoon Rose, and Roaming Dragon gave chase. Their figures passed through the forest, chasing Clear Perfume, a core member of Snowy Cathaya, as though they would not give up.


Clear Perfume retreated as she fought. Unyielding Mad Dragon's dagger followed her like a shadow and posed the greatest threat.

In a blink, they entered a meadow. Clear Perfume sprinted but suddenly tripped. She fell to the ground. When she looked back, Roaming Dragon and the others had arrived.

"Haha, don't try to run, you cannot escape my grasp!" Roaming Dragon clenched his fists and laughed wildly, "A core expert of Snowy Cathaya is just so-so. Today I will...”

Suddenly, Roaming Dragon could not speak, his eyes filled with shock.

Iron Pardon, Inconstant, and the others had cold faces as they looked angrily in the direction of the forest.


The leaves shook, and silver light flashed. A beautiful figure came out of the forest, it was the legendary Fruit Knife Goddess Wind Fantasy. Her exquisite armor covered her beautiful body. Her majestic legs delineated youthful curves. She held a sword swirling with snowflakes, and her long hair billowed. Her beautiful purple eyes stared peacefully at the group.


Lin Yixin pulled out the Snow Shadow Sword and helped Clear Perfume off the ground. Then she looked at the others, and said, "This is Mad Dragon’s aim? Bully those who are lesser in number?"

Roaming Dragon snorted. "Beauty Fantasy, it is great you are here. Today, we will settle our debts and obtain justice for our Mad Dragon guild!"

Lin Yixin's lips curved to display a dismissive and proud smile. "Why bother with words? Isn’t that just plain savage PK? Come, I want to see just how much skill you have!"

Her weapons unsheathed, Lin Yixin did not have any fear fighting one against many. Her beautiful purple eyes were filled with calmness and ease.

I sighed inwardly. This beauty was a weirdo, especially in the gaming world. She was beautiful, smart, and good at learning. She improved at a godly speed. She had all kinds of talents. It was inevitable that she would create a strong guild like Snowy Cathaya.

Roaming Dragon's hesitation only lasted for a few seconds. Suddenly his gaze grew cold. He shouted, "Everyone, kill her together!"


Iron Pardon flashed by, and started the recording function at the same time. He had such great hopes of defeating Wind Fantasy. Up until now, no one had truly defeated Lin Yixin, at least no one had any video evidence of it. If Iron Pardon managed to defeat Lin Yixin, and posted the video on the forums, he would be famous in Floating Ice City, and even the China server!

Lin Yixin did not retreat and bravely moved forward. The moment the two of them crossed, she suddenly changed gears, and retreated rapidly. Iron Pardon was caught off-guard and his Ice Ray hit the ground!


An ice flower bloomed on the ground, its sight startling Iron Pardon. When he lifted his head, he saw Lin Yixin's beautiful face, and a pair of murderous purple eyes.


A bolt of blood red flew above Lin Yixin's head and created a damage number—372!

Damn, she had yet to hit the target and lost HP? I couldn't help but sweat for Lin Yixin.

In the next moment, my doubts disappeared. Lin Yixin held her sword horizontally as she passed by Iron Pardon. Her sword was wrapped in blinding light. As the two passed each other by, Iron Pardon's pupils contracted. He uncontrollably knelt on the ground, and his long HP bar had disappeared!


Combat Log: Player “Wind Fantasy” used “Do or Die”, dealing 1674 damage to player “Iron Pardon”. Player “Iron Pardon” has died!


It was Do or Die!

This was a third-promotion skill of the Wanderer class. By sacrificing 25% of their HP, the player could increase their next attack’s damage by 75%!

As she turned, Lin Yixin's robes flew in the wind like snow. Her beautiful face was calm. She gulped down a health potion, and replenished the HP she had just lost.

At the same time, Unyielding Mad Dragon and Inconstant pounced over!

Lin Yixin snorted and welcomed them. With swift footwork she attacked from the right side. She raised her Snow Shadow Sword, causing it to glisten with mysterious light. Crashing down, powerful energy descended!

"Mount Hua Strike!"


Another third-promotion Level 60 skill. Inconstant was hit and retreated, his face pale.


The sound of defense breaking came. Lin Yixin's body swayed slightly and sank into a short stun. Unyielding Mad Dragon was attacking!

The dagger flew and Lin Yixin's HP dropped—





In a blink, she lost more than 50% of her HP. With a snap, Coldmoon Rose's Devil Piercing Arrow came and forced Lin Yixin to retreat. Luckily, she recovered from the stun status.

Unyielding Mad Dragon had a murderous expression as he gave chase with his dagger.


A dagger appeared in Lin Yixin's hand. She said with a small smile, "Let me teach you how to properly use a fruit knife."


Unyielding Mad Dragon was startled and caught off-guard when Lin Yixin dashed in front of him. The Burning Dagger sank into his neck but she did not use Moon Gaze or Extreme Break. She ended Mad Dragon guild's trump assassin in one blow!

I shook my head as I watched. Such failures. Unyielding Mad Dragon was strong enough, but he feared Lin Yixin's strength too much. His mental state was a disadvantage. If he had the same confidence and pride as Lin Yixin, he probably wouldn't have lost so quickly.

Clear Perfume had recovered her HP and hurriedly raised her bow to help. In the distance, Zi Chuanyu and the others had been killed. It was too difficult to fight when outnumbered.


A loud explosion sounded. Lin Yixin, who was abusing Inconstant, was ambushed. Roaming Dragon's Blaze hit her back. She dropped more than 500 HP and was about to die!

I quickly said in the party channel, "Beauty Lin, my turn?"


Lin Yixin retreated and said stubbornly, "This time, I will take care of Snowy Cathaya's matters. Lu Chen, do not help!"

"Oh, alright. Next year's Tomb Sweeping Day, I will burn paper for you...”


The shortcoming of the Wanderer class was exposed. A few minutes later, Lin Yixin had killed several enemy experts, but her own HP was always dangerously low.


After a powerful Ice Ray, Lin Yixin flew into the air.


I had been watching the battle with my fists clenched. A beauty fell from the sky, covered in the ice blossoms from Ice Ray. She only had a thread of HP left, and coincidentally landed in front of me.

"Oh, and you say you are strong...”

I shook my head.

Lin Yixin said angrily, "You are being sarcastic right now?"

At this time, Inconstant, Roaming Dragon, and the other three warriors from Mad Dragon charged over and were shocked. They saw an undead player in fine armor and a blood-colored cloak holding an icy sword kneeling on one knee in front of Lin Yixin and helping her up.

"Fuck, that’s Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand!" Roaming Dragon's eyes turned red. He shouted, "Let’s go, kill this bastard!"

The group of five charged.

I smiled, and suddenly raised my hand. In the next moment, the sword fell. With a whoosh, three sharp sword energies formed and the attack covered four yards in front of me.

Thousand Mirage Slash!

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