Chapter 1172: Destroying Olympus

"What… what do we do now?" Stranger of Three Lifetimes asked as if in a daze, blankly taking in the cold breeze. Now that I looked at her, I noticed there were barely any Blazing Hot Lips players left.

The flames of war hadn’t yet ended, but almost everyone was as demoralized as they could be. No one could see the light at the end of the tunnel because our enemy this time consisted of the 8 servers of the Northern Alliance, the India server, the Japan server and the Chaotic 27. The enemy was so numerous that some of us literally weren’t literate enough to spell out the number. Wind City was lost, and there were still over 30 hours left on the clock. Heaven knows if it was even possible to defend Sky City.



I abruptly stopped in my tracks and turned around. Staring at them with determined eyes, I shouted, "What’s wrong? Giving up already just because it looks like we’re about to lose this Nation War? Did the Northern Alliance give up after losing a Nation War? Did Purple Grape City give up after losing even their main city? No? Then get your goddamn act together! If you have the time to sulk, you have the time to plan our next move!"

A bit of fire reentered Zhang Chun’s eyes. "What do you think our next move should be?"

I answered, "It’s simple. We’ll pay them back!"

"What do you mean?"

"What the enemy did to Purple Lily at Wind City, we can do the exact same thing to them in Sky City! First, We’ll dispatch our elites to the entrances of Sky City and find advantageous terrains. Then, we’ll let some of them into our kill zones, plug the entrance and kill them all! We’ll crush their overwhelming numbers with overwhelming force!"

Zhang Chun’s eyes lit up. "Hmm, that’s certainly a better strategy than passively defending the main city. At the very least, it’ll win us some initiative, and it beats being a freaking punching bag!"

I nodded. "Uncle, I leave the defense arrangements to you. We don’t have much time left."


Zhang Chun pointed his palm upward and brought up the map of Sky City. Then, he said, "Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls’ main force is still intact, so you will be responsible for the biggest entrance to Sky City. In fact, it is the map we’re standing on right now, Wind Canyon. Defending Wind Canyon will prevent the enemies from Wind City, Dawn City and Black Coast from entering Sky City domain. This area here to the west of Wind Canyon is a good place to let the enemy in. Snowy Cathaya, Blazing Hot Lips, I trust you to secure it and eliminate anyone that enters your location. Candle Dragon, Warsky Alliance and Peach Garden, you will guard the northwest area of Wind Canyon—"

Zhang Chun delivered his orders clearly and methodically. He truly was an excellent defensive commander. If only he had a bit of courage and daring, he would be a super commander already.


As Li Chengfeng stared at the scenery around him, he gripped his fists tightly and said, "You know, this reminds me of the War of Dawn City…"

It was here Li Chengfeng had fought to the death during our very first Nation War. It was a well known fact.

I grinned while keeping my eyes half-closed to weather the storm blowing against my face. "Don’t worry, Chengfeng. This time, we are right here with you. If we die, we die together!"


Li Chengfeng nodded strongly. "We’re also so much stronger than we used to be. They won’t kill as easily as the last time, haha!"


After Zhang Chun was done, the guilds scattered and left to their respective locations. According to Sky City’s Nation War interface, there were still 47m+ Chinese players in Sky City. One might say that our main force was still relatively intact. Right now, the strongest of them all had spread out to the borders to lie in wait for the enemy.

Xu Yang walked up to me and asked, "How are we going to go about this defense, Lu Chen?"

I replied without hesitation, "I want 40k+ Dragonlight and 30k Zephyr Cavalrymen to wait inside the canyon, and 100k mounted players—preferably the Cyan Tiger Cavalry—plus our ranged parties to block the entrance. We’ll also set up Zhuge Repeating Ballistae and White Marsh Catapults on the edges of mountain ranges to fire down on the entrance. When I give the order, open up the defense line and let in a couple hundred thousand enemies into the canyon. Eve, Gui Guzi, Xu Yang, Fighting Spirits, Chaos Moon and Chengfeng, you will be the party leaders of the Dragonlight and Zephyr Cavalries. Oh, and make sure you have our archers and mages form an oval line around the kill zone. Leave no one alive!"

Xu Yang nodded smilingly. "Understood. You heard the man, people! Go go go!"

The Dragonlight Cavalry and Zephyr Cavalry were the blades of my guild. In fact, they might be the only two troops in the world that could defeat the enemy’s elite forces with minimal losses. Of course, our Famous Generals and Divine Generals’ stratagems played a critical role in their successes as well. Without them, we would’ve lost a huge majority of them during the war at Wind City already. Everyone here understood how complementary advantages worked.


"Here they come!"

Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun and a bunch of Cyan Tiger Cavalry laughed while standing above a slope. "The enemy came sooner than expected. They must be looking for that first class merit. Archers! Can someone tell us who their commander is? I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re the Sunjian of Jiangdong though, hahaha…"

I leaped onto my dragon and soared into the clouds. When I was about several hundred meters above the ground, I saw the vanguard my people were talking about. Dark Pupils revealed to me their details, and the armored swordsman riding at the forefront of the group was none other than—


Titan God LV-211

Main City: Titan City

Guild: Olympus

Position: Leader


"That’s the Fire Rhinoceros Cavalry of Olympus! God damn, there are at least 200k of them! These fuckers, they didn’t take a rest before coming to Sky City! Just how great are the depths of their appetite and cruelty?!"

Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun roared, "Guard, people! Don’t let them in, or Sky City will be in serious danger!"

However, I countermanded his order and said, "It’s fine, You and Yun! Spread out and let the Fire Rhinoceros Cavalry in, all of them! Olympus wants to fuck us over? We’ll show them you can’t fuck the fucker! Once the enemy cavalrymen are in, cut off their retreat and wipe them all out! Attackers, spread out and prepare to kill the enemy!"

"Yes, boss!"

It wasn’t long before the birch leaves and branches started shaking to the rumbling of the enemy cavalry. Olympus’ ace cavalry was absolutely numerous, so much so that even Zhang Chun couldn’t help but worry for us from afar, "Ancient Sword wants to wipe out Olympus’ ace cavalry? What a bunch of crazy bastards…"

I leaned against the stone wall behind me and let out a small sigh. Did they think I was stupid? Who would want to go head-to-head Olympus’ main force if there was any other choice? If we didn’t fight Olympus now, they would almost certainly strike a fatal blow to our main city. Now that would truly be stupid.

"Get ready!" A while later, I gave everyone a nod.

Li Chengfeng and Gui Guzi clenched their weapons tighter and nodded back. The latter asked me, "We don’t need to watch out for anything, right Boss Broken Halberd? All we need to do is wipe them all out, right?"

I smiled. "Correct. We’ll devour these fuckers until there’s literally not an inch of space left in our stomachs. Aside from that, don’t let even a single fly through!"

"Got it!"

The Dragonlight Cavalry stood at the ready behind the forest. Those on the clearing wouldn’t be able to notice our existence, so the first enemy group to enter the canyon was going to be surprised no matter what.


"Here they come!"

The first group of Fire Rhinoceros Cavalry rode into the canyon like the wind. They had no idea yet that this gourd-shaped entrance would be their grave. It took only a moment for the enemy cavalry to flood the entire clearing. If nothing else, they were impressive to look at.

Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun half-yelled, "Alright, all 250k Fire Rhinoceros Cavalrymen have entered the canyon! We’re cutting off their retreat now! Take them all out!"


I unsheathed my weapon in one smooth motion and roared, "Kill!"

The ground trembled, and nearly 50k Dragonlight and 30k Zephyr Cavalrymen charged at the same time. Even Beiming Xue and her 20k Dragonlight Archers were riding toward the enemy and showering them with AoE skills. With their numbers, they could kill an entire several football fields of enemies in the blink of an eye.

At the center of the Fire Rhinoceros Cavalry, Titan God shouted, "Fuck, it’s an ambush! But don’t panic, remember that we have the absolute number advantage! Begin the counterattack!"

Li Chengfeng rushed straight toward Titan God and greeted him with a smile, "We meet again!"

Titan God narrowed his eyes. "It’s you again!"

Before he could say anything else though, Rock Crush + Aurora Thrust[1] combo hit his flank and nearly knocked him off his horse. This was a crisis, so Li Chengfeng could have his 1v1 battle some other time!


Titan God roared in anger and swung his weapon again and again. After he took out three Dragonlight Cavalrymen, he tried to retreat only for me to fly right over his head. One hand clinging onto the lamp vine and another pointed toward Titan God, I fired a well-aimed God Binding Art!


Titan God froze, unable to move even an inch in any direction.

Li Chengfeng arrived an instant later and deleted the guy’s HP with the triple-hit Dragonbone Flurry!


System Announcement: Attention all players, Heroic Bannerman "Titan God" (USA) has been killed by player "Legendary Brave" (China)!


I whooped inside my head. Killing Titan God during the first first point of contact was absolutely what our army needed right now. Also, the death of their commander was sure to demoralize Olympus and make it easier for us to destroy them.

The sounds of blades hacking against armor filled the air. He Yi, Gui Guzi and more rushed the enemy and specifically targeted the 5-Stamina magic knights with Ultimate Strength Breaks. Lian Xin’s God Devil Break was even deadlier and hit for at least 300k+ damage, not to mention her other super AoE skills such as Ice Spiral Matrix. Suffice it to say, everyone and everything within 40 yards of her died like she was the incarnation of Madam Kill-All herself...

Riding together with Chaos Moon and Heaven’s Rain, I fought at the forefront and greeted every enemy around me with Rise of the Guardian Dragon, Summon the Storm and Myriad Swords Obliteration. We easily cut through the entire cavalry army and made it to the other side, and subsequent charges only grew easier and easier. The more the enemy’s cavalry was split up, the easier it was for us to annihilate them.

1. That’s obviously Chaos Moon and Gui Guzi

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