Chapter 117: Aroused

The two of us acted separately. I repaired my equipment and bought as many potions as I could. As the person with the highest level in the workshop, and overall the strongest person, I had to maintain my advantage. Bloody Mercenaries required a powerful representative, just like Snowy Cathaya. As the top guild of Floating Ice City, the representative of Snowy Cathaya was their leader, Wind Fantasy. She, as the Fruit Knife Goddess, pushed Snowy Cathaya to the top of the Guild Ranking!

I was in a similar position. Before I returned to Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, Bloody Mercenaries had to establish their own guild. I would then act as their representative!

They say people come when you think of them. Thus, in front of me stood a beautiful female warrior dressed in silver armor, her Fire Blade pet behind her shoulder. Who could it be except Lin Yixin?

"Lu Chen, I've waited a long time for you...” she said in slight displeasure.

I took a step forward and said with a smile, "What? A few days and our Beauty Lin misses me?"

Lin Yixin laughed. "Who misses you? I only missed that amazing dagger...”

Damn. I just knew that my charisma couldn't compare to that evil dagger!

"Okay, give me a price,” the beauty said.

"500 gold!"

"Let me faint, are you trying to cheat me? I admire you so much, and you’d still bear to do such a thing to me.” Lin Yixin looked pitiful. Her beautiful eyes swept my face and she said with a smile, "I’ll only agree to one price, 25 gold!"

I was stunned. "Damn, you just want to rob me...”

"No, it’s because of our friendship...”

"Alright, 25 gold, but I also get a kiss!" I said with a smile.

Immediately, Lin Yixin's beautiful face flushed red. She looked down, her long eyelashes flickering. Her face grew redder, that enchanting beauty heart-shaking to see.

Finally, Lin Yixin lifted her eyes. She tilted her head at me, and said with a smile, "Alright, if you dare, do it."

As she spoke, she raised her face slightly, her eyes closed.

I shook all over. Damn, there were thousands of gazes focused on this Fruit Knife Goddess right now. Could I kiss her? If I did, I would undoubtedly become a legend. Who was Lin Yixin? She was the goddess of Floating Ice City, Wind Fantasy, the goddess in the mind of millions of male players. If I kissed her in public, I might be instantly killed by several powerful groups of simps when I left my home. That result would be terrible!

"What, you don't dare?" Lin Yixin seemed to see through me and walked forward with a smile. She stood on her tiptoes and said softly by my ear, "How about, after we go offline, we find a place without anyone else and I let you kiss me?"

I shook again. Damn, I was not her match, at all!

Lin Yixin was almost completely immune to my teasing. But after just a few words from her, I was almost completely paralyzed. In Du Thirteen’s words, 'Lin Yixin's smile could make people's bones soft', especially when she was speaking such tempting words softly by my ear. Not just my bones, my heart, and all my organs were softening as well.

"Hold on, Lu Chen. Remember, you are a real man!" a voice called out in my mind.

Another voice countered, "Don't listen to him. There is only one true man in China! Lu Chen, submit. Lin Yixin is a good girl, one in a thousand years. To be conquered by her would not be an embarrassment!"

The two voices fought each other!

In the end, I shook my head and struck a pose. I said, "Beauty Lin, I will sell it to you for 25 gold, give it to me!"

Lin Yixin laughed. "Good, I won't let you suffer a loss. It's just that my money is tight because all of it went into the guild. When I get more gold, I will definitely pay you back!"

I knew that these words were definitely for nothing but I did not care. Last time, Lin Yixin had accompanied me to the Ancient Thunder Temple. The worth of that Hero's Token was much higher than this Burning Dagger.

I took the Burning Dagger out of my bag. This dagger of flame glowed with a burning light. It had a sharp edge and was extremely powerful. It was a divine weapon for mid-level Assassin class players. But in Lin Yixin's hands, it might have more use. She possessed skills like Moon Gaze and Extreme Break. Not long ago, she had undergone her third promotion. Who knew what other powerful skills she had learned. In conclusion, this beautiful girl would always give people surprises.

After handing the Burning Dagger to Lin Yixin, she gave me 25 gold. The transaction was complete!


The dagger disappeared and appeared at Lin Yixin's waist. She could use it at anytime with Extreme Break or Moon Gaze.

"Alright, I'm going to level. See you later!"

I waved my hand and was about to leave. But at this time, Lin Yixin suddenly had an angry expression. Her avatar entered a state of remote conversation as though she had encountered something.

I returned, looked at Lin Yixin and asked, "What happened?"


Lin Yixin gritted her teeth and said angrily, "They are too much, they are such bullies!"

"What happened? Hey, don’t ignore me, okay?"


Lin Yixin glanced at me and said, "A ten-person leveling team of Snowy Cathaya went to Falling Geese Mine and is fighting. Qingqing is among them!"

"Who dares to touch Snowy Cathaya?"

"Who else, Mad Dragon. There are more than thirty of them. Mad Dragon took over Falling Geese Mine and they aren't allowing players from other guilds to mine there!"

"Then go and help rescue Qingqing and the others...”


Lin Yixin passed by me as her long hair fluttered. She raced toward the south of Floating Ice City.

Soon, I followed. She looked back and smiled. "Hey, what are you following me for?"

I said solemnly, "I am just going there to watch. Also, leveling up in the south of the city is pretty good. I heard there’s a place called Greedy Wolf Forest there. I’ll kill some wolves for pelts.”

"Alright, then you can just watch~"

"Of course!"

Snowy Cathaya was the top guild of Floating Ice City. I did not believe a mere Mad Dragon was a match for them. I did not plan to fight at all. I really meant it, I was just going to kill Greedy Wolves and rank up my Immortality, Undead Aura, and Enhanced Bones skills while procuring pelts for Mamate.


Moving at full speed, Lin Yixin's white cloak fluttered along with the wind. I could see her long white legs underneath the cloak. Below that were her metal combat boots, which made her look not only beautiful, but majestic. Looking at her was pure pleasure.


Suddenly, I was tripped by a tree vine. I flipped through the air, but managed to lightly land on the ground thanks to my unparalleled body control and high Agility. After a stumble, I continued to sprint.

Lin Yixin looked back and said exasperatedly, "Don't just look at me, look at the road. Oh, you are really asking for a beating.”

I nodded and focused on the road.

In less than ten minutes, the forest where Falling Geese Mine was located appeared in sight. Lin Yixin pointed with a finger and said, "In three minutes, we will reach Qingqing and the others. Join my party?"

I shook my head. "No, I'm just here to watch, not to help, why add me...”

"Great!" Lin Yixin glared angrily at me. With a clang, she pulled out the Snow Shadow Sword and laughed. "Fine, if you don't help, then I will just rely on myself!"


Lin Yixin suddenly accelerated, her beautiful figure flashing into the forest and disappearing in a blink.

As a qualified connoisseur of all things beautiful and a faithful spectator, I followed using my sensitive sight. My Stormy War Boots crushed countless blades of young grass as I made my way toward the mining area.

Falling Geese Mine was a mid-level mine in Floating Ice City. One could gather beginner ores like Copper and Iron. There were also some intermediate ones like Silver, Obsidian and so on. These were all necessary materials for making weapons and armor. As a result, mid-level mines like this were fated to be the targets of competition between major guilds.

Snowy Cathaya was the first guild set up in Floating Ice City, and Mad Dragon was the loudest. Their young master was also the wealthiest, and they had the most people.

Falling Geese Mine was just a nucleus of the fight between the two guilds. In the future, there would be more fights in other similar regions. Eventually, this virtual world would be embroiled in war.


The mine pit appeared in the forest. The entrance was deep and guarded by several Level 70 Werewolves. This map appeared to have not been explored. Honestly speaking, Level 70 monsters like this had really high Attack. Ordinary players wouldn’t dare engage them, so the place was largely untouched.

In a clearing of the forest, two groups of people were facing off.

Clear Perfume held her longbow, and was dressed in elegant leather armor. The mark of Snowy Cathaya floated on her shoulders. It was a beautiful mark in the shape of a green leaf.

Behind Clear Perfume were nine Snowy Cathaya players that were all about Level 50 or so. It looked like they had come there to explore and encountered Mad Dragon.

Mad Dragon's side was full of people, Roaming Dragon among them. Also, Inconstant and Iron Pardon were both present. That strong archer, Coldmoon Rose, was curled up beside Roaming Dragon. There were more than a dozen players around Level 50. At the present stage, they could all be considered high-end players.

After a cursory glance, I was worried for Snowy Cathaya. The two side's strengths were not on the same level. Although Lin Yixin, a third-promotion player, was here to help, Snowy Cathaya had less people. The other side had people like Inconstant and Iron Pardon. With their numbers, they could crush the other side.

Roaming Dragon took a step forward, holding a shining spear. He said loudly, "Mad Dragon does not want to fight Snowy Cathaya. We’ve reserved Falling Geese Mine a month ago. I hope you can understand it and leave the mine to us!"

Clear Perfume’s expression remained unchanged as she responded coolly, “A month ago, Heavenblessed wasn’t even out yet...”

At this time, a warrior called Mad Dragon Dominator shouted, "Boss, do not waste your words. Didn't Snowy Cathaya just get established? So what? Mad Dragon doesn’t need to fear them. Snowy Cathaya is just a paper tiger!"

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