Chapter 1164: Thank You Dear

There was a purple flash, and the Purple Ying Sword pierced Vienna’s Sorrow’s chest. When Purple Frost Concentration took effect, Black Wing Protection instantly shattered into a million pieces.


I withdrew my blade just in time to parry a strike. Vienna was very close to dying at this point, and he looked astonished at the rate he was losing HP.

Desperate, he abruptly raised his arms and let out a growl. As black light surrounded both limbs, his muscles suddenly swelled up unnaturally!


Combat Log: Player "Vienna’s Sorrow" has used the skill "Iron Arm Reinforcement", increasing his Strength by 70% for 7 seconds!


"Shit!" I shuddered.

Unfortunately, I reacted too late. Vienna’s Sorrow made his black dragon ascend a little, brought his weapon down on my shoulder and executed his eighth promotion skill, Ultimate Strength Break!


It felt like a mountain in the shape of a sword was cleaving through my body. My Strength was no match for Vienna’s after he had enhanced the stat by 70%, so both me and my dragon were sent falling toward the ground. The damage number rising above my head was terrifying to say the least—



It was even a critical hit. A rough estimate revealed to me that Vienna’s Sorrow currently had 5000+ Strength over me, and even discounting the 70% increase it was still over 10k+ Strength. While his actual Strength was lower than mine, Iron Arm Reinforcement more than made up for it in a short time. Not only that, it was the perfect complement to Ultimate Strength Break![1]

I wasn’t finished though. While falling, I locked onto Vienna’s Sorrow and threw my weapon as hard as I could. The Purple Ying Sword turned into a cyclone and flew straight toward the Berserker!

Vienna’s Sorrow immediately shouted when he saw this, "Shit!"


Coiling Dragon Revolution almost punched through Blackwing’s stomach completely and dealt a heavy blow to Vienna’s Sorrow. The skill should’ve deleted him where he flew, but he leaped into the air in the nick of time—meaning that he dismounted from Blackwing and let it suffer the full brunt of the skill to its tenacity—avoided the death blow and landed back on his dragon’s back. Since Blackwing only had 4% mount tenacity left, he shouted, "Just you wait! We will meet again!"



A deep pit appeared where the Ancient Divine Dragon had crashed. Vienna’s Sorrow Ultimate Strength Break had that much force behind it. That being said, I now had a better grasp of his new skills. Next time, he wouldn’t be able to get away this easily.

I had to hide my shock when I checked my HP and noted that less than 30% was left, however. Just as I had the chance to kill Vienna, Vienna too had a chance to kill me. This was one of the most dangerous duels I had fought up until this point.

Around me, a group of Hegemon Palace players scattered to open up a way for Little Piglet. He walked up to me and asked smilingly, "How does Vienna’s skill feel, Lu Chen?"

I smiled. "You know best out of everyone here…"

Little Piglet: "..."

I gave the Ancient Divine Dragon’s red whiskers a pull, and it soared to the sky again before landing in front of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls’ formation. God’s Domain’s Red Maple, Cyan Frost and more were having a great time murdering chaps when they saw me flying in their direction and retreated immediately. They knew that their levels were still lacking, and the chance that they could fight the Level 216 me head-on was exactly zero. Of course, if they had a black dragon mount and a set of super-tier equipment like Vienna’s Sorrow, then level disadvantage or not, they would fight me to the death.


Nothing worth mentioning happened after that. The war dragged until the final hour, but from the looks of it, things were going to end soon enough. Heaps and heaps of bodies adorned the ground all because of one territory, one that Candle Dragon more or less had under control thanks to the cooperation of Pop Culture, Warsky Alliance, Purple Lily and more. Candlelight Shadow fought his way into the territory as soon as he was able, and was currently focused on clearing out the remaining Throne of the Wild players.

"It looks like it’s our victory this time…"

He Yi shot me a smile. "The Northern Alliance, Cyan Earth City and Elephant City really haven’t sent too many men over. They might have crushed us had they been a bit more prepared…"

I nodded. "Yeah. This whole thing feels like a feint for some reason…"

"Well, whatever. The important thing is that we have control of the territory now."



The war entered its final stage, and God’s Domain, Cyan Beast, Hero Alliance and more had all withdrawn away, leaving Tear Stain and only several tens of thousands Throne of the Wild players to fend for themselves. Now, all that was left to do was to seize the Territory Token from Tear Stain’s hands.

I withdrew the Ancient Divine Dragon and led He Yi, Gui Guzi, Li Chengfeng and the others into the territory on foot. We didn’t interfere because this was Candlelight Shadow’s battle, not ours. Even Lin Yixin, Stranger of Three Lifetimes, Luo River God of the Capital, Warsky and more had walked in as well.

We stood at the plaza and watched as Candlelight Shadow continued pursuing Tear Stain and her remaining troops.


A while later, I checked the time and noted that there were less than ten minutes left on the clock. So I shouted from afar, "Kill Tear Stain already, Candlelight Shadow! It’ll be a complete waste of everyone’s time if you don’t seize the Territory Token now!"

Candlelight Shadow said in a low tone, "I know. You don’t need to remind me!"

It was at this moment a group of players appeared from behind. It was none other than the alliance leader of Dragons Run Wild and one of Tang Long’s in-game representatives, Amber Pupil.

Lu Chen!"

Amber Pupil glared at me with jealousy and hatred. "Who gave you the right to enter this territory? You’re an unaffiliated player, you have no right to participate in this war at all. Also, Purple Lily, Blazing Hot Lips, Snowy Cathaya, why are you colluding with Lu Chen even though you know he’s a traitor?"

Warsky unsheathed his sword threateningly, "Bullshit! Nobody except you actually thinks that Lu Chen’s a traitor, not to mention that you yourself would be wandering at an abandoned city right now if it wasn’t for him, hmph!"

Farewell Song, Song of Ice and Fire and more unsheathed their weapons as well. They looked like they were planning to teach Dragons Run Wild a lesson.

Amber Pupil grinned and planted his sword on the ground. "You want to fight? Let’s fight! My Dragons Run Wild is 300+ subguilds or almost 5 million players strong. Today, I’ve only brought less than 2 million with me. I’m sure you’ll be able to kill all of us, but I promise you that a most shameful civil war will break out after today. If you want Tear Stain or the other Koreans to look down on us, then do it! I dare you!"

Warsky gritted his teeth. "Motherfucker!"


I neither criticized Amber Pupil nor even looked at him. I continued shouting at Candlelight Shadow, "There’s only 6 minutes left until the end of the territory war, man! How much longer are you going to play around? Or are you hinting for me to act on your behalf?"

Tear Stain was strong, but I was fairly confident that I could kill her in just 5 minutes.

Candlelight Shadow faced toward me and said, "I told you I don’t need you to remind me! Again, this is Tear Stain and my battle, and I don’t want anyone to interrupt us! I will show her that our pride is inviolable, and that I will not give her control over a deadly territory like this myself!"

"Good. Now less talking, more killing…"

Candlelight Shadow: "..."


"Transient Smoke and Clouds, Blue Sky Scar, God’s Dance, Tempest Shadow, follow me to seize the Territory Token together! We can’t dilly-dally any longer!"

Candlelight Shadow summoned his four gods and chased after Tear Stain immediately. No one was able to stop their advance.

At a corner of a city rubble, Tear Stain was riding back and forth and killing her enemies again and again. Her shoulder was covered in blood, and her blade looked like it was about to fold upon itself. After nearly 10 hours of fighting, everyone had bore witness to the strength of the Korea server’s number one player.


Tempest Shadow Charged, but the smirking Tear Stain simply took two steps backward and slashed at the fighter, causing him to spin on his feet like a top. Then, she fired a ranged skill and interrupted Blue Sky Scar’s attack midway. Her prediction ability was truly stunning.


However, Touch of the Dragonkiss erupted beneath her feet and dealt over 100k damage, and Transient Smoke and Clouds’ Skypiercers and Spiraling Arrow Blades chased after her like her shadow. As her priests were falling one by one, it was only a matter of time before Tear Stain lost all of her healers.

Rustle rustle...

The sound of moving bricks entered our ears. It was Candlelight Shadow abandoning his mount and walking toward Tear Stain in silence. He unsheathed his weapon and used Barrier Break!



Tear Stain shuddered like a leaf, spun toward her former lover and tried to retaliate. However, Candlelight Shadow easily parried it before slamming his shoulder into her solar plexus. Tear Stain slammed into the wall behind her!


The man’s blade pierced the wall millimeters away from Tear Stain’s neck. All he needed to do was to twist his blade in any direction, and he would be able to kill the low-health Tear Stain instantly.


"You shouldn’t have come here!" he said quietly.

However, Tear Stain watched Candlelight Shadow with longing in her eyes. "You left me for Candle Dragon, you cruel man. Do you know how long I’ve been looking for you?"

Candlelight Shadow’s eyes turned colder. "Don’t talk to me about that. Surrender the Territory Token to me now, and we can talk later. Otherwise…"

"Otherwise, what?" Tear Stain shot him a painful smile. "Are all men as cruel as you are?"

Candlelight Shadow gritted his teeth. "Don’t make me do this, Yoon Pae Meng!"

"I refuse! What are you going to do about it?!" Tear Stain yelled back after her real name was revealed.

For a long time, Candlelight Shadow shivered from head to toe and couldn’t act for a very long time.


"God damn, Candlelight Shadow 100% slept with Tear Stain before…" Gui Guzi commented.

I licked my lips. "Bruh, even a blind man can see that…"

I then raised my voice and shouted, "Fang Zhuo, 30 seconds left on the clock! Do it!"


Candlelight Shadow’s hand shivered, but he ultimately moved to slash Tear Stain across the neck.

However, to everyone’s shock and disbelief, Tear Stain suddenly smiled and nullified the attack with an aura of golden light. It was an invincibility skill!


Candlelight Shadow saw in his combat log that the invincibility skill wouldn’t end until 25 seconds later. It was all over!

Tear Stain stood on her toes, kissed Candlelight Shadow lightly on his cheek before saying smilingly, "Thank you, dear…"

His face turned as gray as death there and then.


Stranger of Three Lifetimes shivered from head to toe. "My god, this woman is positively terrifying. Candlelight Shadow is so fucking dead…"

1. (Author’s Note: Er, this is a correction to the damage done to Little Piglet when he took an Ultimate Strength Break from Vienna’s Sorrow. I can’t edit the chapter after it’s been posted, so sorry. All you need to know is that Lu Chen’s Strength is way higher than Little Piglet’s…)

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