Chapter 1155: You Don’t Kill Messengers

I nearly laughed out loud when my first very payout was four chunks of 91 Quality Obsidian Metal. This officially confirmed that our dream of mass-producing the Brave General Horseshoe wasn’t a dream anymore.

Pa pa pa!

I kept hitting and growing the pile of Obsidian Metals in my bag. My bagspace was big enough that I didn’t have to worry about going overboard, and Obsidian Metal of identical quality could be stacked together.

Gui Guzi, Hickey and the others also dismounted, found a spot for themselves and began their mining. For a time, the entire map was ringing with the sound of metal striking against ores and the occasional chatter. It was almost as if we were holding a hero’s mining party at this place.


Half an hour later, I had gathered over 500 chunks of high-quality Obsidian Metal. I hummed a happy tune while mentally calculating the average amount of Obsidian Metal my people had gathered during this time. Also, Hickey had dispatched a couple of people to purchase Crystal en masse. It wouldn’t be long before we could start forging the Brave General Horseshoes.

It was at this moment Gui Guzi suddenly looked up with a deep frown on his face. "Fuck!"

"What’s wrong?" I asked.

"Something’s going on at White Rose Fortress…"

"What is it?"

"Purple Maple Forest is one of one of the main guilds of Dragons Run Wild. Their guild leader, ‘Lunatic’ just exited White Rose Fortress with almost 50k cavalry and tens of thousands of backliners. They claim that they’re patrolling the borders of Purple Grape City, but in reality they’re heading straight toward us. I suspect…"

He clenched his fists as his voice grew more severe, "... that those fuckers from Dragons Run Wild are planning to fuck with us again. That idiot Lunatic is almost certainly going to stop us from mining Obsidian Metal! Purple Maple Forest isn’t a weak guild, so we have to be ready before they arrive!"

I nodded. "Heaven’s Rain, you can stop mining now. Take 2000 Dragonlight Cavalrymen with you, guard the cave entrance, and forbid all strangers from coming inside. If anything big happens, feel free to contact us immediately."


Heaven’s Rain rushed out and summoned her Dragonscale Beast. She left after mustering her party members.


Less than ten minutes later, the sounds of battle suddenly came from outside. Gui Guzi’s face turned frigid, "Holy shit, shameless fuckers really did attack us! Just how shameless can they get!?"

I immediately switched out the Purple Ying Sword and ordered, "We’ll leave 10000 people to continue the mining. The rest of you, follow me to meet the enemy!"


We rushed out of the cave and summoned our mounts. After summoning the Phantom Wolf King and my apparition, I formed a party with 2000 Zephyr Cavalrymen and charged straight toward the forest.

I could already see Heaven’s Rain 2000 Dragonlight Cavalrymen engaging the enemy!

Chiang chiang chiang!

Heaven’s Rain charged and hacked away at the enemy’s shield, but several thousand Dragonlight Cavalry weren’t enough to break open the enemy’s shield formation. They managed to breach the first defense line, but there was still the second and the third defense line. Moreover, Purple Maple Forest’s mages and priests had arrived just in time to heal their frontliners and drop their Galaxy Storms on our Dragonlight Cavalrymen. Already, Heaven’s Rain was forced to use War God Recovery to keep herself healthy, much less the rest of her party.


The grassy clearing was completely covered in players. Purple Maple Forest’s mixed cavalrymen were keeping a tight shield formation to keep Heaven’s Rain party from breaking through their ranks. A high-level magic knight with a blade scar on his face and wielding a spear laughed savagely. "Raise shields! Archers, drag the enemy down their horses with Shock Arrows and Mountain Stagger Arrows! Don’t leave even a single one of these trash Iron Skull Wilderness players alive in our territory!"

I was furious. They didn’t even bother to hide the fact that they were attacking me. Well, bad news for them, I had more than enough players and Famous Generals to deal with them too. Swinging my weapon, I shouted an order to Gui Guzi, "Charge the left side of their shield formation, Little Gui! The rest of you, follow me to the right! All Viking Cavalrymen, activate Berserk now!"

The Viking Cavalry immediately shouted their battle cries and transformed themselves into red warriors with extreme destructive power. They charged straight toward the enemy with me as the point.

I fired Burning Blade Slash straight at the enemy’s shield formation and easily shredded them to pieces. Purple Maple Forest was a second-rate guild at best, so they never had a chance to stop me. After I slipped into their ranks, I immediately made my Ancient Divine Dragon cast Summon the Storm!

I alone was almost enough to shred their defense line completely. After Warscar, Hickey and the other Berserking Vikings arrived as well, it was like the shield formation had never existed.


Furious, Lunatic pointed his spear at me and shouted, "Lu Chen is over there! Focus-fire and stun him with Shock Arrows! If he dies, Ancient Sword will lose all their fighting spirit!"

A sky full of arrows and Galaxy Storms immediately flew my way. Clearly they weren’t going to make this easy for me. If I hadn’t cleared the S3 instance earlier, I would have had to treat even the focus fire of a second-rate guild seriously. But now?


I smiled and used my new skill, Battle Astral Wind!

Swhoosh swhoosh!

An invisible shield appeared around me and caused all the arrows and magical spells to bounce off. Moreover, they dealt far less durability damage than Lin Yixin’s Ice Flame Slash, deleting only 7% durability in total. This Battle Astral Wind was the perfect bully skill, it existed so that I could bully the fuck out of players who were far weaker than me!

Laughing, I cut deeper into the enemy’s formation and unleashed my Thousand Ice Slash, Burning Blade Slash, Rise of the Guardian Dragon and more, terrorizing the shit out of Purple Maple Forest’s players.

Behind me, the Berserking Zephyr Cavalry and Hickey were doing pretty well themselves. Hickey said while cutting down a couple of enemies, "Hmph, I heard that boss is very loved in the China server, but these people would go so far as to venture beyond their borders just to attack him. Sigh, there is nothing a person of noble character fears more than a vile person…"

Warscar grinned murderously. "It’s fine. We just need to kill them all…"


"Their party is less than 80k strong. What do you want to do, Boss Broken Halberd?" Gui Guzi suddenly sent me a message.

I replied swiftly, "Mobilize the 30000 Zephyr Cavalrymen under Xu Yang’s command to hit them from behind and stop them from escaping. These idiots think they can provoke us? We’ll kill them all and get our Godkiller friends some new equipment!"

Gui Guzi laughed heartily. "That is exactly what I was hoping to hear!"

A short while later, a new troop of Zephyr Cavalry appeared from behind Purple Maple Forest and utterly crushed their already crumbling formation. These players had never fought a great battle before, so they started tethering on the brink of annihilation almost all too quickly. The 30000 Zephyr Cavalry used to be the Cyan Tiger Cavalry, and they had all gone through a hundred small or big battles at least. This fight was nothing to them.

Less than twenty minutes later, Purple Maple Forest officially began to flee earnestly!

Lunatic shouted furiously, "Keep calm! Rearguard, you are now the vanguard! The rest of Dragons Run Wild are there, so we’ll be safe once we withdraw to White Rose Fortress! Fuck, I can’t believe these Ancient Sword motherfuckers would collude with our foreign enemies!"



Suddenly, a couple of divine arms dropped around Lunatic and immobilized him in place. At the same time, I rushed toward him and pointed my sword straight at his nose. "What the fuck did you just say? Care to repeat yourself?"

Surrounded by a bunch of shivering Purple Maple Forest players, a red-faced Lunatic forced himself to say, "Godkiller is a guild of the unaffiliated players from Iron Skull Wilderness, and they are all wild beasts that cannot be tamed! However, Ancient Sword is literally protecting them against players of their own country in Ice River Canton Ruins right now! If this isn’t a collusion, what is?"

Hickey, Warscar and the surrounding Godkiller players shivered. They didn’t know how to refute him.

I gritted my teeth even harder before shouting, "Bullshit! After Godkiller had entered Purple Grape City, they fought against forces from Elephant City, Cyan Earth City, Purple Grape City and Burning City. However, not once had they fought against anyone from the China server until you showed up! Even a fucking retard could see that they’re our goddamned allies, and somehow you fared worse than a retard!

Also, who the fuck do you think you are? You seriously think you can represent the will of the China server? I’ve never seen Purple Maple Forest in any Nation War, and you dare wave your authority in front of me? Who was the one who conquered Purple Grape City? Who was the one who retook the White Rose Fortress your trash alliance is guarding right now? After you die, tell Amber Pupil that Lu Chen and Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls will not hesitate to wipe Dragons Run Wild off the surface of Heavenblessed if he continues this farce! And don’t think I wouldn’t dare to do it. Thanks to your motherfucking Tang Long, I’m an unaffiliated player right now! I can do whatever the hell I want!"

For a time, Lunatic was too flabbergasted to say anything. Then, he retorted furiously, "You cannot kill me if you want me to bring your message back to Amber Pupil! You don’t kill the messenger in war!"


I stabbed him right through his chest before replying, "Messenger? You’re no messenger. You’re just one of Amber Pupil’s many dogs!"


After I took out Lunatic, I raised my sword and ordered loudly, "Seal off all the escape routes! Purple Maple Forest thinks they think they can screw with us? Dragons Run Wild thinks us weak because we left them alone? Very well then! Tell them with your weapons that the price of their transgression is death! Camp their corpses and make them drag themselves back to White Rose Fortress inch by inch! Show Dragons Run Wild the price of making an enemy out of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls!"

The Dragonlight and Zephyr Cavalrymen attacked mercilessly. Although Purple Maple Forest outnumbered us, no one doubted that they were in a complete disadvantage right now. The chances of them beating us was a big fat zero.

The video had already been uploaded. I bet Amber Pupil was watching this and gritting his teeth in hate right now.

Half an hour later, all 80000 players of Purple Maple Forest died just as I promised they would. Some of us camped the corpses and swept the battlefield for loot, while the rest returned to the caves to continue mining Obsidian Metal. Our main objective was mining the ores after all.

Gui Guzi walked up to me with a chuckle. "Interesting!"

"What is it?"

"Apparently, Amber Pupil had wanted to come to Purple Maple Forest’s rescue with the main bulk of Dragons Run Wild, but Snowy Cathaya’s Purple Marquis immediately blocked the entrance with tens of thousands of Purple Dragon Cavalrymen and threatened an all-out battle if they took even a step out of the gate…"

I smiled. "Goddamn. It has to be Yiyi’s doing."

Gui Guzi nodded. "Beauty Wind Fantasy is a monster in every sense of the word…"

Me: "..."


When it was noon, and we had gathered a sufficient number of Obsidian Metal, a group of players including myself returned to the territory. We would turn in the materials to Mona and have her forge our very first batch of Brave General Horseshoes.

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