Chapter 1149: Powerful Set

While running back to our bodies, I said after a moment of thinking, "I think I have a plan to deal with this Psychic, but it’s going to be pretty brutal…"

"Speak!" Both Lin Yixin and He Yi turned toward me at the same time.

I explained, "Sis will focus on healing me while I use Summon the Storm and Rise of the Guardian Dragon to break the Great Earth Hydralisks from their stealth state and aggro them toward me. After they’re all clumped up around me, you will all unleash your greatest combos in 1 second before Beiming Xue casts Well of the Abyss on me. During this time, Eve and Yiyi will keep the boss busy. After Well of the Abyss is over, we will all repeat the same process until all the Great Earth Hydralisks are dead. We will have to time Well of the Abyss cooldown well of course.

"If all goes well, we’ll be able to kill all 12 Great Earth Hydralisks and the cost 3 or 4 Wells of the Abyss and a level or two from me. So? What do you all think? It’s a good plan, right?"

Murong Mingyue replied, "You’re right. It is an extremely brutal strategy…"

Lin Yixin stared at me with a weeping expression. "But I don’t want you to get hurt…"

He Yi couldn’t stop herself from blurting, "What the fuck…"

I said, "Really? Then you can aggro the Great Earth Hydralisks then. You have over 900k HP anyway, so—"

"No way! How could you send me to my death!" Lin Yixin waved her Mow Fireblade threateningly at me.

"Then why did you… Whatever, I’ll do it…" I surrendered.


After we returned to the second map of the instance, we saw from a distance that Cayman the Psychic had returned to 77% HP, and the 12 Great Earth Hydralisks were still underground. There’s no helping it then. Attack!

After I had reapplied my buffs and reactivated Resurrection Art, I spurred the Ancient Divine Dragon forward and activated Dark Pupils, rendering the Great Earth Hydralisks’ invisibility useless against me. Then, I activated Summon the Storm and damaged all 12 mobs at once. I was hoping that the one skill would be enough to force the evil monsters out of their holes, but unfortunately, it seemed that I would have to use Rise of the Guardian Dragon after all. I pressed my left palm against the ground!


1000 gold flew away from my wallet, and up came Rise of the Guardian Dragon!

"Roar roar roar…"

Countless gigantic dragons burst out of the ground while roaring, shredding the ground and the Great Earth Hydralisks hiding beneath it as well. Finally, the accumulating damage exceeded a certain threshold, and all 12 monsters broke out of their stealth state. They then rushed toward me and hit my shield repeatedly with their scythes.

After moving in a way so that the Great Earth Hydralisks were all clumped up in one place, I shouted, "Now!"

As my HP dropped like a rock, I executed Burning Blade Slash + War Crush. I also executed Myriad Swords Obliteration + Ancient Seal combo—neither skill counted toward the skill combo limit—and flooded the Great Earth Hydralisks in a tide of destructive energy.

Lin Yixin and He Yi did as they were told and blasted the monsters with their Divine General Skills. Even the Ice Dragon Kris was spitting flames from above. Right before I was about to die, I shouted, "Beiming!"

Beiming Xue immediately canceled her Skypiercer midway and dropped Well of the Abyss, catching me and the 12 Great Earth Basilisks together. I only had 100k+ HP left, so losing 50% of my HP was nothing to me. The Great Earth Basilisks couldn’t claim the same, however. Obviously, they wouldn’t lose as much as 50% of their HP, but it was still a sizable chunk of HP.


During these 12 seconds, we left the task of sponging the Psychic’s aggro and spells to Lin Yixin’s ice dragon. The poor thing was blasted left and right like a ragged doll even with Murong Mingyue healing it non-stop.

"Mingyue, get ready!" He Yi warned as Well of the Abyss almost came to an end.


The second I and the Great Earth Basilisks were released from their metaphorical cage, Murong Mingyue waved her scepter and hit me with Greater Heal + Instant Heal + Heal combo. The result was pleasing to say the least—





Wonderful! Greater Heal had a long channeling time of 3 seconds, but it was a crit and made it all worth it!

After I used Tenacity of the Dead, and my HP blew past the 50% mark, I repeated the same War Crush + Burning Blade Slash combo but used Myriad Swords Obliteration and other skills that didn’t count as combo skills. The resulting devastation aggravated the Great Earth Hydralisks even more than they already were and caused them to pounce on me like crazy.

Thud thud...

In the end, I wasn’t able to prevent myself from dying and had to revive using the Resurrection Art. The Attack boost jumped from 10% to 20%, but my experience also dropped to just Level 214, 4%. That being said, I could earn it all back as long as I scored the last hit on the boss.


And so, I paid experience and levels again and again to drop the 12 Great Earth Basilisks to low health. However, their HP was far greater than I imagined, and it took nine freaking Wells of the Abyss to finally delete most of their HP. I died another 3 times during this time, but thankfully, 2 of these deaths triggered Immortality, so discounting the party wipe from earlier, I had only dropped 1 level in total.

"It’s time to end this, you shameless worms…"

I laughed as I placed my index finger and middle finger in front of my forehead and cast Myriad Swords Obliteration. The rain of swords skewered the disgusting bastards, killing 9 of them at the same time and leveling me straight back to Level 215. The other three Great Earth Basilisks were killed by He Yi, Lin Yixin and Beiming Xue, and they were able to earn back their lost experience as well.

The floor was littered with equipment, but no one paid attention to them because the boss was still alive. I immediately fired God Binding Art at the Psychic and successfully bound him this time. Considering how ridiculously powerful the summoning spell was, I had good reason to believe that he wouldn’t be able to use it again in a short time. In other words, this was our chance to beat the flying crap out of him and end it once and for all!

I force-canceled the Psychic’s Flame Blast with Magic Piercing Punch and treated him to the bone-tingling acid that was Purple Frost Concentration again. Lin Yixin also landed her Extreme Break at a suitable time and enabled us to chip away at his HP massively. Surprisingly, the saddest fuck on this battlefield wasn’t me, but our melee pets such as the Phantom Wolf King and Ironwing Dragon. Again and again we summoned them on cooldown, and again and again, they were wiped out by a casual Galaxy Storm after scoring just a couple of hits. At least the cyan snake sitting on He Yi’s shoulder was leveling quickly. It was almost Level 100 now.


Even after we murdered the Great Earth Hydralisks, the battle still continued for another 30 minutes. Considering that we were some of the greatest experts in the entire world, it was an amazing feat to say the least. This Psychic was undoubtedly an OP summoner and a hyper-tank in his own right.

"Sister He Yi, let Lu Chen score the last hit!" Lin Yixin caught He Yi’s arm and pulled her to the back.

While they were pulling away to safety, I luckily triggered the 7-second stun of my necklace again and the septuple damage of the Purple Ying Sword. Since I had slapped Pardon on the boss beforehand, my basic attack did over 1 million damage and deleted the final sliver of his HP.

"Ah! Maybe I was wrong, youngsters. You are all very powerful. May you survive the president’s blade…"

The great mage gave us his final blessings as he slowly dropped to his knees.


A wave of exhaustion washed over me. This boss was way too tiring to kill.

I sat on the rock smithereens next to the boss's body and stabbed my sword to the ground. Gritting my teeth, I said, "If this is how strong the second boss is, I don’t even want to think about the Sword Saint that is our third and final boss… it may take us three party wipes at least to beat it…"

He Yi smiled. "As long as we beat the instance, then it’s still okay. Let’s check out the loot, shall we?"


I flipped the boss around to gather the loot, and just as I thought, he dropped fiery war boots and fiery legguards. They were both S3 set pieces and exactly the parts He Yi was lacking. My 78 Luck was just too good.

I passed them all to He Yi and said smilingly, "Four down, one more to go! Put them on, Eve!"


Besides that, the boss also dropped two S3 leather-armor wristguards and boots. I gave them all to Beiming Xue. Assuming that we were lucky, we might even be able to gather a full S3 sets of both leather and metal armors. That would truly be the perfect ending to this instance run. The fifth and final equipment drop was a pair of S3 mage wristguards which we gave Murong Mingyue. It didn’t really suit her class, but it was better than nothing...


It took He Yi only a couple of seconds to put on her equipment. She was only lacking the S3 chest armor now. Speaking of chest armor, the one she was currently wearing outlined her amazing breasts well and made them look like they were about to spill out of their trappings. The patterns running along her thin waist, the cloak flapping behind her back and more all came together to give her the look of a war goddess of fire. She would only look even more beautiful and heroic once we gathered the full S3 set.

"Can you show us the S3 set effects, Sister Eve?" Lin Yixin asked while wrapping an arm across the guild leader’s shoulders affectionately.


He Yi waved her hand once, and a hologram appeared before all of us—


Martial God Metal Armor Set Attributes:


1 piece: None

2 pieces: Increases user’s Attack by 70% (Active)

3 pieces: Increases user’s physical attack power by 50%, and attack speed by 40% (Active)

4 pieces: Increases user’s Defense by 125%, and max HP by 110000 (Active)

5 pieces: Martial God Transformation. Transform into the Martial God for 120 seconds. Increases user’s Attack by 120%, grants 45% armor penetration, all attacks gain 75% splash effect, and grants 35% chance to dodge all physical attacks (Not Active)


Everyone’s eyes were red with envy. As expected of the S3 set, its complete effects weren’t too far behind even my current equipment.

"Your max HP is now over 1 million now, right Eve?" I asked.

"Yep!" She nodded smilingly. "With Royal Road and the Fire War God Card, that’s 1.18 million HP to be exact."

Lin Yixin giggled. "Our chances of killing the third boss just grew a lot higher!"

"Yeah, let’s go let’s go! It’s time to impregnate that bitch…" I said excitedly while pointing at the final area of War God Academy, the Sword Saint Academy.


All the girls turned to stare at me. "What’s with this sudden burst of excitement?"

Murong Mingyue even said, "Impregnate? You sure you have the courage to impregnate anything?"

I grinned widely. "That depends on the person, obviously…"

Murong Mingyue instinctively looked at Lin Yixin and He Yi, and both girls shot her a murderous glare. "What are you looking at, huh!?"

The priest shuddered. "Nothing. Let’s go kill the final boss already!"


The sun was setting in the sky. Finally, the last leg of our S3 journey had begun.

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