Chapter 1134: Crossing A Lake


Flowing Cloud rode her horse to the forefront of her formation and unsheathed her sword in one fluid motion. Then, she raised it into the air and cried, "Attack!"

Waves undulated across the lake as the thunderous hooves started. The final battle had finally begun.

The 120k Cheetah Cavalrymen took off and charged toward the enemy at high speed. In terms of the ability to break through defense lines, the Cheetah Cavalry was definitely much stronger than the White Horse Cavalry.

Cyan Beast retaliated with a hail of Shock Arrows and Mountain Stagger Arrows.

Pu pu pu…

The rain of arrows easily mowed down groups and groups of Cheetah Cavalry. However, riding at the forefront was Flowing Cloud herself, and after she slammed mount first into the forest of spears, she swung her weapon horizontally and executed her Divine General Skill. Her bravery bought her riders some much needed cover.


Eyes reddened with bloodlust and fury, the Cheetah Cavalry ignored their dying teammates and moved even faster.

On the other side, Breeze and Rain unsheathed his weapon and barked command after command, "Throw your Trapping Nets at will and lock the enemy down! Don’t let them come close to us!"

The Cheetah Cavalrymen at the front were immediately caught in the inescapable rain of Trapping Nets and immobilized. The outcome was gruesome. The players at the back had to trample over their allies just to get closer to Cyan Beast’s defense line, but no one stopped because they knew that this battle was all or nothing.


The Cheetah Cavalry had to pay a terrible price, but the two armies finally engaged each other in melee. Their misery had just begun, however. Commanding his troops with unusual seriousness, Breeze and Rain conducted a deep operation and was able to mow down the Cheetah Cavalry like grass using his archers and mages. The casualty ratio on both sides was not even close to being even.

Dark Clouds Sorrow cried angrily, "I’m going to lose everyone in just an hour if this continues, Flowing Cloud!"

"Patience. Any time now," Flowing Cloud replied enigmatically.

Suddenly, the sounds of bird cries drew their attention. It was none other than Natural Flow’s secret weapon, the Owl Riders. I counted 20000 of them, and they were swooping down toward Cyan Beast’s backline almost like they were going to dive bomb the enemy.

If only that was the case. I clenched my fists tighter as I watched them.

"Is she?!" Lin Yixin’s mouth fell open. "Are they going to paradrop right on top of the enemy!?"

I nodded affirmatively. "It’s the only answer. Paradropping troops right into the enemy’s backline? What a bold and expert tactic from Flowing Cloud!"

A smiling Hickey said seriously, "It is, but she would never have done this if she had any other choice…"



After the Owl Riders appeared above the ranged parties, they dismounted and dropped right on top of the archers and mages. It was crazy, suicidal, and most importantly, effective. The mages and archers dropped like flies after the metal-armor players literally descended on top of them. Like tigers released within a pen of sheeps, they killed everything and everyone in their way with zero regard for their own safety.

The even became less one-sided than it was a moment ago. Both sides were sustaining some degree of losses now.

Cyan Earth City had lost most of their Beast King Cavalry and Divine Elephant Cavalry due to their earlier mistakes. As a result, Elephant City’s mad charge was slowly but surely chipping their remaining forces to size. Flowing Cloud’s insane paradrop tactic especially disrupted Breeze and Rain’s deep operation and enabled small groups of Cheetah Cavalry to slip through the gaps and attack the ranged players, kicking off a vicious circle of death. If this continues, Cyan Beast and Nation Guardian would lose for sure.

"What do we do, boss?!" Breeze and Rain looked to God of War for instructions.

God of War’s response was to climb up his mount and unsheath his weapon. "Hold for ten minutes while I mobilize the 50k Blood Roar Cavalrymeninside the city! Natural Flow and Dark Cloud are almost spent. Hold out this wave, and Frost Wind City will be ours!"

Breeze and Rain nodded affirmatively. "Mn!"


Not long later, a stream of red appeared from the direction of Frost Wind City. It was a troop of elite riders riding some sort of blood-red mount. I quickly searched the forums and found the information I was looking for. The Blood Roar Cavalrymen were a new cavalry troop Cyan Beast had just recently developed. It was only 50k strong, but their mount—the Blood Roar Warhorse—was a Level 180 Earth Rank mount. It wasn’t a boss mount, so its stats were about 15% weaker than the Beast King Cavalry’s. That by no means meant they weren’t powerful, however.

"The Blood Roar Cavalrymen are here!"

The guild leader of Records of Awakening, End of Summer, narrowed his eyes. "What do we do, Flowing Cloud? We don’t have many cavalrymen left!"


However, not even Flowing Cloud could find a way out of this this time. She had used almost all of the trump cards she possessed, and they had lost so many White Horse and Cheetah Cavalrymen during the initial charge that there were probably less than 20k of them right now. How could they possibly fight against the fresh and elite 50k Blood Roar Cavalrymen?

In the end, Flowing Cloud gritted her teeth and said, "Forget about the Blood Roar Cavalrymen. Mobilize everyone and attack the enemy with everything you have! For Elephant City’s honor, for the pride of those who had been underestimated by Cyan Earth City, we must pull this off no matter what!"

End of Summer nodded strongly. "Very well! We will fight to the very end!"


As the battle entered its final stages, Lin Yixin asked me, "Should we head over and help them now?"


However, I shook my head and explained, "It will be useless. The enemy has at least 100k elite players left, and frankly, our troops aren’t even worthy to be their prey. We must find a way to ambush them somehow, or this war is basically lost."

"Sure, but how on earth are we going to ambush the enemy when three sides of the territory are surrounded by lake water? It’s such a shame that my Kui Dragon Cavalry isn’t here, or we would be able to cross the river safely…"

Lin Yixin’s complaint gave me an idea, however. I hurriedly ordered, "All units, spread out and search for shallow waters as soon as possible! With luck, we may just be able to cross Moon Lake for real and ambush the enemy!"



The sun was setting. Nighttime was descending upon everyone.

Splash splash...

I was flying the Ancient Divine Dragon near the lake, letting the draft and its legs part some of the water. To help its efforts, I kept throwing my strongest skills down, splashing water all around, trying to catch a glimpse of the bottom. If I did, I would have found the shallow waters..

Suddenly, Warscar shouted in the guild channel, "I found it, guild leader! Come to coordinates (22738, 192877) right now! The water here is shallow enough to cross!"

"Are you sure, Warscar?"

"I am! If you cross about ten meters into the lake from here, you’ll be able to see a smaller map called ‘Flowing Fish Shallow Waters Area’. It's only 1.5 meters deep, which is not deep enough to auto-cancel our mounts! I’m standing in the middle of the lake right now!"

"Very good! Rally all our riders to your location right now! We’ll be launching our ambush in ten minutes! All ranged players, join Natural Flow’s forces now and join in on the main assault! We don’t have much time left, so be quick!"


Ten minutes later, 50000 Godkiller cavalrymen had assembled at the edge of Moon Lake facing toward the smaller map called Flowing Fish Shallow Waters Area. Seeing my arrival, they all unsheathed their weapons at the same time.

I raised the Purple Ying Sword into the air and declared with a smile, "Starting now, you will all turn off your equipment luster, dial down your mount speed to below 50%, and keep absolutely quiet. Once we’ve arrived at the shores, we’ll circle around and hit the enemy’s defense line right in the butt! Let’s take down both Cyan Beast and Nation Guardian in one go!"

Everyone responded, "Yessir!"

"Let’s go!"

I led the way on the Ancient Divine Dragon while Lin Yixin and Beiming Xue followed closely behind me. It wasn’t long before everyone’s armor was half-drenched by water. Nation Guardian and Cyan Beast had no idea that a deadly threat was sneaking up on them, and hopefully, it would be too late by the time they finally realized it.


Less than twenty minutes later, after all 50000 of our cavalry had successfully reached the shores, we slowly crept toward the enemy’s defense line under the cover of pampas grass and pine trees. I brought up the map screen. I could already see the sea of red dots thanks to the superior vision range of Dark Pupils.

Rustle rustle...

I rose out of cover and gazed into the distance. The flashes of skills and battle cries were still occurring at the entrance of Moon Lake, but our allies’ struggles were growing weaker and weaker. Even Flowing Cloud was looking exhausted and losing confidence. Cyan Beast and Nation Guardian were just too strong for the players of Elephant City to defeat without aid!

I made a quick calculation. There was around 5000 yards of distance between us and the enemy, and if we dropped all the pretenses and straight-up charged, we should be able to reach them in 5 minutes tops. The Zephyr Cavalry were equipped with a super-fast mount, and at their fastest, they would be travelling at a speed of 100 km per hour, or 1.66 kilometers per minute. Yes, we would definitely hit the enemy even considering the terrain!


So I unsheathed the Purple Ying Sword and declared, "All units, we will charge at top speed and aim to crush their defense line as soon as possible! Show their mages and archers no mercy! Teach these arrogant Cyan Earth City players that the wandering legion of Iron Skull Wilderness is to be feared!"

Everyone raised their weapons and cried out in unison, "ATTACK!"

Our hooves shook the ground so much that the ripples appeared almost across the whole lake. All 15k Zephyr Cavalrymen activated their Berserk talent and charged at full speed, with me at the point.


We weren’t trying to hide our tracks anymore, so the Cyan Earth City players heard the commotion and looked behind themselves in shock. "What is that? Why are there red names attacking us from Frost Wind City?!"

I activated Thunderous Charge!


My sword left a fatal line on an archer’s neck with lightning speed.

The Zephyr Cavalry waved their weapons and reaped the enemy’s heads like it was the gathering day. We instantly crushed the enemy’s ranged formation and lifted the massive pressure off Natural Flow’s shoulders.

I didn’t save my Divine Energy Points and fired as many Ancient Seals as I was able around me. Lin Yixin did the same with God’s Tear as we ravaged the enemy’s defense line together.

Breeze and Rain’s heart turned as cold as ice when he saw the flashes of our Divine General Skills. "God dammit, it’s Lu Chen again!"

God of War brandished his weapon. "Blood Roar Cavalrymen, with me! We need to take out these wanderers before it’s too late!"


Ten thousand Blood Roar Cavalrymen screamed as they charged us.

My only response toward their countercharge was a smile and an order. "Teach that arrogant Blood Roar Cavalry a lesson they won’t forget!"

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