Chapter 1132: Bunch of Beggars

Tens of thousands of Godkiller cavalrymen rushed down the slope at lightning speed. Even with inferior equipment and levels, 5 kilometers of run-up could turn any cavalryman into a speeding truck that couldn’t be ignored. This was especially true for the 20000 Zephyr Cavalrymen. Their racial trait gave them incredible Strength scaling and the super armor penetration granted by Berserk. There were few players who were more suited than them for charging and breaking the enemy than them, and in this case, they were the absolute best choice.

The Divine Elephant Cavalry and Beast King Cavalry were all-rounder troops with both high Attack and high Defense. They were the perfect grinding stones for the Viking Cavalry.


On the ground, Nation Guardian’s vice leader sensed the tremor and looked up. When he saw the sea of cavalrymen galloping toward him at full speed, he could only shudder from head to toe and exclaim in shock, "What… what is that?!"

A Divine Elephant Cavalryman next to him sucked in a deep breath and answered, "They’re all red names. I think they’re from Iron Skull Wilderness… Yeah, that flag belongs to Godkiller! God dammit, why is Godkiller here? Their charging speed is insane! Are these madmen going to do what I think they will!?"


Breeze and Rain pulled out his blade from a White Horse Cavalryman’s neck before following their gazes. He gritted his teeth and swore, "Fuck me! I can’t believe I forgot about this tactic! Damn you, Lu Chen!"

He turned around, pointed his sword at the mountain peak and shouted, "All riders facing toward the mountain, form a shield wall and hold up your spear against the ground! No matter what you do, you must withstand the first wave no matter what! The beggars of Iron Skull Wilderness only have enough power to pose a threat during the first charge! Fuck them like you’d fuck your girls the second they run out of steam!"

The Beast King Cavalry laughed at the joke as they carried out his orders. They slammed their shields into the ground and held their spears in front of them. Say what you want about the Beast King Cavalry, but their discipline and skill were truly exceptional. They could interpret a simple order and carry it out to the best possible degree.


I gnawed my teeth anxiously as I stared at the swiftly forming shield formation below us. I looked at Lin Yixin and said, "Yiyi, Hickey, Beiming, I don’t care if you use up all your Divine Energy Points, but bombard their shield formation with everything you have and create the best possible conditions for the Zephyr Cavalry! All cavalry, your first strike must be Barrier Break, and you will not stop charging into the enemy lines until your momentum is completely spent! Don’t worry, the brothers and sisters behind you will handle the rest!"

The girls nodded in unison. The Viking Cavalry even raised their weapons in unison and shouted, "THE KING OF VIRGIN!!"

Lin Yixin almost burst out in uncontrollable laughter when she heard this. "Your new title is killing me, Little Cheat!"

Me: "..."

The four Divine Generals were the first ones to reach the enemy’s battle line as a matter of course. The defenders were guarding with all their might, and the only way to break them was to go all out myself. I raised my arm and fired 21 Ancient Seals in a row, hitting nearly everyone I could hit around me. I also made the Ancient Divine Dragon use Summon the Storm and devastated the area in front of me with a seemingly endless amount of ice, wind and lightning blades. The Beast King Cavalrymen who were already low in HP due to the Ancient Seals instantly dropped dead and turned into heaps of corpses.

I made the Ancient Divine Dragon glide over the ground and launched Burning Blade Slash into a dozen or so Beast King Cavalrymen who tried to Barrier Break me. They too shuddered and died before they could execute their skills.

"Trapping Net! Kill him with Trapping Nets! That’s Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand, the devil of Final Duel Valley!"

Most of the Beast King Cavalrymen had heard of my name, but they hadn’t actually seen me before. Well, their dream—or rather nightmare—was finally fulfilled. As I changed my speed and direction repeatedly to dodge the countless Trapping Nets flying my way, I abruptly sank low and pressed my left hand to the ground. 1000 gold disappeared from my pockets with a ding, and dragons burst out of the ground and killed absolutely every enemy around me. Rise of the Guardian Dragon would be a perfect AoE skill if it didn’t cost 1000 gold per cast.

Chiang chiang chiang...

Of course I couldn’t dodge all attacks, and countless blades struck my Heaven-burning Armor and Fire God Helmet. Unfortunately, most of them were able to deal between 100 to 2000 damage only. Their Attack was lacking, and my Defense was insane. Fire God Helmet + Dragon God Shield already gave me incredible survivability, and Fire War God Card practically doubled it, or even more.

Not far away from me, Lin Yixin was ravaging the enemies with God’s Tear, and Hickey, with Great Earth Dragon’s Blade. At the back, Beiming Xue was providing us artillery support with Skypiercers as well. A group of enraged Beast King Cavalrymen tried to rush down our little archer before she could cause more damage, but all they got was Well of the Abyss beneath their feet. Even I couldn’t help but pity them a bit.

Besides the four Divine Generals, Warscar and Bloodthirsty Demon also got one Fire War God Card each from me to be used in this battle. Breeze and Rain wasn’t wrong when he called Godkiller a guild of beggars. Our levels, skills and equipment were far inferior to the opponent’s, so the only way we could make up for it was to exploit every advantage we could.


Bang bang bang...

The two armies clashed against one another, and the outcome was gruesome to say the least. The Zephyr Cavalry looked like they were bathed in blood when their Berserk talent was active. The moment they got close to the enemy, they swung their axes, spears and broadswords at their opponents with all their might. Thanks to the run-up, neither the Beast King Cavalry nor the Divine Elephant Cavalry were able to block it at all. Both man and mount alike were sent flying into the air.

Warscar waved his axe like a helicopter as he cut through the enemy lines. His Earth Shattering Slash dealt massive damage to everyone who was struck by it.

Pu pu pu...

Everything was going as I predicted it would. The super charge had increased our attack power drastically and enabled the 20000 Zephyr Cavalrymen to tear through even the iron defense that was India’s strongest cavalry. At the same time, Hickey ordered the archers and mages on the opposite side of the mountain to emerge from their hiding spots and catch the enemy in a pincer!

Finally, Flowing Cloud abruptly turned around, unsheathed her weapon and ordered calmly, "It is time! All units, turn around and attack the enemy! We will defend our friend and ally, Godkiller!"

The White Horse Cavalry that had been at a disadvantage all this time immediately unsheathed their weapons. Finally, it was time to launch a counterattack!


Not only were Cyan Beast’s forces being attacked from three sides, Bloodthirsty Demon had taken the initiative to circle around to the enemy’s flanks with a group of players and complete the encirclement. The super cavalry charge alone had taken out over 50k unprepared Beast King Cavalry and Divine Elephant Cavalry in total, and that wasn’t counting the damage we Divine Generals and peak experts was doing. No matter how disciplined the Beast King Cavalry and Divine Elephant Cavalry were, they couldn’t help but be shaken by this setback.

"Form battle formations of ten and don’t panic! Focus-fire the enemy one by one with Barrier Break! Just stay calm and hold your ground, and this war will be ours to take! Our enemies are mobs, and you are the strongest riders in the entire India server, so there is nothing to be afraid of! Are you going to lose to a bunch of mobs? No! For Cyan Beast’s honor and pride!"

Breeze and Rain did his utmost to kill as many Zephyr Cavalrymen as possible while steadying his players’ faltering morale. Unfortunately, a commander of the Divine Elephant Cavalry, the vice leader of Nation Guardian, chose this exact moment to drop dead to a certain goddess, effectively making his efforts half as useful as they could’ve been. Lin Yixin put away her fruit knife elegantly before unsheathing her sword again. The beautiful assassin made it seem like killing a commander in the middle of an army of tens of thousands was child’s play.

Breeze and Rain ground his teeth in anger, but there was nothing he could do to turn this situation around. The super charge had uprooted his army’s morale, and he couldn’t defeat either me or Lin Yixin, the one sure way to reinvigorate his people and demoralize ours. In fact, both of us had the ability to one-shot him, so he had no choice but to back away from us while fighting.


The bloody battle lasted for an entire hour. Finally, Cyan Beast and Nation Guardian’s elite riders had been routed completely and became the prey of Godkiller and Natural Flow.

River of blood flowed between the woods, and countless pieces of equipment, Health Potions, Magic Consumables, cards and more littered the ground like trash. No one bothered to pick them up, obviously. At this point, the one all-consuming thought in our minds was to unleash our skills as soon as they were available. We would not stop until all 130k Beast King Cavalry were dead.

In the end, a blood-drenched Breeze and Rain managed to break through the encirclement and escape with a dozen or so Beast King Cavalrymen. He was moving too fast even for me to catch him, but I wasn’t planning to kill him anyway. A war was a team effort, not a solo brawl. Him being alive wouldn’t affect the war situation too much.


Rustle rustle...

I stepped across the body strewn ground toward my companions. The Purple Ying Sword was covered in blood and glowing slightly with draconic energy. After I looked around me for a bit and wiped away the blood on my face, I laughed. "Hah! We actually won…"

Hickey was standing in the middle of the bloodbath with a blood-drenched cloak as well. She joined in on my laughter and said, "Yeah, we won. We won against the Beast King Cavalry and Divine Elephant Cavalry…"

Not far away, Flowing Cloud walked up to me with a sword that looked like it was about to fold on itself due to the sheer amount of usage. "Thank you, Lu Chen. Thank you, friends from Iron Skull Wilderness. Without you, this would’ve been a complete defeat for Elephant City already!"

I shrugged. "Don’t celebrate just yet. Frost Wind City is still under Cyan Beast and Nation Guardian’s control."

She nodded but said in a light tone, "Sure, but they’ve also lost over 300k ace riders, or more than half of their main cavalry so far. The war now favors us no matter how you look at it."

I mentally calculated in my mind. Earlier, Godkiller had killed 50k Divine Elephant Cavalrymen at Frost Maple Woodland. Now, we had killed another 60k of Divine Elephant Cavalry and 70k of Beast King Cavalry, not to mention the ones Natural Flow had killed during the earlier battles. In the end, I concluded that Flowing Cloud’s assessment was correct. Cyan Beast and Nation Guardian had underestimated their enemy too much and lost most of their elite cavalry as a result.

Smiling, Hickey asked for directions, "What do we do now, boss?"

I replied, "We march to Moon Lake and take Frost Wind City…"



Natural Flow scanned the battlefield for a bit before saying, "Natural Flow, we’ll head to Dragon Whisker Mountain now and leave the loot to Godkiller. After all they’ve done for us today, they definitely deserve the reward!"

Again, I couldn’t help but admire Flowing Cloud’s wisdom. Clearly, she noticed the pathetic equipment my band of beggars were wearing and decided to take pity on us...

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