Chapter 1122: Hickey Versus Flowing Cloud


The gigantic dragon abruptly opened its eyes and stared at me with its golden, merciless, rhombus-shaped pupils. A mighty roar later, it bounded toward me—the armor around its neck area making grating noises as it moved—opened its mouth and tried to swallow me whole!

I turned my wrist and pressed my left hand against the flat side of my blade. An instant later, the Purple Ying Sword clashed against Blood Dragon God’s row of sharp teeth.


Sparks flew everywhere as a tremendous force numbed my arms and threw both me and my dragon several steps backward. I knew that the Blood Dragon God had insane Strength stat, but the fact that it knocked me backward still came as a surprise to me. Half of my equipment was Immortal-grade or Divine Armaments, and I was riding a Divine Rank mount too! Just how goddamn powerful was this boss!?

I raised my arm and used God Binding Art!


However, the skill failed to take effect as expected. The Blood Dragon God was 47 levels higher than me and an Ancient Immortal Rank boss. It was almost a Divine Rank boss and not too far behind even the Nine Purgatory Sovereigns.


"Let’s go! Barrier Break!" shouted Warscar as he charged the boss with a dozen or so Zephyr Cavalrymen. They all screamed and activated their Berserk talent.

To my surprise, the Blood Dragon God made a scornful expression before swiping its claws twice at the incoming cavalry. The force behind its attack was so much that three Zephyr Cavalry were sent flying into the air, and blood was jetting out of their orifices! They were dead even before they landed on the ground!

I hurriedly rushed forward and fired a long-range Burning Blade Slash!

Bang bang bang!

The Blood Dragon God lowered its head to block the sword auras. Before it could look up again, I ordered the Ancient Divine Dragon to cast Summon the Storm and caused an icy storm to flood the Dragon God Hall instantly. The skill greatly lowered the boss's movement speed, but only did between 20% to 40% of its normal damage. It wasn’t even enough to overwhelm its health regeneration.

So I turned around and yelled, "Everyone withdraw to the seventh path now! The Blood Dragon God is too strong, and we don’t have the numbers to challenge it head-on…"

Hickey immediately nodded and ordered a swift retreat.

However, a king’s fury must be vent somewhere, and I was the only available target.

I immediately raised my hand and summoned my apparition. Then, I turned around and escaped the battlefield as well.

The apparition had 1.1 million HP thanks to the Fire War God Card, so it should be able to hold off the Blood Dragon God for a short time. Even so, the boss still dealt 300k damage in a single hit. It was terrible...


It was at this moment a burst of activity came from a different pathway. Finally, the Beast King Cavalry led by God of War and Breeze and Rain had arrived. The moment they saw the boss, God of War immediately waved his hand and growled, "Surround the Dragon God Hall and prevent all hostile forces from stepping inside! Beast King Cavalry, charge the boss in echelon formation! Mages, priests, archers, spread out so that the boss can’t hit you with an AoE, and trust me, a boss this powerful will have an AoE skill! Let’s go!"

God of War himself Charged toward the boss before swinging his blade between its neck. The Blood Dragon God’s armor was so tough that metallic sparks flew off the point of impact, and the attack only dealt 10k+ damage. Also, his Attack was weaker than usual because he had been forced to replace his lost main weapon, the Fire God’s Blade, with a Heaven-grade weapon.

The boss swung its claws in retaliation and caused a shower of blood and gore to explode from God of War’s chest. Not only was the warrior knocked to the back, the simple attack had deleted 340k HP and scared the shit out of him. Had the attack critted, God of War would be dead already.

"All frontliners, use HP-buffing cards and advance while Guarding! Drive the Blood Dragon God to a corner so that our ranged units will be safe from its attack! Yeye the Witch, lower its Defense with your Nether Flame Arrow! Bards, make sure you buff our frontliners so they can take even a hit more!"

After Breeze and Rain called out a series of orders from behind, he looked at God of War and smirked at him. "I told you to control yourself. So? Did you enjoy the taste of an Ancient Immortal Rank boss?"

God of War’s mouth twitched as he replied, "You’re as tricky as ever, man. By the way, did you notice that someone had aggroed this boss beforehand? There are even dead bodies on the ground. Hmph! Godkiller must have shown their faces earlier, and judging from the body count, they retreated after deciding that they couldn’t defeat the boss. You’d better watch out for potential interruptions!"


Breeze and Rain declared with a confident smile, "Someone will take care of those bastards!"



Meanwhile, I hid in a corner and watched Cyan Beast’s movements closely.

"Roar roar…"

The Blood Dragon God’s roar rocked the entire Dragon God Hall, and its talons kept killing the tiny ants on the ground. The Zephyr Cavalry couldn’t withstand a hit from the Blood Dragon God, and the same went for the Beast King Cavalry. God of War and Breeze and Rain were the only ones who could survive its attack.

A while later, the Blood Dragon God faced toward the Beast King Cavalry’s square formation and raised its head as if it had had enough of them. For a second, the skin beneath its chin swelled like a balloon, and the next it spat out a fiery breath that annihilated absolutely everything in its path. Still breathing fire, it turned its neck sideways and left behind patches of burning flames on the ground.


Blood-curdling screams filled the air. The Blood Dragon God’s dragon breath was obviously going to be powerful, and it dealt extra damage to metal armor because it was a magic-type attack. As a result, all the Beast King Cavalry who were hit by the attack dropped to zero HP instantly. It was a grim battle to say the least.

However, Cyan Beast had plenty of bodies to spare, and even more Beast King Cavalrymen charged toward the boss and unleashed their skills without fear. It was around this time their number one archer, Yeye the Witch, fired several purple arrows at the Blood Dragon God’s neck and corroded its scales slightly, but soon, she panicked and said to Breeze and Rain, "Oh no! My Nether Flame Arrow can only reduce its Defense by 11%!"

Breeze and Rain’s eyes widened. "I thought the full effect was 25%?"

Yeye the Witch replied in a helpless tone, "The boss's resistance is just too high. What do we do now?"

Breeze and Rain said, "It’s better than nothing. Keep attacking with armor-breaking arrows. The job of killing the boss lies on you, ranged players. Don’t worry, we may lose 10000 Beast King Cavalrymen at the end of this battle, but we won’t let the Blood Dragon God touch a hair on you guys. The dragon’s breath only has a range of 30 yards, so archers should keep around 40 yards away. Mages, just use Touch of the Dragonkiss. Everything else will only tickle the boss!"

Breeze and Rain knew how to adapt to the situation and command his troops accordingly. I had to admit that he was a pretty good battle commander.


I remained in the darkness while caressing the Purple Ying Sword’s smooth patterns. I was wondering if I should stab Cyan Beast in the ass by killing their bards. Without buffs, the archers and mages’ ability to mow down the boss's HP would be greatly reduced.

However, Hickey suddenly shouted from behind me, "Boss! We have trouble! A group of Elephant City players have snuck up behind us, and they’re planning to wipe us out! Warscar is battling them right now!"

"The fuck? Elephant City who??"

"They’re White Horse Cavalry, the ace cavalry of Natural Flow!"


I immediately turned around and rushed to my people’s aid with Hickey. By the time we arrived though, we discovered that the several hundred Zephyr Cavalrymen we had brought with us were almost all dead. I counted tens of thousands of Natural Flow players in total. There were at least 5000 White Horse Cavalrymen at the front and, worse, 2000 Lightning Archers at the back. Clearly, Natural Flow had borrowed them from Flames of War. That was definitely more than enough players to kill us...


Standing at the forefront of the orderly formation was none other than Flowing Cloud herself. She wore a suit of silver armor and wielded an ice sword. She greeted me with a smile on her face, "Long time no see, Lu Chen!"

I gritted my teeth in anger because I spotted a group of dead Zephyr Cavalrymen just three meters in front of Flowing Cloud. Even Warscar had died in battle, his body slumped against the wall. His axe was covered in blood, and his chest was marred by around a dozen of blade wounds. It was horrific to say the least.

"Flowing Cloud." I replied in an indifferent tone. "You came all the way here just to fight us? Are you sure you want to act as Cyan Beast’s tool?"

Flowing Cloud chuckled. "Don’t bother. You can’t drive a wedge between me and the future of the India server. As long as you are occupied, Cyan Beast will be able to kill the boss and claim the Ascension Proof. I will have more than made up for my past mistakes then."

I raised the Purple Ying Sword. "You think you can stall me?"

"I can certainly try!"

Flowing Cloud’s eyes sharpened into steel. "All Lightning Archers, use Far Shot to increase your attack range and delete the Ancient Divine Dragon’s mount tenacity with Shock Arrows and Mountain Stagger Arrows! Lu Chen is just a human, not a god! We can beat him with perfect cooperation! White Horse Cavalry, split up and Charge the enemy in an organized group! Let’s wipe out his surrounding allies first!"

Our original thousand-man party had dwindled to just less than hundred at this point. The boss had already killed some of our players prior to this engagement, and Natural Flow killed way more than that. There weren’t many Godkiller players left in the other passageways either. There were only several ten thousand of us in total, while the Indians easily numbered hundreds of thousands. It was a disadvantage we simply couldn’t make up for.


"Leave this woman to me and go kill the Lightning Archers, boss! It’s now or ever!"

Blade scratching against the wall and leaving behind a trail of metallic sparks, Hickey charged toward the enemy formation and zigzagged around a Shock Arrow. Then, eyes brimming with fighting spirit, she swung a fiery blade at Flowing Cloud.


Sparks flew everywhere as Flowing Cloud retaliated with equal strength and ferocity. After the clash, both women backed away and started walking in circles almost as if they were trying to draw a bagua circle. The Natural Flow players around them could only watch on in astonishment. It would seem that Flowing Cloud had finally met her match.

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