Chapter 104: Tiger Courage Blade

It was a blade-type weapon that shone with cyan light. When I held it in my hand, a bone-chilling cold energy entered my palm. It was surely not ordinary.

With a wave of my hand, the stats of the blade appeared.


Tiger Courage Blade (Silver-grade)

Attack: 70~115

Strength: +18

Stamina: +15

Passive: Increases user's Strength by 5

Level Requirement: 50


Great. A Silver-grade weapon with an upper limit of 115 Attack. No wonder Dominating Heaven Blade had the guts to challenge Lin Yixin!

A blade-type weapon. Classes specialized for it were Wanderer, Magic Knight and Warrior. These three classes would receive a 15% damage bonus when using such weapons. Swords however would only receive such bonus when wielded by Warrior or Wanderer. Spears were best used by Magic Knight and Wanderer. One could say that Wanderer class had an advantage here, because they could use all kinds of close-combat weapons.

However, Wanderer had a fatal weakness. Their Defense and HP scaling was abysmal. While their damage was formidable, they lacked survivability in the late game. Also, their skills would expend health points to increase damage, damaging both them and their enemy.

Holding the Tiger Courage Blade, I asked, "How do we share this?"

Lin Yixin glanced at this good weapon and asked with a smile, "Do you have friends that can use this?"

"Both Gui Guzi and Amazing Expert can.”

"Then you take it.”

“?" My mouth agape, I said in shock, "Are you sick?”

Lin Yixin blinked. "Sick?"

"If you aren’t sick, why are you so generous...”


She laughed softly and said, "Very simple. Last time, we worked together and got the first Hero's Token of Heavenblessed. But our efforts were spearheaded by Bloody Mercenaries. I am a kind person. 1000 gold cannot buy a Hero's Token, so on this treasure hunt I will let you take the good things as compensation!"

I nodded, but felt slightly discomforted.

Lin Yixin rationalized her position by making it business, no feelings attached. When a beauty like her said nothing about her feelings, it was a very hurtful thing.


I put the Tiger Courage Blade into my bag. This Silver-grade weapon was pretty good. I would give it to Du Thirteen later so he could erase the label of noob from his forehead. With a good weapon, even someone green like him would be stronger.

I looked at the boss and his group of underlings in the distance, and asked, "How do we approach this?"

Lin Yixin said matter-of-factly, "Let's first lure the surrounding trash mobs away, then jointly kill the boss. What else?"

I thought and shook my head. "No way!"

"Why?" Lin Yixin's eyes widened.

"That tactic could work in the past, but now...” I gazed at the entrance to the Ancient Thunder Temple and said, "We killed Dominating Heaven Blade and his group. They won’t give up. In an hour, they will catch up to us again. If we go about it your way, we won’t be able to reach the fifth floor and get a night snack.”

Lin Yixin nodded in agreement and asked, "Okay then, what do you suggest we do?"

A thought flashed through my mind. I said, "Lure the mobs away, kill the boss. Then we lure the mobs to block the entrance to the fourth floor. This way, with so many monsters packed together, even if they come in, they will have a very hard time luring them away. They’ll have to do it slowly not to aggro too many at a time. Their progress will be very slow, and the slightest mistake will result in death!"

"Yes, this is a good idea, but it’s too difficult!" Lin Yixin looked into the distance and said, "You know that Heavenblessed's monsters have good AI. Their aggro range will be high. If you aren’t careful, you’ll be surrounded and killed.”

I laughed.

"What are you laughing about?" Lin Yixin glared at me.

"Do you have no confidence in me and yourself?" I said.

Lin Yixin gritted her teeth, clenched her fists and said, "Alright then, let's try it. First find a point to block. Otherwise, we will die!"

"Yes, I was paying attention!"

I pointed to the right and said, "There’s a narrow passageway there. We can exploit the fact that this boss moves pretty fast. You lure the boss and its minions. I will take the boss’s aggro from you and lure him into that passageway. Then, with my pet I’ll deal with the boss. You will stand guard at the entrance to the passageway. It’s only about one body wide. If you can last, we will succeed.”

Lin Yixin nodded, a hint of intelligence flashing through her eyes. She suddenly asked, "We will be cut off by monsters in that passageway. Even if you kill the boss, how do we get out?"

I was stunned. I hadn't thought of this.

Lin Yixin was happy and gave me a smug look.

"You have an idea?" I asked.

"Of course!" Lin Yixin smiled. "Don't forget my class is Light Wanderer. I can ride mounts. Because of that, I have a Level 50 skill called Knockback Slash. Its damage is only 50% of a basic attack’s, but it can push enemies back and stun them, making way.”

"Oh? Not bad. I haven't seen you use it before...”

"Tch!" Lin Yixin glared at me. "How many times have you grinded with me? Why would I show you all of my cards…”


The two of us looked at each other for about three seconds. We turned our faces away in unison. "Let's begin!"


I pulled up the system minimap and circled a few red dots on it. I said, "These are the best spots. Just walk along this path, it will minimize damage taken!"

Lin Yixin nodded. "Okay!"

In the next moment, Lin Yixin darted away, her movements extremely light. With a few jumps, she was at the outskirts of the monster horde. Her blade swung lightly and she immediately shattered the cage!


The cage turned to pieces. An enormous black shadow roared and broke free of the restraint like a demon god descending on the mortal plane!

"Come back!" I shouted.

Lin Yixin sprinted past the points that I had pointed out with a few dodges and reached my side. Her beautiful face was only a dozen centimeters away from me. The corners of her lips were curved up as she gave a charming smile. "Your turn!"

As she finished speaking, she brushed past me, and the boss came at me. This was half-man half-beast holding a battle axe. His entire body was covered in thick scars. His face distorted into a snarl. He flashed his enormous fangs, like a wild boar’s. This image was in stark contrast with the cute succubus fangs of Lin Yixin.


Barbaric Axe Warrior Delai (Silver Rank Boss)

Level: 60

Attack: ???

Defense: ???

HP: ???

Skills: ???

Introduction: Barbaric Axe Warrior Delai was originally the leader of the beastman tribe. Later, he was captured by the Thunder General, and, sealed in darkness, became his puppet.


Damn, with my Level 54 I still couldn’t see its stats, but I could see that his fangs were pretty sharp!

I swung my sword, red energy surging through the edge. Pardon + Desperate Gambit. Having jumped before the attack, they both landed the boss’s shoulder!



A large damage number flew up and undoubtedly caused my aggro to soar to the top. The warrior immediately turned my way and charged!

I carefully moved toward the entrance of the passageway and darted in. As Lin Yixin had said, AI was very intelligent, and it easily followed me without losing target outside.

"Dark Wasp!"

My adorable Little White Rabbit jumped out of the hexagram formation as I darted through the passageway. Luckily, while the boss’s Attack was extraordinary, its speed wasn’t up to par. It was much slower than my Dark Wasp.

Here’s my chance!

Silver light flashed. The Fruit Knife Goddess came with a large group of monsters. Her boots slipped along the stone tiles and accurately stopped by the small entrance to the passageway. She brandished her sword and stood in the middle as if to say “none shall pass”.

I said loudly, "You have the entrance covered?"

"Yes, you can focus on killing the boss!"


I quickly sprinted and mentally ordered the Dark Wasp to attack. It gave three successive attacks on the boss's head. The Dark Wasp stung and collided against the boss’s helmet, causing sparks to fly off, as if its stinger was also made of metal!

Three hits from Flurry didn’t manage to pull the aggro I had gotten with my earlier attack. On the fourth attack however, the boss finally changed targets, and his battle axe crashed down on Dark Wasp hard!


The damage it dealt was terrifying, but my Dark Wasp was a Level 51 boss-tier pet. Its HP neared 1700, so this damage didn’t matter that much. Also, I could have used Dark Wasp’s superior agility to dodge the attack, but I wanted to see the boss’s damage, and if there’s any one-shot potential.

The result was better than expected. This Barbaric Axe Warrior couldn’t instantly kill my Dark Wasp, and it was of no threat to me either. My Rank 5 Ghost Deity Armor was not just for decoration!

"Be careful...”

Lin Yixin glanced and said with a smile, "Don’t die. That would be embarrassing!"

I said, "You block the entrance, and use your Fire Blade to manipulate the boss's movements. This will relieve my burden a bit."


The Fire Blade flew over, and zig-zagged under Lin Yixin's control. It blocked the boss until it lost its temper. I was extremely pleased. Killing bosses with such a smart teammate was a pleasurable experience. Yes. Killing bosses with Thirteen was a kind of torture, something that could not be publicly shown.

With the current setup, I could attack while the boss was attacking my Dark Wasp. When it turned to me, my Dark Wasp would be the one attacking. If we made a mistake and I was hit, I could just drink a potion. With my level of control, it was no longer close-quarter combat but a hit-and-run. Several times, the boss’s battle axe would ignite and burst into flames, clearly his skill’s visual cue. However, the cast failed at its infancy. With more than 1 yard of distance between us, the boss’s skill was canceled.

Lin Yixin blocked the entrance and endured attacks of the mobs outside. With the narrow corridor, she had no problems fighting one-on-one. She had high stats and countless potions. Her level was close to the monsters’, so she would be hard-pressed to even die in this situation.


In the blink of an eye, half an hour had passed by. Under my incessant chipping, Barbaric Axe Warrior Delai’s HP finally reached zero!


The Ghost Ice Soul plunged into the boss's chest, blood spurting everywhere. With an unreconciled roar, the Level 60 Silver Rank boss finally fell!

Light flashed, and several Phantasmal Magic Stones, along with two pieces of equipment fell to the ground.

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