Chapter 103: Lightning Formation

The night wind gusted. On the third floor of the Ancient Thunder Temple, lightning fell everywhere, creating an awe-inspiring scene.

Dominating Heaven Blade heaved his blade, his gaze deep as he looked at the opponent in front of him. Threads of golden light appeared on his blade. Dominating Heaven Blade suddenly shouted, and a blood-colored ring of light appeared under his feet!

War Cry, Warrior Level 40 skill. It could increase attack power by 5%. A common widely-used skill.

Hidden in the shadows in front of Dominating Heaven Blade was a young beauty. Small snowflakes swirled around the longsword in her hand. Her blade's edge flickered with silver light. She looked with a smile at Dominating Heaven Blade, dismissing the leader of Gods of Destruction. In reality, Lin Yixin, as the leader of Snowy Cathaya, could match the other.


I pulled out the game's recording tool and started to record the entire event. It was rare for the leaders of two factions in Floating Ice City to duel. I could not miss such an opportunity.

Dominating Heaven Blade jerked his lips and said, "Wind Fantasy, do you know? I did not want to be enemies with your Snowy Cathaya, but...”

Lin Yixin laughed softly. "Really? Then, if I do not want to be enemies with you, will you allow me to continue grinding here?"

Dominating Heaven Blade stopped breathing. He clearly had not expected Lin Yixin to say such a thing.

At this time, Dominating Knight God's gaze swept ahead. His eyes lit up and he said in a low voice, "Big brother, the third floor’s boss is just ahead. It seems they plan to kill it. Its level is above 60!"

Dominating Heaven Blade shook. His sense of justice did not hold. He raised his blade and said loudly, "There is no path of retreat left. You and Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand worked together to kill so many of my brothers. In the battle of Silver Moon Valley, you had your people block the reinforcements. Otherwise, Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand would have died thousands of times. I haven't settled that score with you yet!"

As he spoke, Dominating Heaven Blade raised his head and shouted toward the sky. Layers of golden light wrapped around his armor, and entered, making his armor flow with light.

Steel Protection, another Level 40 Warrior skill. It could increase one's Defense by 15%. This could be called the ultimate skill of that class. However, the increase in Defense was fixed, so the skill’s potential was much worse than my Ghost Deity Armor’s. After Ghost Deity Armor reached Rank 10, it would boost my Defense by at least 35%, something a second-rate technique like Steel Protection couldn’t hope to rival.

"Wind Fantasy, today, I will destroy your legend of invincibility. Haha, prepare to die!" Dominating Heaven Blade was extremely confident and arrogant.

Lin Yixin couldn't help but softly laugh, like a silver bell. She pointed at Dominating Heaven Blade and said, "Are you joking? I do not have a legend of invincibility. Half a month ago, I lost to Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand multiple times. If you want to challenge the undefeated legend, challenge Candlelight Shadow, no one will stop you!"

Dominating Heaven Blade had an awkward expression and said angrily, "Don't waste words. Will you fight?"

Lin Yixin tilted her head at him and asked with a smile, "Where’s your pet? I don’t want to take advantage of you.”

Dominating Heaven Blade snorted, and summoned a black bird pet with a wave of the hand. I looked and my jaw dropped. This was a Pheasant, a very ordinary pet. However, Dominating Heaven Blade's Pheasant was slightly different. Its feathers were of multiple colors. It should be similar to my Dark Wasp, a boss-tier pet.

Lin Yixin laughed suddenly as she pointed at the pheasant. She covered her mouth and said, "Hey, Dominating Heaven Blade, what are you doing? You are the leader of a super guild, why do you use such a second-rate pet? What is this, a Pheasant? As expected, birds of a feather do flock together...”

Dominating Heaven Blade forced through gritted teeth, "This... this is a Mountain Pheasant, wildlife of the ancient era. If you don't believe me, go look at the Classic of Mountains and Seas. This isn’t just any pheasant like you’re claiming!"

Lin Yixin laughed. "I don't care. I only have one question for you, oh mighty guild leader of Gods of Destruction. As the second largest guild in the China server, why don't you dare to challenge Candlelight Shadow?"

"That... that is my business!"


Lin Yixin pointed at Dominating Heaven Blade. "You are always hiding. You fear Candlelight Shadow, you fear that Candle Dragon will destroy Gods of Destruction, right?"

"Who... who said that?" Dominating Heaven Blade glared. "Gods of Destruction has not yet reinforced our foundation. When I recruit a few more first-rate experts, we will easily flatten Candle Dragon!"

"Hmph, excuses!"

Lin Yixin changed the topic and said, "Your equipment and skills are not much yet you have leveled up so quickly. Did you hire someone to level you up?"

"I have not, do not slander me!"

"Really?" Lin Yixin smiled brightly and asked, "Recently, there is a cheating group in the game who rely on levelers and PK to get rich. Gods of Destruction is behind that, is it not?!"

"N-no. Do not speak nonsense!"


Lin Yixin held her sword with both hands as she leaned back against the rock wall and said, "Did you eat lunch today?"

Dominating Heaven Blade and his followers turned to stone.

A few seconds ago, Dominating Heaven Blade pointed at Lin Yixin and shouted angrily, "I see through you. You are just stalling for time, aren’t you?"

Lin Yixin pulled out the Snow Shadow Sword and said with a smile, "So what?"

Dominating Heaven Blade gritted his teeth.


"Hey, Lu Chen you bastard, what are you doing...”

In the party channel, Lin Yixin said angrily, "This miss worked so hard to speak such nonsense and gain time, but you’re just hiding there and not moving! Attack soon...”

I was surprised. "Attack what? Aren't you going to fight Dominating Heaven Blade one on one?"

"You’re so freaking dumb...” Lin Yixin was exasperated. "Only an idiot would fight him one on one. It's been almost ten minutes. Dark Wasp's death cooldown is finished. Attack from the rear and kill a few more of them. I’ll use the chaos to kill Dominating Heaven Blade. This will be a perfect ending!"

I sighed in shock. "Yiyi, you are too devious...”

"Not devious, intelligent!"


While I slightly scorned Lin Yixin’s plan, I was more than happy to help her achieve it.

I looked at my skill slots. The button to resummon the Dark Wasp had lit up again. My pet had dropped a level but it didn’t lose much of its stats. When summoned, it would still be my invincible killer wasp!

I saw the opportunity and decisively acted!


I charged out of the ground. The Ghost Ice Soul pierced through one mage's Magic Shield, taking its caster along to the afterlife. I opened my left hand. The light of the magic formation flashed. The Dark Wasp appeared and immediately attacked the enemy backline at my orders. Once it flew over, the enemy forces’ formation was in complete shambles.

I swung my arm, my blade swiping across the neck of another mage. At the same time, my Dark Wasp pierced through Level 45 warrior’s armor, swiftly following up and killing him in but an instant!

In five seconds, we killed another 3 people!

Before the engage, the Domination Clan had 13 people, but now there were only 10 left!


Dominating Knight God slowly fell to his knees. In front of him, Lin Yixin looked expressionlessly at her victim. Her Moon Gaze and Extreme Break combo was used best against HP-heavy cows like this Domination Clan’s magic knight.


The moment the Dominating Knight God fell down, Lin Yixin flashed to the other side. Her Snow Shadow Sword carried the light of the Killer Wind Swordplay as she attacked alongside me, penetrating another warrior's chest. Lin Yixin's aim was obvious. She wouldn’t fight Dominating Heaven Blade head-on and would kill all of his followers first!

Dominating Heaven Blade's eyes grew red as he shouted, "Block Wind Fantasy, I don't believe so many of us cannot kill just two people!"

Three warriors leapt toward me, but I took three quick steps back!

Boom! Boom!

Two bolts of lightning fell down. Instantly, two warriors knelt, their empty eyes cooked from the inside.

I had seen it clearly. I had been controlling my Dark Wasp, avoiding lightning bolts and attacking our enemies. I was doing the same on my side. My APM was through the roof at this moment!

In Heavenblessed, there was an unwritten mechanics standard, APM!

APM or Actions Per Minute originally came from mechanical games. It was a meter of actions performed in a minute. Nowadays, APM’s meaning slightly changed and became standard for VR mechanics. Moving, stepping, attacking, stopping, using skills. Each miniscule action that required input counted. The number of inputs added to the overall APM value. Usually, the higher someone’s APM, the faster their brain, and the more frequent their moves!

Heavenblessed had a system for measuring APM. Usually my APM would hover around 100 or so. It wasn’t high or low. But during PvP, my APM would jump. Candlelight Shadow was a freak of nature in this department. His APM always remained around 200, and no one in the China server could rival him.


The battle on the third floor of the Ancient Thunder Temple was sure messy, but without a doubt only Gods of Destruction players were dying.

With Lin Yixin's Rank 4 Health Potions, there was basically no way for me to die. The Domination Clan only had a few melee fighters left, all ranged players taken out beforehand. They couldn’t pose any threat to me or Lin Yixin.


The blade flashed by Lin Yixin's arm. The beauty took several steps back. A high number jumped out of her head—421!

"Ugh, so strong!"

Lin Yixin retreated, still shocked at the others' attack power. No wonder Dominating Heaven Blade dared to fight Lin Yixin alone. That long blade was definitely extraordinary. With a weapon second only to a divine weapon at this stage of the game, Dominating Heaven Blade could afford to be arrogant.


With a beautiful spin attack, Lin Yixin killed a warrior chasing her from behind. She looked with a serious expression at Dominating Heaven Blade. The final battle was starting!


Light flashed past Dominating Heaven Blade's head. Lin Yixin and I passed by each other, and I found a hint of pique in her beautiful eyes.



Dominating Heaven Blade slowly knelt down. The light of the Desperate Gambit shone on his forehead.


A large pile of potions dropped, and also a glowing weapon, the one that Dominating Heaven Blade had just been holding!

I was overjoyed and smiled at Lin Yixin.

We’ve struck gold!

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