Chapter 1027: Hax

God’s Tear fell from the sky and blew up a group of players. The beautiful girl leaping up the blackened section of the wall was of course the Fruit Knife Goddess. Lin Yixin didn’t summon her mount immediately after making her entry. Instead, she knocked back the enemy players around her with a sweep of her blade before firing a blast of Ice Storm, killing a dozen or so archers in one go. For a time, not a single Purple Grape City player dared to approach her.

On the other side, my beautiful guild leader, He Yi, activated Great Earth Transformation and Godslaying Blade after she climbed up the wall, increasing her spear range by 20 yards. After swinging her spear horizontally and dealing around 70k damage to a group of enemies, she smiled and stared at a group of shielders next. Her Seven Star Veluriyam Spear erupted into a flaming cone as she thrust the weapon at them. Barrier Break was supposed to be a single target skill, but her Godslaying Blade turned it into an AoE one. As a result, the skill penetrated most of the shielders and dealt an incredible amount of damage—






"Don’t stop killing! Keep their firepower under control!"

Li Chengfeng appeared next and summoned the Dragonscale Beast as soon as he landed on the wallwalk. After he empowered himself with Battle Soul Possession, he charged toward the enemy and graced them with his Dragonblade Revolution, Reverse Scale Slash, Dragonbone Flurry and more.

"That’s… that’s a CGL Hall of Famer! The aces of China!"

An uncle with a vulgar-looking face shouted, "Tell our JGL Hall of Famers to come here right away! Only our JGL Hall of Famers can go toe to toe with the CGL Hall of Famers! The rest of you, retreat and buff yourselves to limit the amount of damage you take!"

An axe-wielding uncle who commanded a huge beast rushed toward Li Chengfeng before the vulgar-looking uncle finished talking; the emblem floating above his head marking him as a JGL Hall of Famer. Just like China, the numbers of JGL Hall of Famers in Japan stayed in double digits. There were still more JGL Hall of Famers than there were CGL Hall of Famers though.


Li Chengfeng turned his body sideways to parry an axe strike from the JGL Hall of Famer. Then, he spun around and stabbed his opponent in the chest using Barrier Break!


Astonished, the uncle grabbed the hilt of Li Chengfeng’s Dark Blade and shouted angrily, "You think the Impassable Great Wall is a place you can come and go as you please, boy?"

While Li Chengfeng’s weapon was caught, the axe fighter channeled some sort of red energy into his axe and swung it straight at Li Chengfeng’s neck. As expected of a JGL Hall of Famer, his counterattack was as swift as it was ruthless.

Just when everyone was wiping some sweat on behalf of Li Chengfeng, the dragon warrior abruptly canceled his mount and twisted his Dark Blade around, knocking the uncle’s skill aside. Not done yet, he circled around his opponent and pushed the Dark Blade against his opponent’s neck, using Dragonbone Flurry!

Pu pu pu...

The #21 JGL Hall of Famer didn’t expect the dragon warrior to act so swiftly and decisively at all. Eyes wide with shock, he dropped to his knees and died just like that.


System Notice: Attention all players, "Legendary Brave" (China) has killed the JGL Hall of Famer "Will of Heaven" (Japan). They have obtained 10% of their slain foe’s contribution points, or 4278 points in total!


"Whirlwind Slash!"

Li Chengfeng spun like a top and charged into a group of archers, mages and priests, instantly clearing out an empty section on the wall for High Fighting Spirits, Chaos Moon and their parties to hold. The dragon warrior was as strong as he was deadly. Thanks to Battle Soul Possession increasing his Defense stat to incredible levels, he was almost immune to the enemy archers’ attacks. His Dark Blade was like a devil’s blade that reaped lives wherever it traveled.

According to the updated version of the Nation War rules, contribution point was still tallied by the number of enemies slain, but now the killer also obtained 10% of their victim’s contribution points. This meant that the player who survived until the end of the Nation War would become the true MVP and king of this Nation War!

"Keep coming up, everyone! Don’t hesitate! Cyan Tiger Cavalry, once you get onto the wallwalk, mount up and prepare to charge!"

Gui Guzi didn’t launch a hasty assault. He focused on mustering our cavalry on the wallwalk while High Fighting Spirits, Chaos Moon, Xu Yang, Du Thirteen, Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun and more were spreading out and wrecking havoc wherever they went. Even worse for the Purple Grape City players, Beiming Xue and Lian Xin had successfully climbed onto the wallwalk as well. When the Dimensional Storms and Skypiercers began, the only thing they could do was cry and die.


I fired Thousand Ice Slash that froze and killed a group of archers. However, the attack wasn’t without a cost. Almost a hundred mages were throwing their Fireballs and Touches of the Dragonkiss at me, but I survived because I weaved left and right, dodging some spells and tanking some with my Ghost Deity Shield. The skill changed part of my Defense into Magic Resist, so it was like I was covered in a layer of magic-immune dragon armor. As a result, I remained standing despite having been bombarded for at least half a minute or so.

"What the shit!"

A Level 187 enemy mage shouted angrily, "How the fuck does that Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand have so much Magic Resist? Even if he’s the WEL MVP, this is just too much? Is… is it hax? I’m going to report this to Eternal Moon Corporation, you cheater!"

Du Thirteen guffawed while unleashing his boomerang skill all of a sudden, "Sure, you do that, idiot!"

Behind me, mounted Beiming Xue said to me with a bell-like voice, "I’m here to help you, big bro!"

I nodded. "Thanks, Beiming. Pump them with everything ya got, you hear me?"

Beiming Xue: "..."

Beiming Xue drew her bow and unleashed her signature Beiming-style Skypiercer into the air. The next moment, a volley of arrows rained on top of the group of half-health players I had wounded earlier and killed them all. Her Skypiercer dealt additional 100% damage, and her Bow God boosted her Attack to insane levels. DPS-wise, she was practically a goddess in human form.


I continued to charge deeper into the fray until I arrived at the inner area of the Impassable Great Wall. A horizontal sweep was all it took to send the Purple Grape City players in front of me falling to the ground. Most of them probably weren’t going to survive unless they had unusually high health, or knew how to cancel their momentum like me or Lin Yixin. Even then, they needed to have our reaction speed to execute the technique in time.

Directly in front of me was a stone staircase leading all the way down to the bailey, and a ton of Purple Grape City fighters were running toward me. Clearly, Red Maple sensed that he must push us back with his melee players, or there was a real chance they wouldn’t be able to repel our assault.

Li Chengfeng noticed this too, so he shouted, "Lu Chen, let’s guard this staircase together and buy time for Little Gui to muster our forces!"

"Yeah, that’s exactly what I was thinking!"

I spurred the Armored Ice Qilin Horse toward the incoming fighters and carved open a path with Burning Blade Slash. The stone stairs were about twenty yards wide and could fit about 20 players at once. My skills have just enough range to reach both sides of the stairs, so even if I was alone, I could probably keep the enemy at bay, and unfortunately for the Japanese, I wasn’t.


The battle was fierce and bloody. Both Chinese and Japanese players were knocked off the walls and sent falling to their deaths non-stop. A great number of enemy catapults were firing beyond the Impassable Great Wall from the bailey as well.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh…

Giant rocks kept flying back and forth over my head. I had to watch my surroundings constantly or risk being flattened by one of them. One time, I abruptly backed at least ten steps away from the stair entrance and dragged Li Chengfeng with me in the process.

"Fucking hell? What’s wrong?" Li Chengfeng exclaimed in an alarmed tone.

About two seconds later, a black marsh payload exploded where we were a moment ago and engulfed the one hundred fighters who were giving chase in an explosion of fire and debris. I replied in a casual tone, "That’s what’s wrong…"

Li Chengfeng replied just as casually, "I see. Fucking hell!"

We continued guarding the stair entrance for almost ten minutes until finally, Gui Guzi, Heaven’s Rain and Diamond Dust rallied over 10000 Cyan Tiger Cavalrymen. They were no Dragonlight Cavalry, but they were buffed by one Knight God and two Knight Generals. That was enough to make a difference.


The wallwalk of the Impassable Great Wall was several hundred meters wide, and our 10000-strong Cyan Tiger Cavalry occupied a long section of the wallwalk. With a foothold like that, we could mount a proper charge and sweep away the resisting Purple Grape City players on the wall.

On the other side, Snowy Cathaya had mustered nearly 1000 Kui Dragon Cavalrymen as well. They were led by Lin Yixin herself, and they were already attacking the enemy.

Gui Guzi looked to me for permission. "Boss Broken Halberd?"

I nodded strongly and said, "Begin!"


Gui Guzi raised the Spear of the Knight God into the air and shouted, "Our vengeance begins now! Charge, and take out any player who doesn’t have a 5-star red flag above their heads!"

The Cyan Tiger Cavalry took off. It didn’t take much imagination to know how deadly a cavalry charge of ten thousand was.

I, He Yi, Xu Yang, and the other Famous Generals joined their ranks and made sure to maintain the same speed as them. It was a sweep; a true sweep that annihilated everything that blocked our way. The players and even the catapults couldn’t stop our charge.

An enemy commander about a hundred meters away from the scene shouted in panic, "Turn the ballistae around and shoot these fuckers now! Quickly!"

It was too late though. The Cyan Tiger Cavalry might be outdated in the current meta, but they weren’t slow. By the time the ballistae had turned around, we had already moved close enough to shred them like paper!


The charge lasted a whole five minutes. Even an Archean Immortal-grade sword like the Purple Ying Sword was covered in blood. Suddenly, Little Piglet and several hundred Hegemon Palace cavalry rode up while shouting, "Lu Chen, we have a problem!"

"What problem?"

"You can check it out yourself!"

His party parted away to reveal an orderly formation of Wildfire Riders chasing them. Standing in front of the cavalry columns with a confident smile on his face, Red Maple declared, "Come, Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand. Let’s fight to the death here and now!"

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