Chapter 1025: A Man Like The Wind

Attacks were coming from every direction. I could die if I chose to endure them all, and if I died, I wouldn’t be able to participate in the Nation War anymore.

So, I backflipped over the edge and plunged the Purple Ying Sword into the stone again, hanging. It was the right move because all the attacks that were about to hit me resulted in misses instead. Not far away from me, dumbfounded Lin Yixin and He Yi exclaimed, "What are you doing, Lu Chen?"

Instead of answering, I pushed myself up the wall again and summoned both the Phantom Wolf King and my apparition at the same time. The enemy’s average skill cooldown was around 6 seconds or so, and I was going to exploit it to the max!


I rushed toward the defenders after I mounted the Armored Ice Qilin Horse. My apparition was already unleashing Burning Blade Slash + Thousand Ice Slash, and the Phantom Wolf King, Purgatory Storm + Claw of the Storm during this time. The entire wallwalk was falling into chaos because of me.

Cyan Frost kept backing away with her sword at the ready. She was clearly looking for a suitable opportunity to attack.

Unfortunately for, the situation on the wallwalk was already starting to spiral out of her control. After the Fruit Knife Goddess Lin Yixin climbed up the edge, she immediately struck out with an Ice Flame Slash that one-shot countless players before they could do anything. She then followed up the skill with a bunch of painful God’s Tears.

The next person to appear was He Yi, and she unleashed Purgatory of Ice and Magma with Great Earth Transformation and her new Godslaying Blade turned on, killing countless people. The two Divine Generals had almost single-handedly turned the battle situation to our favor.

It wasn’t long before High Fighting Spirits, Gui Guzi, Li Chengfeng, Chaos Moon and the rest of our Famous Generals climbed over the edge. Commanders from allied guilds such as Eyes Like Water and Indigo Water were on the wall as well. Every one of us was a Famous General, so our Attack and Defense stats were obscenely high to say the least!

"Little Gui!" I shouted.

"Yes, Boss Broken Halberd?" Gui Guzi turned around with a confused expression while piercing an archer’s throat.

I said, "Party everyone and activate your Knight God now! There isn’t going to be a better time to use it than now!"

"Haha, what a coincidence! I was thinking about the same thing!" Indigo Collar said with a laugh. "This will be the first time I get to enjoy a 200% double stat buff. Ah, I can’t wait!"

Eyes Like Water rolled her eyes. "Have some dignity, man! Gui Guzi, what are you waiting for? Add me already!"


It wasn’t long before 120 or so players were added into Gui Guzi’s party. Once Knight God was turned on, the enemy archers could barely do anything against us. For example, Spiraling Arrow Blade was a deadly AoE skill in most situations. Now though, it could only hurt us for 1000 to 2000 damage at most. Knight God is such a terrifying Famous General Skill!

"Fuck, this people are just too powerful…" a Purple Grape City archer commented while backing away.

There were many Black Marsh Catapults that were launching Black Marsh Rocks at our players on the ground, so I pointed my sword at the siege weapons, "Let’s take out these siege weapons first!"


We swarmed them and destroyed three Black Marsh Catapults in the blink of an eye. However, a nasty surprise was waiting for us. The moment the Black Marsh Catapults crumbled, I was greeted by the sight of way too many ballistae to count immediately! My scalp turned numb and cold. Just how calculating could Red Maple be? These ballistae were obviously prepared beforehand, meaning that he knew that we would make it up the wall eventually!

All the players who had witnessed the power of Purple Grape City’s ballistae before felt their hearts break inside their chest. Gui Guzi raised his shield and shouted, "Fuck! Shield formation!"

Thud thud thud...

I, He Yi, Diamond Dust, Heaven’s Rain and everyone else who could wield a shield immediately thrust our shields into the ground and formed a simple shield formation to protect the allies behind us. However, only twenty or so of us had made it onto the wall so far, so there was a limit to how many players we could defend. At the same time, the ballistae opened fire at us!

Bang bang bang...

It sounded like giant bullets were slamming into our shields. Even with Guard, a player like Heaven’s Rain had lost half her health in just the blink of an eye. Not only that, the Japanese defenders were rallying and launching their arrows and magic spells at us like crazy. They were clearly trying to kill us all.

Li Chengfeng waved his sword once and growled, "This can’t continue! Fighting Spirits, You and Yun, Chaos Moon, come with me! We’ll attack the ballistae from the sides and destroy them!"


Nearly a hundred mounted players launched an organized assault from the sides and made good progress toward the ballistae. Lin Yixin and Li Chengfeng led the way because they were Divine Generals. Li Chengfeng used Battle Soul Possession to increase his stats further and killed anyone who stood in his way. Lin Yixin threw a bunch of God’s Tears into the crowd and slain many in just the blink of an eye.


Suddenly, about 200 yards away from the section of the wall we were occupying, Little Piglet appeared on the edge and summoned his mount in one smooth motion. Then, he rode straight toward a group of enemies while buffing himself with Strength of Divine Arms and Freezing Heat. He moved too fast for the enemy to react, and before they knew it, he had already activated his Divine General Skill, Great Conqueror to give himself 50% splash effect and a significant amount of attack range. Wherever his sword traveled, people dropped to the ground and died.

Still moving at high speed, Little Piglet roared on top of his lungs, "Kill me if you can, Purple Grape City! Let’s see if your puny ballistae are strong enough to pierce my Defense!"

A guild leader responsible for protecting the ballistae immediately fell for the taunt. He pointed his sword at Little Piglet and shouted, "Turn the ballistae around and shoot that boastful fucker! Pooh! No one is allowed to act cool in front of me! Kill him and send that Chinese Divine General packing!"

Nearly a hundred ballistae had turned toward Little Piglet and fired at him. The next moment, countless giant bolts were flying toward Little Piglet.


Little Piglet dropped his shield on the ground, crouched a little, and Guarded immediately. He also activated Vajra to increase his Defense by 200%. Due to his Famous General Skill, Little Piglet strived to equip himself with equipment that boasted a lot of Defense. Therefore, each one of his items boosted his Defense by 20% at least. In terms of survivability, the guy was way tougher than even me.

Chiang chiang chiang...

The bolts struck Little Piglet’s shield but bounced off in an unnatural manner. It was because Little Piglet had activated a defensive skill called Shield Armor that reflected over 75% of armor-piercing damage back to the attacker, and it so happened that the ballistae’s attacks were considered armor-piercing. Not only were the bolts launched back at their own ballistae, the damage calculation behind the damage they received was different from Little Piglet’s!

Thud thud thud! Countless ballistae self-destructed because of their own attacks. Little Piglet had pulled off a tiny miracle with his unusual build and skill!

Little Piglet dropped to 25% after tanking almost a hundred ballista bolts at the same time. After that, he turned around, activated Wind of Recovery to return himself to around 50% HP, and with his back covered in arrows and magic spells, jumped off the wall while shouting, "Alright, mission complete! I leave the rest to you, Ancient Sword and Snowy Cathaya! Send me a message when it’s time to plunder the battlefield…"

For a time, we could only stare dumbfoundedly at the spot Little Piglet had jumped off from. Little Piglet truly was a man like the wind, coming and going as he pleased!

Little Piglet’s interference was greatly appreciated, however. Thanks to him, the pressure on us lessened to the point where the troops led by Lin Yixin and Li Chengfeng were able to sweep the ballistae from the side before returning behind the shield formation. After He Yi, Gui Guzi and I recovered our HP to above 50%, we rode out again and attacked the enemy with everything we got. After all, lifesteal was the fastest way to recover HP.


"What the fuck are you idiots doing? You call yourselves archers with this level of performance!?" Suddenly, Red Maple appeared on the wallwalk and ordered, "Shoot them with Shock Arrows and Mountain Stagger Arrows! These people have their Attack and Defense stats buffed by 225% due to Knight God, so there’s no point hitting them with your offensive skills! Mages, one-shot a single target with Touch of the Dragonkiss after they’re stunned!"


Even before Red Maple was finished speaking, a Snowy Cathaya Kui Dragon Cavalryman was stunned by a Shock Arrow. He then ate a dozen or so Touches of the Dragonkiss and died before he ever recovered. Red Maple’s tactic was simple but effective alright.

"How dare you!"

Red Maple shouted while knocking Xu Yang backward with a slash. It was because the latter had charged too deep into the fray and moved too close to Red Maple.

Li Chengfeng growled and moved closer to Red Maple while the image of a dragon surrounded his person. He successfully landed three out of five hits of a five-hit combo and deleted 40% HP from Red Maple’s health bar thanks to Battle Soul Possession. However, Red Maple was able to retaliate with Thunder God Ball to the chest and Maple Kill that engulfed the dragon warrior!

Whoosh whoosh…


Red Maple’s skills were more magical than physical, so the buffs Li Chengfeng got from Knight God were useless against them. As a result, Li Chengfeng was unable to gain an advantage over the heaven’s warrior in a one-on-one battle. Not only that, I glanced to the distance and saw countless Purple Grape City mages and archers rushing toward us. The empty space I had cleared out earlier was already swiftly refilled by even more players.

"Come back, Chengfeng! Don’t overextend!" I shouted.


Li Chengfeng nodded strongly before grabbing High Fighting Spirits by the collar and dragging the berserker back to us.

Gui Guzi pointed at the ground behind the wall and swore, "Holy shit, there are Japanese all over this place. We literally can’t kill all of them… Also, why are there so many magic knights running up the stairs?"

"Magic knights…"

My heart sank. "Fuck, Red Maple’s probably trying to chain Trapping Nets on us until we die!"

He Yi asked, "What do we do?"

I replied without hesitation, "We don’t have reinforcements, and we don’t have mages, priests or archers to support us. We’ll die if we stay here, so the only way left for us is to jump off the wall! Let’s hope that our cloud ladder troops will be able to put enough pressure on the enemies! Oh, and drink a health potion and be at 50% HP or higher before you jump! It would suck to die like this!"


I stepped on the edge of the wall before grabbing Lin Yixin’s small hand. Together, we launched ourselves off the wall and fell toward the ground. Behind me, Gui Guzi, He Yi, Li Chengfeng and the others were doing the same thing. There were still a couple hundred Blazing Hot Lips fighters on the wall, but unfortunately they were most likely going to die.

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