Chapter 102: Encounter

My heart skipped a beat when I heard the noises. Fuck! Someone just had to climb up the third floor right before we began the boss battle!


Lin Yixin was an intelligent girl, so she knew that we couldn’t possibly defeat the boss before the newcomers made it to us. She swiftly returned to my side and stared at the entrance to the third floor.

I grabbed Lin Yixin’s arm and pulled her into a recess at the edge of the corridor. We could still see outside, but not the other way around.

“Wouldn’t they be able to spot us?” Lin Yixin asked while looking up at me.

“Impossible!” I shook my head without hesitation. “I checked this area carefully when we cleared out the mobs just now. There’s no way they can see us unless they get within 5 yards, and our levels are so high there are only a few players that would have us appear on their map!”


Lin Yixin relaxed and crouched slightly. She put her hands on her knees, raised her bum a little and put all her concentration on the newcomers’ movements.

Lin Yixin was watching the scenery outside, but to me, she was the scenery.


A group of people entered the main hall after a series of rustling noises.

“It’s them!?”

Lin Yixin and I exchanged a glance with each other. The newcomers were none other than our old enemies, the Domination Clan and the so-called second best guild of the China server, Gods of Destruction!

Dominating Heaven Blade wielded a huge, bloody blade and wore a cyan metal armor. The imposing-looking Level 55 warrior observed the floor with a dark frown on his face. “Why are there so few mobs on the third floor? It’s almost as if… someone had cleared out this place before us. There are even corpses on the floor. Fuck! Someone got here before us!”

Dominating Knight God walked up to Dominating Heaven Blade and said in a serious tone, “But that’s impossible, boss. I just caught wind of this location!”

“Hmph!” Dominating Heaven Blade snorted coldly. “Our Gods of Destruction guild is strong, but never forget that there is always someone better than us. Didn’t Broken Halberd Sinks into Sand just camp you lot for a whole night? How many times do I have to tell you not to underestimate your enemies?!”

Dominating Knight God hurriedly agreed with his boss.

Meanwhile, Dominating Archer God leaped nimbly to the center of the hall before saying, “Boss, the lightning strikes in this area are even denser than on the last floor. We need to be careful!”

“You’re right!” Dominating Heaven Blade nodded in agreement. “Keep our formation and watch out for any signs of a lightning strike. Don’t aggro any mobs until we’re sure that there aren’t anyone else on this floor! If we’re going to kill all three bosses in this temple, we cannot allow any player to interfere with our raid!”


The group moved toward the west after that.

I couldn’t help but groan inwardly. The Domination Clan’s strongest elites were on the hunt this time, and there were 21 of them including Dominating Heaven Blade, Dominating Warrior God, Dominating Knight God, Dominating Mage God, and Dominating Archer God. No matter how strong Lin Yixin and I were, we couldn’t possibly take them down all by ourselves.

I looked down to see what Lin Yixin was doing. She was watching the Domination Clan seriously, biting her lips and thinking about something behind those gleaming eyes of hers. She seemed to be coming up with a cunning plan to defeat our foes.

“What should we do?” I asked.

Lin Yixin answered, “We need to attack them first. We’ll die if they get a jump on us!”

“Alright, how should we do it?”

“You take the lead, and I’ll cover our rear…”

“Why am I always the one who takes the lead?”

“Because you have Earth Escape, duh!”

“Hmph hmph…”

She had me at a disadvantage, but I didn’t object to her plan. “In that case, wait for my signal before you attack, Yiyi!”

“Oh? What are you planning to do?” Lin Yixin smiled at me.

I clenched my fists and said, “I’m going to take out their long-range players first. What do we have to fear from the likes of Dominating Heaven Blade once they lose their support?”

“Hehe. Off you go then. I’m ready anytime!”



In a bloody flash, I drilled into the ground. Since the floor of the Ancient Thunder Temple was completely made of rocks, I felt like I was slapped by a brick the moment my face phased into the ground.

I clung to the edges of the walls because the lightning strikes were less frequent around these areas. Considering how slow I was moving after using Earth Escape, I might not be able to escape a lightning strike even with full warning.

Everything depends on my luck now!

On the ground, the Domination Clan was moving incredibly slow as well. They didn’t dare scatter or move carelessly because there were lightning strikes all over the place. One misstep and they would die in droves.

I checked my pet space and noted that the cooldown on my Dark Wasp was already over. Alright, I can unleash it anytime!

Dominating Mage God, Dominating Archer God, and a couple of priests, mages, bards and tacticians stayed at the back of the formation. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Dominating Archer God was the only archer in the group. I doubted that the mages could put too much pressure on me before I killed them all.

Suddenly, Dominating Heaven Blade sensed something and said, “Warrior God, move to the back and secure our backline!”

“Got it!”

Dominating Warrior God ran all the way to the back of the party. At the same time, Dominating Heaven Blade kicked a warrior to the side while shouting, “Watch out!”


A lightning bolt struck where the warrior had been standing a moment earlier. His face was ashen with fear; he was this close to turning into literal ash after all.

Dominating Archer God couldn’t stop himself from clicking his tongue. “Shit, this map is fucking insane. There were over three hundred of us when we came, and now there’s only twenty-one left!”

Dominating Warrior God echoed in agreement, “Yeah, this map is pretty insane. If you’re slow, then this map is nothing but a death trap. It makes me wonder who was it to get to the third floor before us. They killed so many Level 61 mobs too. It’s crazy. Who else is capable of something like this besides the Domination Clan?”

Dominating Mage God laughed. “Maybe it’s your dream girl?”

A vulgar smile immediately sprung to Dominating Warrior God’s face. He licked his lips disgustingly before saying, “Wind Fantasy, huh? That is definitely possible. Who else in Floating Ice City has the power to saunter through the Ancient Thunder Temple like she owned the place?”

Dominating Mage God chimed in. “How about this, if we manage to score a Hero’s Token and build our guild for real, I’ll ask the boss to visit Snowy Cathaya and propose a marriage to Wind Fantasy on your behalf. The two of you are a good match, and I doubt they would dare to turn you down. Haha!”

Dominating Warrior God chuckled with his palms open. “A proposal? That would be too childish, wouldn’t it? No, I mean it this time, I’m gunning for Wind Fantasy both in the game and in real life. I heard that she is as beautiful as she is in the game, hehe…”

“Hah! You want her in both realities, huh?”

“Why not, right?”

“You have a point, but keep your eyes on the sky you idiot! Incoming!”


The group was enjoying a cheerful conversation with each other when Dominating Mage God’s eyes suddenly widened.

“Five? Are you okay?” Dominating Warrior God asked in astonishment.

I answered his question by pushing my blade, piercing through Dominating Mage God’s chest.

I had attacked Dominating Mage God and one-shot him with a basic attack almost immediately after I returned to the surface. The reason I was able to do this was because the careless idiot didn’t turn on his Magic Shield, believing himself to be impervious just because he was surrounded by his comrades! That being said, even if he was cautious enough to keep his shield up at all times, I could simply break it with Ice Ray before closing the distance and kill him with a second strike right upon engage!


The Dark Wasp appeared like lightning and one-shot another mage with a Flurry. At the same time, I charged toward Dominating Warrior God and savored the infinite fear writhing behind his pupils!

“Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand is here…”

I slashed at his head twice before he could even finish speaking!



It was yet another one-shot. Dominating Warrior God simply didn’t have the Defense or HP to tank a Pardon-empowered Desperate Gambit!

I ran circles around the enemies’ backline while waiting for my skills to finish their cooldowns. Six seconds were all I needed. Of course, my Dark Wasp didn’t have such concerns and killed one backliner every time it attacked.

Dominating Heaven Blade finally realized what was going on and shouted, “Don’t let him escape!”


He was surprisingly fast for someone his caliber. He was a blade user and thus clumsier than your standard sword user, but his attacks were much stronger as a consequence!

I smiled and took two steps backward. Dominating Heaven Blade could’ve caught up to me, but he chose to stop in his tracks instead!


A lightning strike hit the ground between us. Had Dominating Heaven Blade tried to charge me, he would’ve been hit by the lightning strike and turned into a crisp. Unfortunately for me, he was smarter than he looked. A player who could still pay attention to the warnings and avoid a lightning strike despite chaotic situation was without a doubt first-rate.

I took a quick turn to the right and unleashed Ice Ray and Slayer Slash, killing Dominating Archer God and another mage!

After that, I took one final turn and ran away in a straight line.

Absolutely furious, Dominating Heaven Blade tried to run after me. However, he had to stop when two lightning strikes hit the ground behind me.

Fireballs flew across the air and killed my Dark Wasp. However, the opening was all I needed to turn into a ray of bloody light and sink into the ground. I slowly swam toward Lin Yixin after my figure was concealed.

Now that Dominating Archer God was dead, the enemy party had no archers to speak of. Since they didn’t bring along a tamer who might’ve been able to detect me using a detection totem, I was completely safe under the ground.

While Dominating Heaven Blade was screaming furiously into the air, Lin Yixin counted inside the party channel. “One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight… Wow, you took out eight players all by yourself! Well done, Lu Chen~~”

Her reaction was exasperating to say the least. “Stop watching and get ready! Dominating Heaven Blade is going to charge toward your direction. Watch out and don’t get one-shot, you hear?”

Lin Yixin smiled confidently. “Relax, I’m going to charge them from the front and drink a pot at the same time. If you attack them from behind at the right time, I’m sure there’s nothing Dominating Heaven Blade and his warriors can do to me!”



Dominating Heaven Blade pounced toward the direction I led him to like a hawk. Because his level was fairly high, he spotted Lin Yixin waiting at a corner almost immediately. He shouted, “It is you, Wind Fantasy!”

Lin Yixin walked out with the Snow Shadow Sword by her side and her clothes fluttering to the wind. At that moment, she almost looked like a goddess. Wearing an attractive smile on her face, she said, “What a coincidence, Dominating Heaven Blade. We meet again!”

Dominating Heaven Blade stared at her icily before swinging his blade at her. “Fortune favors the bold, Wind Fantasy! Stand your ground and don’t move, all of you! I’ll test her mettle myself!”

I was actually caught off-guard by his declaration. Is he seriously thinking of challenging the legendary Fruit Knife Goddess? Well, okay. He has my blessing!

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