Chapter 1007: Ace Versus Ace


The Armored Ice Qillin Horse raced forward as I shouted the battle cry. I fired Thousand Ice Slash + Burning Blade Slash combo at a 20-man group in front of me.

The rest of my comrades were doing the same thing. He Yi fired the Purgatory of Ice and Magma, while Li Chengfeng activated Great Earth Transformation and Battle Soul Possession before attacking. His Dark Blade passed through shields and armor as if they didn’t exist, and Reverse Scale Slash dealt even greater damage.


Chaos Moon’s Rock Crush threw rocks all over the place. High Fighting Spirits even charged right into a group of enemies, crouched, gathered the energy of the Xiezhi Beast before letting out a mighty roar. The Xiezhi Howl transformed into a cyclone that murdered countless Wildfire Riders.

Everyone was unleashing their greatest skills, and the Wildfire Riders were no exception. Despite our powerful assault, they retaliated fearlessly by ganging up on single Dragonlight Cavalrymen and hitting them with 3 to 5 Barrier Breaks. As a result, almost a hundred Dragonlight Cavalrymen dropped dead at first contact. But of course, the enemy’s casualties were several times greater than ours.


It was at this moment Beiming Xue galloped over from the right wing, raised her Ice Feather Soul and fired Skypiercer. The Archean Immortal-grade bow had a property capable of freezing enemies with any attack, and that was exactly what happened. Many Wildfire Riders were frozen in place, causing the allies behind them to crash into their backs.

Meanwhile, Lian Xin leaped down from Beiming’s mount and swung her scepter. An entire row of Origin Force Fields appeared in front of the enemy and stopped their charge dead.

Not done yet, Beiming Xue threw Well of the Abyss into the center of a group and caught at least thousands of Wildfire Riders. Nothing could escape its attraction force. When Well of the Abyss was almost done, the two girls unleashed a super Dimensional Storm + Ice Spiral Matrix + Skypiercer + Spiraling Arrow Blade combo. Even He Yi joined in on the fun and fired a Purgatory of Ice and Magma after she got closer to the group.

Boom boom boom…

The moment nearly a thousand Wildfire Riders were released from their tiny prison, they ate five deadly skills to the face. The explosion was massive, and the damage numbers were terrifying. No one survived the combined attack as a matter of course. The three girls were absolutely lethal on the battlefield!


It was a direct clash between several ten thousand Wildfire Riders and 14000-strong Dragonlight Cavalry. However, our Attack and Defense far exceeded the enemy’s expectations. Dragon Soul Protection increased the Dragonlight Cavalry’s Attack and Defense by 50%. The King of Cities’ buff also increased their Attack by 15%.

"It’s hunting time, brothers and sisters!"

At the back, the guild leader of our second subguild raised his giant blade and shouted, "Don’t let the Dragonlight Cavalry look down on you! Dominate the battlefield even without the Dragonscale Beast!"

His comrades roared their approval as they charged toward the enemy. These were the players who didn’t get a Dragonscale Beast yet and the second echelon of the charge. They were responsible for killing whoever the Dragonlight Cavalry softened or missed during their charge.

Pu pu pu…

The first thing they did upon making contact with the enemy was to use Barrier Break. I bet the sight of tens of thousands of Barrier Break happening at the same time looked great. For a time, the sound of bodies falling to the ground and the screams of death filled the air. The second echelon were doing their utmost because they didn’t make the cut to become Dragonlight Cavalrymen either because they lacked levels, skills, or both. Sometimes, there were other reasons. It was in such fights that they had a chance to prove themselves worthy of getting their own Dragonscale Beast. One of the important factors we considered before granting a player a Dragonscale Beast was guild contribution points, and we had turned it on for the Nation War. Long story short, the more enemies they killed, the more contribution points they got, the bigger the chance they would be chosen as the next Dragonlight Cavalrymen. Speaking of which, my guild contribution points were sky-high as a matter of course.

Boom boom…

As I ravaged a group of enemies with Burning Blade Slash, I spotted a row of magic knight Wildfire Riders forming a shield wall. The guy standing in the middle of the line was a corps commander of God’s Domain and the hidden class player we encountered during the WEL internationals, Red Hot Vortex. The man shouted, "Hold, braves of God’s Domain! This is our chance to earn honor and glory! Resist the despicable sneak attack of the Chinese and teach them that the Wildfire Riders are not to be trifled with! Shielders, hold the line! Archers, drag the enemy down their mounts with Shock Arrows and Mountain Stagger Arrows! Mages, kill them all with long-range Galaxy Storms!"

I was surprised to find the JGL Hall of Famer at this place. This was the decisive battle between Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls and God’s Domain for sure!

Swhoosh swhoosh swhoosh...

Storms of magic descended from the sky. I spotted Galaxy Storms and high-level spells like Touch of the Dragonkiss as well. Considering that these mages were the elites of God’s Domain, their Magic Attack had to be very high.

I raised the Dragon God Shield and ordered, "All magic knights, use Holy Shield Protection to endure the attack! They only have a small number of ranged players here, so don’t retreat and push your way through their shield formation! Crush them all!"

Boom boom boom!

The Galaxy Storms exploded among the Dragonlight Cavalry and dealt at least 30k damage per hit. I was expecting a big damage number, but that was still more damage than I initially predicted. There were also very few mages in China who possessed this level of Magic Attack. Inevitably, Dragonlight Cavalry started toppling one after another. We were pure cavalry without a single priest to heal us or a bard to buff us. This outcome was perfectly natural.

However, the death of our comrades only made us angrier!


Gui Guzi abruptly spurred his mount into a massive leap and slammed mightily against the enemy’s shield wall. Amazingly, the shield wall bore the brunt of the impact perfectly!


Enraged, Gui Guzi hit the shields with an Aurora Thrust while shouting, "Li, assist me now!"

Li Chengfeng cut in from the side and unleashed his Dragonblade Revolution, killing three magic knights on the spot. Sensing an opening, High Fighting Spirits jumped in and used his Xiezhi Howl again, throwing almost a hundred players into the air and killing the majority of those.

Less than a hundred meters away from them, I pierced a high-level magic knight’s shield with the Purple Ying Sword and fired Burning Blade Slash. The flame auras absolutely ravaged the poor guy and the players behind him. Beside me, the Phantom Wolf King let out a howl and dropped Purgatory Storm from the sky as well.

Riding the momentum, Chaos Moon danced like a butterfly and cut down many a low-health magic knight. With Xu Yang and Du Thirteen’s aid, He Yi attacked a section of the enemy’s shield formation and successfully tore two giant holes in no time. The Dragonlight Cavalry immediately slipped in between the gaps and ravaged the enemy even further.

Pa pa pa...

A hail of arrows suddenly fell from the sky and stunned Chaos Moon. Xu Yang was just chopping down three archers with Mountain Stagger Slash when the same thing happened to him. Worse, they were both losing HP at an incredible rate. The enemy archers were more powerful than expected!

I swiftly identified the archer group chipping away at my Famous Generals. They were firing about 40 yards away from my location. I shouted, "Beiming Xue, get your Dragonlight Archers over and destroy that archer group with Skypiercer!"

Beiming Xue was a smart girl, and she didn’t need me to hold her hands whatsoever. She raised her hand and commanded about a hundred Dragonlight Archers to her side. Once they rode close enough to line a shot, they fired their Skypiercers in unison and deleted the HP of the stunned and pale-faced enemy archers in one go, killing them all!

"That’s right, kill them all with ranged attack!"

I showered Beiming Xue with praises, and the girl beamed like the sun. She continued leading the Dragonlight Archers here and there, killing many archers and mages in the process. The worst part was that they never even had the chance to retaliate. The Dragonscale Beast increased a player’s attack range by 32 yards, meaning that Beiming and the Dragonlight Archers were shooting from 72 yards away. It was a one-sided slaughter.


"God dammit!"

It took a while, but Red Maple finally showed up. The man wore a handsome outfit and wielded a sword as usual. Body swirling with the energy of Great Earth Transformation, he shouted, "Maple Kill!"


A great number of maple leaves instantly struck a group of Dragonlight Cavalry and killed thirteen of them. Red Maple’s Attack was just too high for them to endure.

"Red Maple!"

Beside Red Maple, a female knight wielding a sword said, "This is bad. These special units… mounted archers of theirs have incredibly long range, and we are losing both the battle on the front and the battle in the back. If this continues, we’re going to lose all our cavalry, and the operation will fail!"

An ashen-faced Red Maple said in a calm tone, "Cyan Frost, take 20000 Wildfire Riders with you and hit the enemy from the flanks. The only thing I ask of you is to take out those mounted archers. Can you do it?"

The vice leader of God’s Domain and the fourth JGL Hall of Famer, Cyan Frost, nodded smilingly. "Mn. 20000 Wildfire Riders should be enough to take out these mounted archers!"

"Very good. I’ll open up a path for you. Go get them!"



Red Maple rallied a group of elite fighters to his side before charging toward the right wing. After killing two half-health Dragonlight Cavalrymen with the triple-hit Fire God Flurry, he tossed out his Thunder God Ball to kill a third. After dropping a different group of Dragonlight Cavalry to red health with Wind Blade Cyclone, he rode up to them and killed a rider each with a swing of his blade. He was unstoppable.


Gui Guzi swore angrily before saying, "Fighting Spirits, cover me! I’m going to intercept Red Maple!"

"Be careful!"

High Fighting Spirits abruptly threw his battle axe and dealt great damage to a group of Wildfire Riders. While they were surprised, Gui Guzi slipped behind the line, let out a shout and charged toward Red Maple from the side. His spearhead erupted into flames as he unleashed Flame Thrust!


Red Maple turned around immediately and knocked the skill aside. However, Gui Guzi kept charging until he got close enough to punch him in the armor!

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