Chapter 1000: I’m So Touched

Atop the gate, I lay down inside an arrow loop and planted the Purple Ying Sword into a gap between the bricks. I stared at the distant, peaceful-looking forest that was hiding countless Purple Grape City players right now. It was impossible to guess what they were planning.

"Want a smoke, sir Lu Chen?" Xu Yang shot me a glance and asked me.

I smiled. "Save it for the army. It’s the least we can do seeing as we’re surrounded, and running out of supplies…"


Xu Yang chortled a little. "It’s been four hours since we've been surrounded. I almost can’t believe you still have the energy to crack jokes."

I crossed my arms in front of my chest and asked, "How is Little Gui doing?"

"They managed to beat back the enemy’s assault for the fifth time, but our losses are severe. Over half of the 70000-strong cavalry Purple Wind Chime brought are dead, and the girl’s panicking over how to justify these losses to Ling Xueshang right now."

"She worries too much. Ling Xueshang has a big chest, so she must have a big heart too! She’ll definitely forgive her general."



Suddenly, He Yi sent me a message: "Lu Chen!"

"Yes, boss?"

"Cyan Earth City and Elephant City just withdrew their forces…"


I jolted to an upright position so suddenly that I nearly fell off the arrow loop. "If you’re sure, then leave behind a small force to defend Black Coast and send everyone over to White Rose Fortress. Long story short, it’s been a hard battle and we’re running out of bodies."

He Yi responded with a smiley face and a message, "Yes, I’m aware you’re struggling right now. I already sent Li Chengfeng to meet up with you. The rest of us will follow once we’ve rooted out all the stragglers at Black Coast."

"You don’t need to worry too much about Dark Moon City, to be honest. There’s no way Cyan Earth City and Elephant City can overcome our 1000 boss-tier Bone Dragons without a significant amount of troops."

"I know."


A melting warmth filled my heart for a moment. No matter what Red Maple might be planning, he and Purple Grape City’s players were dead the moment our main forces arrived.

"Look! Something’s happening over there!"

It so happened that Gui Guzi, Diamond Dust and the others were walking over when Xu Yang suddenly pointed at the distance. We followed his finger and saw flashes of skills amid the dense foliage.

Pa pa pa…

A group of players carrying the 5-star banner of China above their heads and the emblem of Gods of Destruction on their shoulders charged into the open. The leader of the group was none other than Dominating Heaven Blade himself. He was followed closely by Dominating Warrior God, Dominating Knight God, Dominating Archer God, Dominating Mage God and about 5000 players. Somehow, they had breached through Purple Grape City’s encirclement and were heading toward us.

"Quickly! White Rose Fortress is right in front of us! We’ll be safe once we’ve overcome this defense line!" Dominating Heaven Blade shouted with a grim expression on his face. "Don’t let the losers of Purple Grape City think that none of us dare to tackle their defense line!"

Dominating Warrior God cut down a low health Japan archer before laughing in response, "Yeah! Warsky Alliance and Righteousness are such cowards. To think that none of them dared to rush to White Rose Fortress’ aid!"

The Gods of Destruction’s players made it to the plains, but my heart abruptly sank in my chest. "Shit!"

"What’s wrong, Lu Chen?" Xu Yang asked me.

I rose to my feet and pulled my sword out of the stone. "I finally figured out what that sonuvabitch Red Maple is planning!"


"He’s using us to lure in our reinforcements and wipe them out one by one!"

Xu Yang’s pupils shrank. "Shit, you’re right! We can’t ride out of White Rose Fortress because they have superior numbers. And anytime someone tries to come to our aid, they’ll intercept them and kill them all! Those cowardly, devious bastards!"


It was at this moment one section of the forest rustled intensely and unnaturally. The next moment, a sea of cavalry riding red warhorses burst out into the open and charged toward Gods of Destruction! There were at least 50000 of them, and they were pincering them from two sides! They would squash Gods of Destruction 5000-man squad like a bug for sure!

Not only that, a sneering Red Maple finally showed himself atop a gigantic creature. Wielding a longsword, he ordered loudly, "Wildfire Riders, charge! Leave not a single China player alive!"

Bang bang bang...

The fleshy thud, sound of mounts slamming into one another, was as terrible as ever. Dominating Heaven Blade roared and one-shot the Wildfire Rider in front of him with Barrier Break and Triple Slash, but the enemy simply outnumbered them too much. The single exchange had cost them nearly a thousand riders, not to mention that Red Maple’s offensive power was off the charts.

"Maple Kill!"

A swirl of red maple leaves rained down on Gods of Destruction and wiped out a large group of riders. A moment later, Red Maple rushed toward Dominating Warrior God and punched with a shout, "Thunder God Ball!"

Bang! Dominating Warrior God fell back and took 152878 damage to the chest, his face quickly turning . One last slash to the throat later, he fell off his mount and died, just like that. The gap between the duo was just too huge. Dominating Warrior God didn’t even have the chance to block, parry or dodge the attacks.

Enraged, Dominating Knight God charged Red Maple from behind and tried to skewer him with Barrier Break. Unfortunately, the swordsman turned around and parried the skill easily, almost as if he had eyes behind his back. He retaliated with Fire God Flurry that sent the magic knight flying into his own men.

A sneer crossed Red Maple’s lips as he growled, "Die—Wind Blade Cyclone!"


Countless wind blades joined together to form a giant cyclone. It engulfed Dominating Knight God and another one hundred Chinese players, killing them all.

Dominating Heaven Blade’s eyes were red with fury. He kept cutting down player after player, but he couldn’t save his people alone.



Both Gui Guzi and I growled and took action at nearly the same time. Gui Guzi rode down the stairs to exit from the gate. I straight up jumped off the walls, activated Great Earth Transformation and summoned the Armored Ice Qilin Horse while still in midair. Once I landed on top of my mount, I immediately charged straight toward Gods of Destruction. I would never be able to forgive myself if I allowed an ally who was trying to help me be slaughtered like a pig.

On the walls, Xu Yang shouted on top of his lungs, "Lu Chen you motherfucker! You’re the goddamned supreme commander of this fortress! You don’t have the right to get emotional and attack the enemy alone! Get your ass back here right now! Lu Chen! Fuck fuck fuck! Just you wait, I’m going to make boss punish you for this! All riders, follow behind me! We’re going to murder that little shit Red Maple!"

In just the blink of an eye, several Famous Generals and 30000 mounted players of varying quality charged out of the fortress.

Naturally, I was the first player to reach Gods of Destruction. Even before I got into melee range, I had fired a max-range Burning Blade Slash into a group of Wildfire Riders. The Wildfire Riders was the main cavalry force of God’s Domain, and they were made up of Level 170 Spirit Rank mounts. They were one of the stronger cavalry troops out there despite still being outmatched by the Dragonlight Cavalry.

Boom boom boom!

While the three flaming sword auras were tearing through the players like paper, I summoned the Phantom Wolf King and made it unleash Claw of the Storm and Purgatory Storm, immediately dropping a group of Wildfire Riders to low health. Before they got the chance to heal themselves, Gui Guzi one-shot them all with a perfectly-placed Aurora Thrust!

Chiang chiang chiang...

I swung the Purple Ying Sword again and again, and wherever it went, some of the giant shields blocking its way were sliced cleanly in half. Mountain Crush was just too powerful an effect for any player to block. Barely needing to dodge at all, I dashed toward the guild leader of God’s Domain and the so-called god of Purple Grape City, Red Maple, in a straight line!



While I was charging, the man was stabbing Dominating Heaven Blade in the chest and dealing a massive 92823 damage, dropping him to 25% health. However, the guild leader retaliated by grabbing Red Maple’s shoulder and attempting to slap him across the face with the flat side of his blade. Red Maple was a handsome man, and he probably considered a hit to the face more offensive than a gut punch. So, he bent his neck, dodged the attack, launched himself off his mount and kicked Dominating Heaven Blade right in the chest!



Dominating Heaven Blade reeled backward as Red Maple laughed and channeled Fire God Flurry. At this point, the Gods of Destruction guild leader looked like he had given up all hope.

However, a gigantic golden seal suddenly dropped from the sky and rocked Red Maple’s body, dealing 90239 damage!

"It’s you!?"

Red Maple turned toward me with a savage expression and sent the Fire God Flurry he meant for Dominating Heaven Blade at me instead.

I swung the Purple Ying Sword three times in a row, each time using a different level of force and angle. Thanks to my control and Great Earth Transformation, I was able to parry the skill perfectly and counterattack with a super close–range Coiling Dragon Revolution of my own! Here’s a gift for you, Red Maple!


It was too close to dodge, so Red Maple had no choice but to Guard!


The powerful skill knocked Red Maple back a couple of steps, but I, or rather my guildmates, weren’t done yet. Heaven’s Rain and Diamond Dust showed up at the perfect timing and attempted to hit him with Barrier Break!

However, Red Maple reacted by rolling down his mount, and while it was an ugly sight, it allowed him to dodge both skills. Pissed off, Heaven’s Rain followed up with a lightning-fast Triple Slash!

Chiang chiang!

Red Maple swung his sword and parried two hits, but that was all he could do. The third hit landed squarely on his shoulder.


After that, he got on his mount again and withdrew to the back. To protect himself, he channeled his energy and fired his Divine General Skill, Maple Kill, at Heaven’s Rain!


The girl was knocked back, but she still tried to give chase until I stopped her. "Come back, Little Rain! Everyone, protect Gods of Destruction players and withdraw into the fortress! It’s time to calm down!"


Dominating Heaven Blade stood in the middle of the battlefield and stared at Xu Yang and I dazedly. A moment later, he murmured, "Would you believe me if I told you I’m very touched right now?"

I curled my lips and said nothing. I wouldn’t even know where to start.

Xu Yang spat on the ground before saying, "Fuck, we saved your life, and you repay us by creeping us out? Anyway, let’s get the hell away from this place already!"

Dominating Heaven Blade let out a laugh and returned to his mount. He ordered, "Gods of Destruction, withdraw to the fortress!"

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