Chapter 5: Rewards of a Dilemma

I didn’t expect something like this to happen. It’s actually a second mutation. Blue Maple seemed to have seen such a summary in the newbie booklet.

When a Boss was enraged, or if its HP was low, it could mutate. Normally, only one mutation would occur. It was very rare for a second mutation like this, unless a Boss was extremely infuriated.

But it was understandable. The Slime King had been fooled and played by Blue Maple countless times, but it was unable to even touch him. It made sense that it would mutate.

After the Slime King mutated again, an invisible aura seemed to come out from its body. It was like it had manifested into a physical form that was affecting Blue Maple. He could feel that his movements were being restricted.

“This is bad.” Blue Maple furrowed his brow.

This was semi-real. It was very common for a stronger entity to suppress a weaker one. Although Blue Maple was unwilling to admit that he was weaker than the Slime King, that was definitely what was happening. If the Slime King’s HP were full, there was simply no way he would be able to defeat it.

Even its agility was boosted by fifty percent. No matter how quick Blue Maple’s reactions were, there was simply no way he could avoid the Slime King now!

However, it did seem the Slime King was easier to kill now, but that would come at the cost of being hurt himself. Even though Blue Maple’s reflexes were quick, he had to be prepared to be attacked.

“Argh!” The Slime King seemed like it wanted to immediately obliterate the person in front of it, who had been fooling it for a long time. It roared and charged at Blue Maple.

As he witnessed the Slime King charging over, Blue Maple turned serious. The Slime King was too fast...

“Focus! Focus! I must be more focused!” Blue Maple’s attention was completely on the Slime King now.

As he watched the Slime King getting closer and closer, he grew more and more tense. Because of this, the Slime King appeared to be moving slower and slower in his eyes.

“Just a little more!”

“Slightly more!”


He exerted strength in both his legs and immediately shifted to the right.

The Slime King’s body brushed past Blue Maple as he shifted. Blue Maple took this opportunity to stab the Slime King!


A significant damage number appeared, and Blue Maple relied on the momentum to retreat further from the Slime King.

The Slime King didn’t stumble after it was attacked by Blue Maple. Rather, it immediately turned around and attempted to bite him!

Even though Blue Maple managed to move further from the Slime King, he was still much slower than it was. The Slime King was hot on his heels. If it caught up with him, he wouldn’t be able to avoid this attack, because he didn’t have time to prepare for it.

Seeing the Slime King was getting closer and closer, Blue Maple was unable to do anything to avoid it. He gritted his teeth and made a decision.

Just as the Slime King was getting closer to him, he exerted strength in both his legs once again. However, he didn’t shift right this time. Instead, he did something that he didn’t want to do; he leapt into the air!

He couldn’t possibly jump forward or backward because he was being pursued. If he was on the ground, he would be bitten. He could only jump up!

Normally, he wouldn’t be able to dodge if he was in the air. However, he had no choice now. If he didn’t do this, he was bound to get bitten. He was essentially taking a gamble, as he didn’t know if the Slime King would attack him in the air.

He jumped up, and the Slime King couldn’t react in time, and passed beneath Blue Maple.

Blue Maple was delighted when the Slime King didn’t manage to attack him while he was in midair. When he realized this, he immediately stabbed down at it.

As he was diagonally facing the back of the Slime King, the Slime King was instantly knocked to the ground with a resounding bang. More damage was inflicted upon it!


Blue Maple again exploited the momentum from stabbing the Slime King to jump back. Due to its inertia and the surprise factor, the Slime King continued to roll forward again.

When the Slime King finally managed to turn around, it stabilized its body and directly faced Blue Maple once again, just like before.

However……the Slime King was only left with 19 Health. Fortunately, the monsters in the Newbie Village couldn’t restore their HP during a fight. Otherwise, he would really be in big trouble.

The Slime King charged Blue Maple once again. However, Blue Maple didn’t attempt to dodge this time. He stood still, as if everything was calm. At the same time, he was just staring at the Slime King while muttering something under his breath.

“It’s over.” He slashed his sword out.

Shing! -24!

It hit the oncoming Slime King and stabbed right through it.

The Slime King stopped right in front of Blue Maple from its forward inertia.

Three accessories and a few gold, silver, and bronze coins appeared!

The fight was over!

Ding! Announcement: You have successfully killed a Bloodlust Slime King, a Rank 5 Demon Boss. Congratulations on gaining two levels worth of XP and promoting to Level 5. You have also been awarded ten free attribute points!

Ding! Announcement: As you are the first player to kill a Demon Boss on the server, you have activated a public announcement in the system, and news of your killing will be publicized. Since the first public announcement is symbolic, a player is unable to hide the notification.

Two beams of light rose from Blue Maple’s body to reflect the two levels that he had gained. However, Blue Maple wasn’t delighted that he had killed the Slime King and managed to level up, as well as gain some loot. Rather, he furrowed his brow.

It was because of the announcement that was about to appear in the system. He didn’t want anyone else to know about him. However, all the other players would soon find out!


All the players who were fighting monsters heard the announcement.

Ding! Announcement: Player Blue Maple has successfully killed a Bloodlust Slime King, a Rank 5 Demon Boss, on his own. He has become the first player to kill a Demon Boss. He will be awarded two levels worth of XP and a top-quality bronze weapon. For the rest of the players, please continue to work hard.

Ding! Announcement: The public system announcement has been successfully activated. At the same time, the gaming information system, forum, and ranking boards have also been activated. As the person who activated all these systems, Blue Maple will be given five gold coins as a reward.

All the players went silent. Only background sounds could be heard.

After a moment of silence……

“Fuck, who’s so good? He single-handedly challenged a Rank 5 Demon Boss? What’s his level now?”

“Damn it, is there a bug? Wouldn’t the system remove such loopholes?”

“What a joke. How is this possible? How can there be someone challenging a Boss on his own?”

“There’s no news of any expert changing his name. Even if someone did, he wouldn’t be so strong. Let’s find him and drag him into our association!”

“Get our people to take note. If anyone sees him, we must win him over at all costs!”

The server was completely busy now. There was commotion everywhere. Some people were skeptical, some were in awe, some were jealous, some……

He was popular now. He couldn’t not be popular even if he wanted to be. Every player knew about his amazing performance now!

The strongest player right now was probably level 5 and below. Blue Maple was level 7 after he was rewarded.

He didn’t have more than five pieces of newbie accessories. It was still believable if he had challenged an ordinary Rank 5 Boss, or if he challenged an Elite Boss, he might indeed be an expert. But what about a Demon Boss?

If the system wanted to clarify that there wasn’t any bug, it might post a video of the fight. At least his appearance wouldn’t be hidden. Perhaps letting the other players know that the Demon Boss was a result of a mutation could be a good thing, but it could possibly worsen things, too.

He had only been level 3 and only had newbie accessories. He didn’t know what the outcome would be if he was exposed. Furthermore, he didn’t kill the Slime King because of his awareness of the game or his technique. Instead, it was his terrifying reflexes. However, others might think it was an ability to predict attacks that aided him. After all, they would only see that he dodged the Slime King’s attacks.

Ding! Announcement: The system has already given you your rewards. Please check and accept them. As news of your killing was announced without seeking your permission, the system shall offer you a technique book. At the same time, you can intentionally hide your name before you reach level 30. Other players wouldn’t be able to check.

He really didn’t know if it was a good or a bad thing. On average, the players were only level 3. He was already level 7. He had even received a bronze weapon and a technique book. He also had five gold coins and the items that the Boss left behind.

“Haih, forget it,” Blue Maple sighed.

Things had already happened. He couldn’t change it anymore. It was better to just accept it.

He picked up what the Slime King left behind – one gold coin, seventeen silver coins, seventy-eight bronze coins, a vest, a pair of boots, and a dagger.

He checked the items in his bag, and information on them surfaced in his mind.


[Bloodlust Armor] (Rank 5 Metal)

Type: Vest

Defense: 10-12


Strength: +2

Toughness: +3

Endurance: +3


[Bloodlust Iron Boots] (Rank 5 Iron)

Type: Vest

Defense: 5-7


Agility: +3

Toughness: +2

Increases user’s mobility by three percent.


[Dagger of Fury] (Rank 5 Bronze Equipment)

Attack: 32-36

Strength: +8

Increases user’s attack by five percent.

The Slime King left behind rather useful items. However, the dagger didn’t suit Blue Maple. He was a Swordsman, not a Thief...

“Let’s take a look at the rewards.”


【Cold Light Sword】(Rank 7 Bronze Equipment)

Attack: 45-50

Strength: +10

Special effect – Cold Light: There is a twenty percent probability that cold light would be reflected onto the enemy and increases damage by ten percent with the next attack.

Increases user’s armor penetration by 5%.


[Cold Light Slash] (High-rank Single Target Skill) Rank 1

The blade of the user’s sword can be turned into a glimmer of cold light. When unleashed, it inflicts +110% damage. When used on vital areas, it causes +20% damage and drains 10MP. There will be a cooldown of fifteen seconds.

This seems good, Blue Maple thought. Fortunately, no one knew what he was thinking. Otherwise, he would be admonished.

He had no choice. Blue Maple didn’t know the true value of these items. He only knew that they were good. Even though he had killed the Slime King, he was still an inexperienced newbie.

Suit up!, he ordered silently. He was engulfed in white light.

He donned three of the items. Then, he allocated the attribute points according to the standard. His attributes were now unlike a newbie.

[Blue Maple] (Level 7 Newbie Swordsman)

Attack: 107-114

Defense: 18-21



His attributes were very different from when he first entered the game. However, increases in his speed had to be taken slowly.

“Oh, how do I use the technique book?” Blue Maple suddenly thought of the technique book in his bag.

“It should be just like the other items.” Blue Maple considered, and immediately instructed in his head, Use this!

Ding! Announcement: Congratulations on learning a new skill. Check it out on the skill bar. As you are the first player learning a skill, the system is giving you one luck point as a reward.

“What’s luck? Forget it, things I don’t know about… skill bar!”


[Cold Light Slash] (High-rank Single Target Skill) Rank 1

The blade of the user’s sword can be turned into a glimmer of cold light. When unleashed, it inflicts +110% damage. When used on vital areas, it causes +20% damage and drains 10MP. There will be a cooldown of fifteen seconds.

(Proficiency: 1/100)

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