Chapter 4: Second Mutation

The Slime King unleashed an attack at Blue Maple the moment it charged out. However, Blue Maple was prepared, and the attack naturally failed to hit him. At the same time, Blue Maple managed to slash the Slime King too.

-7! A little damage was immediately apparent above the Slime King’s forehead.

Blue Maple heaved a sigh of relief. The Slime King must have been given time to prepare by the system, just like a predator hunting for its prey in the wild.

“It seems like I can easily deal with it without getting hurt.” Blue Maple analyzed the situation logically and relaxed.

Even though Blue Maple was still slower than the Slime King in terms of attack, it seemed like the Slime King was only as quick as he was when it came to other aspects……

Blue Maple’s body shook a little, as he suddenly thought of something……

Making an instant and simple analysis of one’s opponent was an important lesson that Blue Maple had gleaned on Earth. It was one of the survival skills that those living in turmoil had to possess. Although anyone could make an analysis, Blue Maple was different from an ordinary person……

“I didn’t expect this world to be similarly maintained by ceaseless fighting. One cannot escape from all the fighting.” Blue Maple suddenly realized this point just as he was attacked by the Slime King.

He shook his head violently, as if he was forcing himself to forget something. After that, he immediately focused.

He glared at the Slime King and quickly thought of something.

It seems like I’ve gotten so excited from fighting in this game that I’ve forgotten that I need to fight just like in reality. I wouldn’t have realized this so quickly if I didn’t meet such a challenge. However, this inflexible body is posing problems for me. Fortunately, I’ve managed to slowly adapt after the fight earlier. In that case…

I can only continue fighting for a better life. But I really hate fighting. If I knew this, I would have applied to be a NPC, Blue Maple had many thoughts in his head, but his facial expression didn’t seem to change at all.

At this point, the impression that Blue Maple gave seemed to have changed. He didn’t feel like an innocent and naïve, yet indifferent young man. He felt like a mature and cool, but cold young man. In fact, those who lived in turmoil were almost all like him. Every one of them gave off such a feeling……

Blue Maple’s expression didn’t change. It was the same indifferent look. Such a look was common on the chaos-stricken Earth. Almost everyone was like him. They didn’t appear to care about anything else, as if everything in the world had nothing to do with them. However, Blue Maple looked far less ruthless, even though he was as cold as the others. Perhaps there was less hatred and annoyance on his face.

It was a really complex expression, but it indeed belonged to Blue Maple, a young man who had only just turned eighteen.

Just as he finished thinking, the Slime King unleashed another attack. When the Slime King attacked, everything around Blue Maple seemed to come to a standstill. The Slime King’s attack came so slowly, as if it was being reflected off a mirror. However, this wasn’t some supernatural ability, the work of some game expert, or a system error.

This was exactly what someone with extraordinary reaction time was experiencing: a slower world!

In such a situation, Blue Maple’s movements appeared even slower than usual. His reactions were far quicker than the speed of his body. This was exactly what he was experiencing right now.

With his extraordinary reaction time, he easily dodged the attack again. At the same time, he retreated a few steps.

He had no choice. His attack speed wasn’t quick enough. He couldn’t directly clash with the Slime King.

The Slime King appeared to be frustrated after missing its first two attacks. It actually leapt half a meter into the air.

Blue Maple chuckled to himself, Exactly what I wanted.

He bent down and tensed his legs. In an instant, he leapt to the side of the airborne Slime King. At the same time, he grabbed his sword with both hands and thrust in an upwards and diagonal arc.



Just as the damage surfaced, the Slime King flew diagonally backward. An attack was much more lethal in the air, because one was more defenseless in the air.

After he stabbed the Slime King, he stomped down on it.



The Slime King crashed heavily to the ground. As it crashed down without any cushion, more damage appeared.

Before the Slime King could even get up, it was slashed once more by Blue Maple.

The relentless attacks left the Slime King furious. It screeched weirdly before it was able to pick itself up from the ground in anger.

“It’s a pity that I have this body. Otherwise I would have been able to attack continuously. If that happened…” Blue Maple lamented as he watched this.

However, his eyes brightened immediately.

“Oh yes, can I not attack with my sword?” As he suddenly thought of this, he quickly tested this idea by giving the Slime King a kick.


The damage wasn’t much, but the Slime King was successfully stopped from getting up.

However, the Slime King was severely obese. Using the word ‘stand’ to describe what it was trying to do was a little weird. It was also why the Slime King found it difficult to get up.

The Slime King was repeatedly kicked by Blue Maple, and was unable to stabilize itself. After being attacked for half a minute, the Slime King’s health was immediately drained to zero.

“Boring. I got rid of it so easily.” Blue Maple said indifferently.

It was at this point that the Slime King experienced a change!

The Slime King crashed to the ground without getting up. At the same time, it started to shake tremendously. Its hair seemed to have hardened and its greenish body turned blood-red. At the same time, a burst of air threw Blue Maple back.


Originally, Blue Maple thought that the burst of air was some kind of attack strategy. He couldn’t dodge it because he wasn’t very mobile and was also in a defensive pose with his sword right in front of him. It was only when he was thrown back that he realized it was just a means of forcing him away.

Blue Maple realized that he was now some distance away from the Slime King. As Blue Maple was forced back, the Slime King’s transformation was about to be completed.

Blue Maple didn’t want to take a risk by checking on the Slime King. He took a conservative approach and chose to observe from afar instead. Very quickly, the Slime King completed its mutation.

Ding! Announcement: The Slime King is enraged and has successfully mutated into an Enraged Slime King!

[Enraged Slime King] [Rank 4 Elite Boss]




Summary: The King of low-level Slimes living in a small region has mutated and ranked up to become an Enraged Slime King for some special reason. Its offensive strength has increased markedly, but its defensive strength has fallen by half. Its agility has also increased by twenty percent.

It’s indeed like the game summary mentioned, something about bugs that don’t last long, but are able to heal on their own. It’s because of something called ‘semi-reality’, Blue Maple thought to himself.

Its offensive strength won’t be an issue, and it’s a good thing that its defensive strength has fallen. As for the increase in its agility…, Blue Maple paused for a moment as he thought about that.

“Forget it. Such an opponent will be interesting.” He didn’t panic and remained as calm as ever. He was even a little excited…

“Ahh!” the Slime King screeched weirdly before it charged him. Even though it was still jumping and hopping like before, it was not jumping as high as before.

Wow, it has long-term memory. However, I can still kill you, even if you don’t jump high up into the air. I might not be able to exactly tell your position, but I have something that normal people don’t…fighting technique!, Blue Maple thought to himself.

At the same time, he charged the Slime King!

Just as he was about to reach the Slime King, he stomped the ground hard with his left foot and shifted right suddenly.

He took advantage of the momentum to slide to the left of the Slime King. His right foot was firmly positioned behind his body and he used his shoulder to knock into the Slime King!

As he caused further damage to the Slime King, he also made the Slime King lose its center of gravity. However, the Slime King recovered very quickly this time. Before Blue Maple could slash a second time, the Slime King had already regained its balance and was about to turn around.

Helpless, Blue Maple could only quickly retreat after slashing before the Slime King could fully turn around. He lamented the situation he was in.

“This damn body…”

Indeed, he was still a little slow. He couldn’t perform a series of movements in succession. However, this was the problem faced by every newbie. It couldn’t be helped.

The Slime King was indeed faster than it was earlier. This posed a lot of problems for him, in trying to avoid it. Although his reaction time was very quick, his body couldn’t keep up with him. This meant that everything was in vain.

After fighting for more than a minute, the Slime King’s HP was still above a hundred.

Even though Blue Maple managed to inflict more damage on the Slime King with every attack, he had to avoid the Slime King’s attacks, too. The frequency of his attacks fell.

His HP were still full. That was something he was proud of.

During the fight, he was also observing his surroundings. He didn’t find anything that he could take advantage of, which he felt was a pity.

However, Blue Maple believed that he could still successfully deal with the Slime King despite all that.

Blue Maple was a perfectionist. Once he set his sights on something, he had to complete it perfectly. That was why he wanted to kill the Slime King without being hurt at all. He even wanted to leave the Newbie Village without being hurt at all!

However, Blue Maple was very lazy normally…

After a few more clashes, the Slime King’s HP were still over sixty. Given the current trend, Blue Maple would only need four more strikes to kill it.

Just as Blue Maple was getting a little excited, another problem cropped up again!


A burst of air came from the Slime King once again. However, it was even more intense this time. Blue Maple was thrown back even further than before. Even though he wasn’t hurt, he couldn’t stop the Slime King from mutating once again.

The Slime King’s blood-red body started to brew with a bloody aura. Its entire body started to release black gas, and its hairs were completely stiff. It looked like a bloodthirsty porcupine right now.

Ding! Announcement: The Enraged Slime King felt unprecedentedly humiliated and has been completely infuriated. It has undergone a second demonic mutation into a Bloodlust Slime King. Be careful!

[Bloodlust Slime King] (Rank 5 Demon Boss)




Summary: The King of the low-level Slimes for a small region has undergone a second devilish mutation for some special reason. It has ranked up to become a Bloodlust Slime King. Its offensive strength has increased once again, and its defensive strength has fallen by half once more. Its agility has also increased by thirty percent. Be aware! This Boss is extremely dangerous!

Blue Maple furrowed his brow. “Troublesome…”

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