Chapter 1160: Stunning the World (End of Book Nine)

The Frostfeather Saint wasn’t even training anymore. He was too busy looking at Bai Yunfei’s ‘demonstration’—Bai Yunfei was already capable of absorbing chaotic energy!

The Frostfeather Saint never expected Bai Yunfei to be able to do that, needless to say.

“His talent for training isn’t at the level of a genius, but to be fortunate enough to fall into Enlightenment…it must make one jealous to see how beloved he is by ‘fate’. I wonder…what height will he be able to reach? What knowledge will he learn?”

A small smile graced the lips of the Frostfeather Saint. He was excited to see what Bai Yunfei would be able to learn.

There wasn’t even a need for him to ‘protect’ Bai Yunfei anymore. The surrounding chaotic energy was no longer something that could do any harm to Bai Yunfei.

Time trickled slowly as the Frostfeather Saint watched over Bai Yunfei. He wasn’t impatient at all about how slowly it was taking Bai Yunfei. If anything, his excitement grew by the second by how much potential Bai Yunfei was showing… 

Bai Yunfei’s ability was truly exceeding his expectations.

Sensing an abnormality in the area, the Frostfeather Saint leaped to his feet. The anomaly wasn’t Bai Yunfei this time, but…Xiao Qi!

“Has…has he grasped onto the concept as well?!”

This time the Frostfeather Saint couldn’t help but exclaim his thoughts out loud. At some point in time when he wasn’t paying attention, Xiao Qi went from being bored out of his mind to falling into a trance as well! A sliver of the chaotic energy was absorbing was also beginning to gather around the bird!

“The bond of their souls…has already attained such a perfect level?!”

The Frostfeather Saint was truly stunned. The bond between Bai Yunfei and Xiao Qi went beyond most—it was the level of a ‘perfect harmony’! Perfect harmony sounded exactly as it did, a bond between souls had to be so high that absolutely nothing could top it! 

“Haha…these two are truly wonders to behold…” The Frostfeather Saint chuckled to himself. “I find myself excited to see how far you two will go. The path of ‘Ascension’...may be quite easy for you two…”

The Frostfeather Saint felt quite surprised to see two very-promising younglings right in front of him. And the longer he continued to wait, the more surprised he became… 


Suddenly, the space around the Frostfeather Saint trembled violently...

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