Chapter 1158: I Shall Gift You Good Fortune!

“What?! Tang—I mean Yunfei, you want us to go with you?!”

One person exclaimed loudly amongst the villagers. It was the village elder. He couldn’t believe his ears on what he had just heard.

“Yes. I can bring everyone into Yao City as long as they are willing. You’d be able to live your lives there, and of course…you have the freedom to join the Yao clan and learn the art of Alchemy.”

“What!? Is that true?! We can live with those same ‘Immortals’?!”

“They’re not ‘Immortals’, weren’t you listening to Ta—Bai Yunfei? They’re called ‘soul cultivators’!”

“But they can fly and recover from near-death just like nothing, what difference is there between Immortal and soul cultivator then?! Can my child become one of these soul cultivators too then?”

“I want to go! Bro Bai! I want to learn! I want to learn Alchemy and become a soul cultivator!”

Soon, multiple villagers began to voice out their excitement at the choice being offered to them.

This was the reactions Bai Yunfei was getting after telling the village about the Yao clan and what soul cultivators were. Many of the villagers were excited to hear about what Yao city was like and interested to take him up on his offer.

It was a thought that Bai Yunfei had since earlier on. The Yao clan had no qualms about his proposal and were more than willing to allow the villagers to learn the art if they so wanted. 

However, this didn’t mean to say that Bai Yunfei wanted to disrupt the lives of the villagers. If they didn’t want to live an entirely different life than the one they were used to, then Bai Yunfei wouldn’t press the issue.

Luckily, most of the younger villagers—such as Stone and Zuo Shuo—looked ecstatic at the offer. The sight of Bai Yunfei and Tang Xinyun flying through the air was breathtaking to them.

Most of the older villagers had their doubts. Naturally, these villagers felt hesitation after having lived in this area for thousands of years.

“Yunfei…would you allow us some time to consider this? Surely you must be feeling tired after traveling all this way? Why not rest for a while…?”

The village elder spoke.

“Of course.”

With the conversation down, everyone left to go back to do their own things while Bai Yunfei and Tang Xinyun returned to Stone’s house.

The next day, Bai Yunfei and Tang Xinyun continued returned to the Soulbeast Forest. And inside Yao City were several new residents.

The village had decided to start their lives anew in Yao City.

A few days later and Bai Yunfei was across the Qimang Mountains and back in the Soulbeast Forest.

Once he arrived at the wolf clan’s territory, the rest of the soulbeast army within the Core World was let out.

The next thing to do was find a place for the Yao clan.

It was a decision made after careful consideration with Yao Wuchen. They’d live in the middle of the Soulbeast Forest.

They at first considered being reintroduced to the Tianhun Empire and find a place to settle. But after a lengthy debate, the clan decided to seek the strongest soulbeasts for ‘permission’.

With the internal strife tearing apart the Tianhun Empire, the Yao clan figured it wouldn’t be in their best interest to take any chances settling there. Resurfacing as a clan would certainly cause waves in the world, and causing waves meant opening themselves up to danger. At least here in the Soulbeast Forest they’d be safe from most harm.

Besides, the Yao clan’s research with the soul rejuvenating pill was nearly complete. Many soulbeasts were extremely hopeful for the end product. After all, they managed to rescue many of their sealed comrades from the Beast Taming School after that war. The Yao clan would be the key to bringing back their loved ones.

In this case, the Yao clan would be extremely safe inside the Soulbeast Forest. With the soulbeast rulers there as their guarantors, no other soulbeast would dare make the Yao clan as their enemy.

It was a good thing. Bai Yunfei never wanted to think of the Yao clan as his own ‘personal army’. And neither did he want to force them back into the real world. As safe as it was in the Core World, it was no place to live for extended periods of time. Relocating the Yao clan inside the Soulbeast Forest would be for the best for everyone.

And the place they decided to live in was within the territory of the wolf clan since the wolves were the soulbeasts they trusted most in the forest.

With several powerful soulbeasts lending their hand, the area in which the Yao clan wanted to settle on was evened out before Bai Yunfei ‘moved’ Yao City back into the world.

And with that settled, all the soulbeast leaders left to return to their own territories. Life in the Soulbeast Forest would finally return to normal.

But Bai Yunfei didn’t leave the forest. He remained in Yao City for a while longer.

That was because Xiao Qi had yet to receive the Frostfeather Saint’s guidance.

About ten days ago, the Frostfeather Saint managed to fully recover and was ready to give what guidance he had to Xiao Qi. And ten days after, Xiao Qi was still in the Core World ‘meditating’. Bai Yunfei didn’t even bother him as Yao City was moved.

Nowadays, Long Lan could be seen by the side of the Blue-eyes White Dragon King. Having caught his interest, the Blue-eyes White Dragon King decided to give Long Lan some guidance of his own. Later, Long Lan was taken back to the Blue-eyes White Dragon King’s territory so he could try and become a class eight soulbeast. 

Another three days passed in the Soulbeast Forest. One late afternoon, Bai Yunfei was helping Stone awaken to soulforce inside of Yao City. Zuo Shuo was currently in the middle of meditation after having learned something from when he was in the Core World.

After instructing Stone and several other students on what to do, Bai Yunfei then disappeared from the city.

He reappeared within the small courtyard of his before waving his hand to bring out Xiao Qi and the Frostfeather Saint.

“Senior…” He bowed at once.

“Hn.” The Frostfeather Saint nodded. “This child is quite perceptive. I have given all I have to give. However much he learns is now up to him.”

“Thank you very much, senior!”

Xiao Qi wasn’t even done yet and Bai Yunfei could distinctly see the difference than to when he first began nearly half a month ago. The air around Xiao Qi was already richer than usual and made it almost difficult to see his person… 

“There’s no need for your thanks. What I gave is hardly a pittance…Xiao Qi is the new hope of our clan. I expect much from his growth. Perhaps…he will become the next Saint of our clan…”

Bai Yunfei was surprised. This was certainly a high evaluation to be given by someone powerful… 

“And now is your turn, Bai Yunfei. I will be gifting you something as well…”

Surprised by the Frostfeather Saint, Bai Yunfei gave the soulbeast a quirked look, “I beg your pardon? You…want to gift me something?”

The Frostfeather Saint smiled.

“I shall gift you good fortune!”

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