Chapter 1157: The Return to the Village

“We part ways here, Yunfei.”

Several figures stood high up in the sky. It was a sunny day without a cloud in the sky. The one who spoke was Li Chengfeng.

Bai Yunfei nodded. “Fine with me, but remember what we said. Find me at the Crafting School three months from now.”

“How can I forget?” Li Chengfeng laughed, “I’m the one waiting to have you craft me a powerful soul armament. There’s no way I won’t come.”

“Uncle Bai, you have to craft me a super-amazing soul armament too! Don’t forget about me!”

Li Ruofeng piped up from beside Li Chengfeng.

“Haha, I will. I’ll craft you a suitable soul armament when the time comes.”

“And me! Uncle Bai, I’m here too!”

“Yes yes, Ruofeng will have one too…”

From beside Bai Yunfei, Tang Xinyun barely managed to hide the smile on her face as she watched the two children talk. The two children were lovable and even Bai Yunfei found it hard not to spoil them. The both of them had two heaven-tier bracelets on their arms and several other soul armaments that even a Soul King would find hard to obtain.

And so Li Chengfeng and his two children left. Clasping Tang Xinyun’s hand in his own, Bai Yunfei looked to her. “Let’s get going then, Xinyun.”

With that, the two disappeared in a single burst of light to fly toward the north.

Ten days passed since the Beast Taming School was destroyed. Bai Yunfei and the other soulbeasts were now back at Soulbeast Forest.

Wu Dijian had already left before the others, choosing to return to Tianhun Academy while You Qingfeng and Chu Yuhe returned to their own schools three days after.

Now that the most pressing matter was dealt with, Bai Yunfei thought it was time that he returned to the Crafting School. There wasn’t a need for any of the soulbeasts or non-related personnel to follow him.

There was one thing worth mentioning. The students from the Water School, such as Chu Yuhe and Qiu Luliu, didn’t leave the forest without contracting a soulbeast partner. With so many peak late-stage class six soulbeasts here and the students hoping to breakthrough, it was a valuable opportunity for both sides to find a partner. And with the class eight soulbeasts offering their insights for them, Chu Yuhe and the others were able to breakthrough and become Soul Kings, and their soulbeast partners managed to become class seven soulbeasts. With nearly a dozen new Soul Kings and class seven soulbeasts to their school, You Qingfeng was practically beside himself with excitement.

You Qingfeng found it prudent that they leave for their schools after that. The peace between the Five Schools wouldn’t last forever, and he wanted to make sure they could be there for when the peace ended.

Likewise, Li Chengfeng wanted to leave as well, though he promised to meet with Bai Yunfei three months later. Neither party said much when they left, three months wasn’t too long of a time compared to ten years.

His part in the Beast Taming School’s destruction had been a vital one. Not only as a Soul Emperor, but also because he was the one who made sure they all attacked at the most crucial point. From what the Frostfeather Saint told them of his situation, everyone knew it was by no coincidence that Li Chengfeng had them attack on the same day.

If they didn’t listen to Li Chengfeng and attacked seven days earlier, then Xue Ziye would’ve abandoned his attempts on the Frostfeather Saint. In that case, there would’ve been one more Late-stage Soul Emperor and his soulbeast puppets on the battlefield. While Xue Ziye wouldn’t be impossible to defeat, the victory would’ve certainly been more pyrrhic. 

The Beast Taming School was doomed to die. Everyone knew that. The only thing they had to pay attention to was the possibility of a counterattack by any of the stronger beast tamers. In the event of the total destruction of their school, the beast tamers would certainly be capable of doing anything even if it cost them everything.

One such act would be having their class eight soulbeast puppets self-destruct. The damages to the soulbeast army would tremendous in that case… 

Not even the Frostfeather Saint was safe. His own body had a seal of sorts that’d result in his self-destruction in the case that Xue Ziye willed it. But that seal was gone after Xue Ziye tried to take over his body.

A class nine soulbeast was basically the same as a nuclear bomb if they self-destructed. The lives lost would be utterly disastrous.

The ‘timing’ in which Bai Yunfei and the others attacked the Beast Taming School was late enough for Xue Ziye to be unwilling to give up on his attempts to take over the Frostfeather Saint. Had they attacked earlier than Xue Ziye would’ve thought otherwise, but the multiple attempts wore away at his mind. Undoing the seal on the Frostfeather Saint, Xue Ziye tried his best to succeed. It was his greatest chance of hope to be able to integrate himself into the Frostfeather Saint and fend off the attackers. Every beast tamer was waiting for that moment. Because of that hope, the other beast tamers were not as radicalized in their methods.

But their expectations did not match up with the reality of when the Frostfeather Saint did arrive… 

In other words, there was another person that the Frostfeather Saint should’ve thanked more than Bai Yunfei. 

Li Chengfeng.

Because of his suggestion, the losses to the soulbeast army were minimal. Those alive in the army today could thank Li Chengfeng for improving their chances.

By directing what day to attack, Li Chengfeng was able to achieve the impossible and contribute majorly to the war effort. As such, Bai Yunfei found himself in awe at both Li Chengfeng and the Fate School’s prowess.


Bai Yunfei and Tang Xinyun’s journey was an uneventful one with the two of them traveling through the air either with the Heaven’s Thunder or with teleportation. Every so often someone from the Core World would ‘pop out from thin air’ to talk, but they stayed within it for the most part.

Ten days went by by the time Bai Yunfei finally arrived at the Qimang Mountains.

The sun was at the highest point in the sky by this time of day. Pausing over a small valley, Bai Yunfei looked down to view the several huts constructed there.

“This is the place, Xinyun. The village where I lived for three years…”

The atmosphere of the village felt familiar to him. A wistful expression crossed over Bai Yunfei’s face as he related to Tang Xinyun what he experienced.

And so the two dropped down from the skies to enter the village.

Such a sight would cause any one of the villagers to cry out with shock. Their eyes flew wide open the moment they saw Bai Yunfei as one of the two people, and soon the entire village began to cry out with alarmed voices… 

“It’s…it’s Tang Long! Tang Long’s back!”

“It is! Everyone come quick! Tang Long is back!”

“He’s become an Immortal! He’s flying! And look! He has another Immortal with him!”

Bai Yunfei was soon beset with all sorts of villagers as he touched down onto the ground.

“Tang Long?” Tang Xinyun asked.

“I didn’t remember my name,” Bai Yunfei smiled, “I only knew of the name of the person in those soul fragments…”

“Tang Long!”

“Bro Tang!”

“Brother Tang! You’re back!”

Soon, every single villager was crowding around Bai Yunfei—not a single hunter was out of the village today.

“Stone, Zuo Shou, sister Lucid…uncle Wu, and the village elder…”

One by one, Bai Yunfei greeted each of the familiar faces with a sense of happiness….

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