Chapter 1152: Is It the End of the Road? Or is There Another Way?

Not a single beast tamer could believe their eyes… 

Was it true? Was that object really…?

It was! Bai Yunfei was…holding the head of their headmaster in his hand!!

The world grew silent at this bombshell of a revelation.

“He killed Lin Xiangtian! And so quickly!!”

The beast tamers weren’t the only surprised ones. Even the soulbeasts were shocked at how fast Bai Yunfei had killed the headmaster, even the Blue-eyes White Dragon King. 

He had confidence that Bai Yunfei would at the very least be able to endure being inside the Dimensional Phantasm until it spat him back out, but to kill Lin Xiangtian during that short time frame? Bai Yunfei had more to him than he thought!

Killing a Soul Emperor within the Phantasm,...

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