Chapter 1151: The Situation on the Outside

While Bai Yunfei and Lin Xiangtian were fighting within the Phantasm. The outside world.


Amidst the fighting across the battlefields, there was one sound that could be distinguished above the others. Someone was screaming!

The reason why this particular person could be heard was simple. The one dying was a…Half-emperor!

A Half-emperor was already dead straight off the bat!

Aside from Lin Xiangtian, the Beast Taming School had another three Soul Emperors in their reserves and two Half-emperors. Of those two Half-emperors, one of them had two peak late-stage class seven soulbeast puppets that were currently fighting the Golden Lion King and the Stegosaurus King.

The Half-emperor that died was the one controlling the class eight soulbeast puppet!

Controlling a class eight soulbeast puppet was a feat that ultimately proved too difficult for that Half-emperor. With the Two Winged Kings bombarding him from every angle and the White-browed Hawk King providing support,...

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