Chapter 1150: A Unique Killing Method

The stench of death was so thick in the air that Lin Xiangtian felt like puking. His eyes, bloodshot and dilating, watched the spear draw closer and closer to him. Still trembling, Lin Xiangtian did his very best to try and leap back!


The next thing he smelt was the acrid burning of something being lit on fire. His entire person felt like it was dipped in cold water despite the heat. He was terrified!


Life hanging by a thread, Lin Xiangtian tried his best to dodge the spear, and… 

He managed to succeed! The spear blew past him so that only the heat of the flames was the only thing to touch him. Before he could celebrate his new lease on life, Lin Xiangtian felt something slam into his chest before he was sent flying away like a kite without a string!

Bai Yunfei had punched him! Since his spear didn’t land, Bai Yunfei used his left hand to land a punch onto the beast tamer! And then when Lin Xiangtian went flying he chased after ...

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