Chapter 1149: Sealing the Eight-tailed Bull!

Faced with what felt like a bottomless black hole with teeth, Bai Yunfei had no doubts that being caught in those sharp fangs would mean certain death!

So he changed his target from Lin Xiangtian to the bull! Kicking with his feet, Bai Yunfei exploded upward with great speed!


It was by inches that Bai Yunfei managed to escape being devoured by the bull. Before he could relax, however, Bai Yunfei realized the bull was springing up to bite him again!


Glancing at the Cataclysmic Seal gave Bai Yunfei an idea. What if…he expanded the Cataclysmic Seal when the bull tried to eat them? Wouldn’t the bull die of suffocation or something then?


He didn’t have any time to put his theory to the test, however. Instead of biting them as he thought,...

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