Chapter 1148: An Escalating Battle

With the intent to retreat in mind, Lin Xiangtian began to spur his soulforce to his feet so he could follow through with his mind. But… 


One moment later and Lin Xiangtian was stuck frozen to his spot!

His immediate freezing motion was met with great resistance. Snarling to himself, Lin Xiangtian forced his body to continue moving. He was furious! Bai Yunfei wasn’t even a Mid-stage Soul Emperor and yet he was capable of a soul attack strong enough to affect him!


Another soul attack!


A third one!!


The blood vessel on Lin Xiangtian’s face was close to popping with how angry he felt. He desperately wanted to retaliate with a soul attack of his own, but…he didn’t dare do it!!

He still remembered the last time he tried a soul attack and had it reflected back onto him for his troubles! 

Soul attacks are what soul cultivators of the Soul King or higher level use for their strongest moves, usually. But in this case,...

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