Chapter 1145: A Disadvantageous Situation

“The Interdimensional Phantasm still exists in this era?!”

The Blue-eyes White Dragon King exclaimed—this type of beast was a legendary one. One that even he had only heard mention of before. This was a beast that preceded his time by thousands of years!

“The Interdimensional Phantasm contains a whole world within itself, the Phantasm. A world where one feels limited in every regard…will Bai Yunfei be able to handle it?”

Worry began to grace the Blue-eyes White Dragon King’s eyes. Just remembering the stories of this beast was enough for him to take concern for Bai Yunfei even despite knowing how strong the soul cultivator was.


He ducked his head to dodge a strike from the Azure Eagle King. Swinging his right hand out, he sent out a beam...

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