Chapter 1144: The Interdimensional...Phantasm!

Battles were popping up everywhere around the Beast Taming School. Hardly any distance could be traveled without bumping into a beast tamer fighting a soulbeast, especially if one took to the skies.

But Lin Xiangtian wasn’t looking any of the battles. His eyes were focused only on Bai Yunfei. He felt nothing but hatred and despise for the person in front of him.

If no soulbeast was attacking him, then that was fine with him! He’d kill Bai Yunfei himself then!

The only thing that made him hesitant was the people next to Bai Yunfei, Li Chengfeng especially. The fact that this person was a Soul Emperor at such a young age shocked Lin Xiangtian. But only for a moment. 

Waving his right hand, Lin Xiangtian summoned a giant black scorpion!


The scorpion let out a shrill...

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