Chapter 1142: Why Now of All Times?!

Meanwhile, a little before Bai Yunfei arrived at the Beast Taming School.

In the ‘back peak’ of the Beast Taming School.

Lin Xiangtian—one of the pillars of the Beast Taming School, was currently seated in one of the four corners of the formation. His hands never stayed at rest for long, they were a constant blur of handseals to send more of his soulforce into the formation. The amount of soulforce that thickened the cave in here was enough to make even a Soul King feel faint.

At the center of the formation were the same two figures as before. The figure in white was still looking as peaceful as ever while the elder was trembling from fatigue and exertion. The soulforce radiating from the elder was even more intense than the ones from Lin Xiangtian and the others. The faint images of what appeared to be shackles could...

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