Chapter 1141: The Power of the Voidsplitter!

Hardly anyone could see the black jet of light that came out from Bai Yunfei’s hand. It was just traveling far too fast for most people to see.

But Chu Hongrong was not most people. He was already keeping a vigilant eye on the light the moment it escaped Bai Yunfei’s right hand!

“A soul armament!!”

One of the most important aspects in a fight between soul cultivators was not the vision brought to them by the eyes, but by their soulsense. Chu Hongrong’s eyes could only see a streak of light, but his soulsense was telling him something was traveling extremely fast toward him!

As a Soul Emperor, he was confident on his guess. He was up against another Soul Emperor, one that was from the Crafting School!

So he couldn’t disregard this projectile as being harmless. Commanding the galewing lion, Chu Hongrong had his soulbeast puppet move in front of him to stop it!

There was no way the projectile would get through his soulbeast puppet. Not with how large it was. The soulbeast was practically the size of a small mountain!

That was what Chu Hongrong was thinking. It didn’t even matter if the projectile was strong enough to pierce through the galewing lion. By that point, the projectile wouldn’t be traveling anywhere as fast as before and could easily be stopped. It wasn’t like the galewing lion would be harmed much by it anyhow.


But then something unexpected happened and caused Chu Hongrong to freeze completely still!

The soul armament Bai Yunfei threw out…was gone!!

It baffled his mind but prompted him to act upon this as quickly as he could. Summoning a barrier of elemental wind, Chu Hongrong protected himself as well as he could on demand and leaped to the right.

As impeccable as his reaction was, the flying dagger’s effects would not allow him to escape so easily. All of his movements were futile!


The sound of wind being displaced so close to him startled Chu Hongrong. His eyes widened with fear as he realized the soul armament Bai Yunfei threw was now right in front of him!

Neither his soulbeast puppet nor his barrier proved effective in protecting him. The projectile had simply bypassed the both of them! It was as if the projectile appeared out of thin air!

The Voidsplitter gleamed menacingly in the sunlight. Whistling through the air, the flying dagger nicked the left ear of Chu Hongrong!


A deathly howl erupted from Chu Hongrong. It was a high-pitch scream that reeked of death. Soulforce exploded forth from his body for a second and rendered everyone unable to see what happened. 

When the light dissipated…half of the left part of his head was gone!

It was all because of the Voidsplitter. When it bypassed Chu Hongrong’s barrier and nicked his ear, the Voidsplitter activated its effect!

There was a split-second when Chu Hongrong let out a breath of relief upon escaping death. A single nick wasn’t even anything to speak about. But then everything changed when the Voidsplitter activated its effect… 

And in that second… 


The only thing Chu Hongrong heard was the blade of the Voidsplitter vibrate. He felt his own ear lose feeling for a second before sensing the surrounding spatial energy start to grow agitated!

The hair on his arms stood on their ends as Chu Hongrong realized something was wrong. His vision went black and then… 

He felt nothing at all… 

A single nick was all it took for the Voidsplitter to activate its effect. It flashed once with a demonic black light before disintegrating everything within a three-inch radius of Chu Hongrong’s ear!

+12 Additional Effect: Activate Voidsplitter upon contact. Disintegrate everything within 3 inches of the dagger.Cooldown of 1 hour.

Unfortunately for Chu Hongrong…that three inches meant a good portion of his head was gone now!

And so when the Voidsplitter’s effect activated, there was a brief second where a portion of Chu Hongrong’s head was occupied by a black sphere of light before it faded away. All that was left after that was Chu Hongrong’s head now having a freakish-looking hole.

Not even a Soul Emperor would be able to survive having a portion of his head gone!

The barrier of elemental wind around him shattered like a mirror the moment he died. Without any soulforce feeding it, the barrier couldn’t sustain itself! His corpse dropped from the sky after two seconds and plummeted to the ground below!

An instant kill!

An Early-stage Soul Emperor was killed straight off the bat!

The Voidsplitter was terrifyingly strong!

Silence reigned in the world once again as everyone watched Chu Hongrong fall. The Soul Kings from the Beast Taming School were absolutely stunned by Chu Hongrong’s death!

There was a flash of black light as the Voidsplitter returned to Bai Yunfei’s hand. Then without pause, he flew straight for the completely still galewing lion!

Bai Yunfei was surprised how easily he managed to kill Chu Hongrong, but he wasn’t one to allow the element of surprise slip past his fingers so easily. Chu Hongrong was dead, now it was time for the others!

The soulbeast puppet was no longer mobile since its master was dead. That meant the soulbeast puppet was as still as a statue and free for Bai Yunfei to throw something rainbow-colored at it!

The rainbow-light faded away just enough for some people to catch glimpse of a circular ring inside it. In the blink of an eye, the ring looped around the lion's neck and stuck fast to it!

Since Chu Hongrong was dead, there was nothing stopping Bai Yunfei to use the Beast Taming Ring on the galewing lion!

Completely unobstructed, Bai Yunfei came to a stop above the galewing lion’s head!


The galewing lion trembled from head to toe as the Beast Taming Ring seized control of it. Its head snapped up to roar before it dove for the Beast Taming School!

“Ma—master Chu is dead?! Dead!!”

“Ah? Ah?! What?! How…how could master Chu have died!? How?!”

“There’s no way! It has to be a trick! What did he do?!”

“He’s stolen master Chu’s soulbeast puppet! Watch out!!”

“Warn the headmaster! Right now!!”


Pandemonium erupted within the crowd of beast tamers. 

Chu Hongrong was one of the strongest the Beast Taming School had to offer. Soul Emperors were not common in the world, let alone their school. So how in the world did he do so easily?!

It was a sight that scared practically everyone!

From on top of the galewing lion, Bai Yunfei watched as everyone beneath him started to panic and scatter. Looking at the faraway back peak of the school, he opened his mouth to speak.

“It’s time for war!”

Ripples began to form all around Bai Yunfei the moment he made his declaration. Within seconds, these ripples exploded in number—some of them were already revealing the figures of more people coming through them!

To his left were Xiao Qi, Long Lan, Tang Xinyun, Wu Dijian, Dan Teng, and the alchemists of the Yao clan.

To his right were the Blue-eyes White Dragon King, the Bloodhowl Wolf King, and the other soulbeast kings!

And behind them were the many soulbeasts that served the soulbeast kings!

“Boom boom boom boom boom…”

A storm of soulforce exploded forth from the back peak of the Beast Taming School as several figures revealed themselves inside!

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