Chapter 1139: Seven Days

“The ‘end’ of the Beast Taming School?”

Bai Yunfei wasn’t quite sure if Li Chengfeng was joking with him or not, speaking so cryptically. “What’s so special about seven days from now?”

“It’s not the date that’s special, it’s just that that day will be the most optimal time to strike.”

“And why is that?”

“No idea.”

“Er…” Bai Yunfei felt a sweatdrop start to form on his head, “What do you mean you have ‘no idea’?!”

“That’s what I’m getting from my ‘prediction’....You should already know that’s how the Fate School works. Our techniques can divine fate to a certain degree. We might not be able to ‘see the future’, but we can at the very least...

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