Chapter 1138: The Predestined End of the Beast Taming School

Bai Yunfei was stunned. He hadn’t even reunited with Li Chengfeng for long before his friend realized what his goal was. To be honest, it actually frightened Bai Yunfei at how Li Chengfeng had managed to deduce his plans.

Li Chengfeng smiled and pointed off to the right, “Is there anyone that’d be able to ignore the ocean of soulforce radiating from those soulbeasts? I can feel the auras of over a dozen class eight soulbeasts, they must be an army of some sort. You mentioned the Tomb of the Emperor Beasts before, so your connection with so many soulbeasts isn’t as surprising to see. And if there’s an army of soulbeasts here, your goal is pretty obvious to see…

“More importantly, I was previously wondering why ‘fate’ was drawing me to this place. I was curious, so I divined the ‘fate’ of the Beast Taming School and the results were shocking. I saw the ‘death omen’!! I thought I was mistaken, really. But now that I’m here with you, I know now that the Beast Taming School’s ‘death omen’ is true.”

Bai Yunfei was amazed. What kind of power was that? “Your Fate School is far too hard to understand,” he sighed, “you’re telling me that you know the Beast Taming School is going to die out? You can actually predict the fate of an entire school?!”

“It’s impossible, generally speaking,” Replied Li Chengfeng, “the ‘fate’ of a single person is already hard enough to predict, let alone the ‘fate’ of an entire school. It’s also difficult to predict the ‘direction’ of a school since the ‘fate’ of every individual in that school can change the school’s ‘fate’. Only in the face of absolute power should the ‘death omen’ appear so clearly. In this case, there’s nothing strange about the destruction of the Beast Taming School.”

“I still don’t quite get it…” Bai Yunfei shook his head. It was hard for him to understand the terminology being used by Li Chengfeng, like the word ‘fate’. He could at least understand a few key points, though.

One, the Beast Taming School’s ending was confirmed. That eased him to some degree and gave him confidence in the upcoming fight.

Two, Li Chengfeng was willing to help him destroy the Beast Taming School!

“Chengfeng…you want to join us against the Beast Taming School?” He asked, deciding that it was better to ask about ‘fate’ another time.

“That was why I’m here. Beside…why should I stand by the sidelines when you’re involved?”

“Haha! Fine then! With you by my side, I feel like nothing can stop us!” Bai Yunfei laughed joyously. Li Chengfeng joining them didn’t mean just one more Early-stage Soul Emperor. It meant that the Fate School was now on their side, which gave him no small amount of joy.

He felt like he went back in time ten years with how happy he was seeing Li Chengfeng. It felt almost like yesterday that the two went off to the Blackwood Stronghold. Those memories tasted sweet in his mind to think about.

“Now that’s enough about me, what about you? Did you really defeat Nether’s avatar three years ago, Yunfei? How’d you escape? And where did you go for three whole years? How’d you meet the Yao clan? And when did you manage to get a whole army of soulbeasts?”

Firing question after question, Li Chengfeng was just as curious about Bai Yunfei as Bai Yunfei was for him. 

“It’s a bit of a long story…” Bai Yunfei smiled, “but you know about my battle three years ago outside Swallow City, right? I was fighting the junior headmaster of the Soul Refining School, ‘Mo Ni’. He and I fought several times already, but that time he used a transportation soul armament to escape and I was brought with him to the Soul Refining School. After that…”

Bai Yunfei had to admit, he was a masterful storyteller. He could feel his own blood start to boil with excitement as he narrated the events that happened to him. From when Nether and him took one another out to the three Regalia saving him. From when he appeared in the village in the Qimang Mountains and lived there for three years before the three schools came to the same mountains. Then to his induction into the Yao clan and his eventual rebirth. The last part of his story he talked about was how he managed to destroy the armies of the three schools and gathered enough soulbeasts to take part in the venture against the Beast Taming School… 

Each event was more stunning than the last. As he listened, Li Chengfeng could hardly stop his jaw from dropping wide open.

It wasn’t until Bai Yunfei stopped his story at his arrival in Beast Taming City that Li Chengfeng began to have some semblance of active-thinking back in him.

“Phew…your adventure has a lot to take in, Yunfei! I’ve goosebumps on my arms just listening to you! If only I was there fighting by your side—I feel like I did nothing at all in comparison with me training in isolation. Your story beats mine hands down.” Li Chengfeng sighed in admiration.

“I’d much rather have peace and quiet, given the choice…I don’t think I’ve ever had an extended period of peace beside the first two years of my journey…”

“Ah? Where’d these two kids come from? Woahhh, they’re Soul Exalts! Xinyun, Xiao Bai! Look! Am I imagining things? That kid is a Soul Exalt!”

Someone from the outside suddenly cried out.

“Wow! Look at that, brother! What a cute birdie! It can even talk!”

“Get behind me sis! That bird’s strong! Don’t touch it!”

Another two voices spoke out, one was the amazed voice of Li Ruoling and the other was the ever-vigilant Li Ruofeng.

Bai Yunfei sent Li Chengfeng a knowing smile. Standing up from the table, Bai Yunfei laughed, “Let’s head out, Chengfeng, I’d like you to meet my wife and soulbeast partner.”

They walked out into the courtyard roughly at the same time Tang Xinyun and the two birds were walking in. Li Ruofeng and Li Ruoling were both standing cautiously behind the gates.

Both sides were staring curiously at one another.

Tang Xinyun smiled the moment she saw Bai Yunfei, “Yunfei, who might these guests be…?”

“Come here, Xinyun, let me introduce you to them…this is brother of mine I told you about before, the one from the Azure Cloud Province, Li Chengfeng! And these are his kids, Li Ruofeng and Li Ruoling…” Bai Yunfei introduced, “Chengfeng, this is my wife, Tang Xinyun, and this is her soulbeast partner, Xiao Bai the quickshade bird. And this is my soulbeast partner, Xiao Qi.”

“Li Chengfeng?” The name seemed to spark a memory in Tang Xinyun, “I’ve heard Bai Yunfei mention you several times before. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” She smiled.

“It’s nice to meet you, miss Tang,” Li Chengfeng smiled, “I’ve heard about you plenty of times. What luck Bai Yunfei has to have a wife like you.”

“This is your friend from a long time ago, that Li Chengfeng? He’s a Soul Emperor?!” Xiao Qi chirped in shock on top of Bai Yunfei’s shoulder. “And your kids are Soul Exalts! How amazing is that?”

Li Ruofeng looked pleased with that statement. “Hah! Now you know how amazing I am? Master told me that my talent is even better than dad’s. I’ll have you know I was a Soul Sprite when I was born! How amazing is that?!”

“A Soul Sprite since birth?! No way! You think you’re some kind of soulbeast? I don’t believe it!”

“What’s there not to believe?” Li Ruofeng looked a little incensed at Xiao Qi’s disbelief, “If soulbeasts can be stronger than that at birth, why can’t I be born a Soul Sprite? Ask my dad if you don’t believe me!”

Bai Yunfei and Tang Xinyun both looked to Li Chengfeng at that. It had been on Bai Yunfei’s mind about how his kids were so strong.

Li Chengfeng affectionately rubbed the head of his son, “My son has talent that won’t ever be seen again. When Ling’er was pregnant with him my master had her eat several medicines and train with a strange technique. It doesn’t do much for the user, but it’ll impart knowledge into the babies. As such, these two were truly born as Soul Sprites. That’s how these two children are Early-stage Soul Exalts at the age of eight…”

“Something like that exists?!” Bai Yunfei exclaimed. He had never heard of such a thing before! 

But it seemed like Li Ruofeng was a bit similar to Yao Feiyun—Yao Feiyun was trained since birth with plenty of medicines, that’s why he was a Soul King at the age of eleven. It was truly a talent that’d be almost impossible to match. Li Ruofeng wasn’t too far behind Yao Feiyun in this regard.

Some conversation was had between both groups for a while after that. “Chengfeng,” Bai Yunfei spoke up, “let’s head to the conference hall. It’d be a good idea for you to know our plans and meet with everyone else…”

“I’d like to meet with the seniors of the Yao clan and those of the soulbeast world anyways,” Li Chengfeng nodded. “But…I think we should wait seven days longer before we attack.”

“Oh?” Bai Yunfei paused, why would Li Chengfeng say something like that? “Seven days, you say? Why’s that?”

Li Chengfeng smiled. “That’s because…the Beast Taming School will meet its ‘end’ in seven days.”

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