Chapter 1137: Junior Headmaster of the Fate School

A tear in space formed in the air above a mountain hundreds of kilometers away from Beast Taming City. Four figures walked out from the tear before stepping onto solid ground.

It was Bai Yunfei, Li Chengfeng, and his two kids Li Ruofeng and Li Ruoling.

“Wow!! How did we end up here all of a sudden! I can’t even see Beast Taming City! Wow!!”

Li Ruofeng exclaimed the moment he took a look around. For as far as the eyes could see, there was nothing but mountains in sight rather than the city they had just been in.

Even Li Chengfeng looked astonished. “Is this the power of the Core Stone, Yunfei? How powerful, that Regalia. It can teleport us farther than even a Late-stage Soul Emperor can…”

“Yeah, no one will disturb us here. Chenfeng, let’s talk inside the Core World, there’s a few people I’d for you to meet…”

One pulse of soulforce later and everyone was wrapped in a bubble of soulforce and taken into the Core World, leaving the Core Stone to fall inconspicuously onto the ground… 

Inside the Core World.

Appearing within his very own courtyard, Bai Yunfei noticed Tang Xinyun wasn’t in any of the rooms. He originally thought about calling everyone over to come meet Li Chengfeng, but the man stopped him saying that they had to talk about a few things first before introductions could be had.

And so Li Ruofeng and Li Ruoling were left inside the courtyard to play while the two adults went into one of the rooms to talk.

They sat down at the table first before Bai Yunfei looked at the first friend he had fought alongside within this life. A long period of silence passed before Bai Yunfei sighed.

“Chengfeng, how are you after so many years? How’s Ling’er?”

“She’s pregnant again, so she can’t move around as much and is staying home to cultivate…” Li Chengfeng smiled, “I’ve been living well these years. Any free time is spent training, unlike you—haha, I heard plenty of rumors about you over the years. You’ve done a lot of shocking things, my friend…”

“Pregnant? Again?” Bai Yunfei laughed incredulously, “Well done! Congratulations to you, my friend.”

Smiling and scratching his head shyly, Li Chengfeng coughed once before leaning forward with a grim expression.

“Putting that aside, I heard three years ago you…”

“That I died three years ago?” Bai Yunfei smiled, “Is that what the news is in the world? Haha…but as you can see, I’m alive and well.”

“What happened then?”

“That’s a story for another time, why don’t you answer my question first?” Bai Yunfei was more curious about Li Chengfeng’s story than his own, “Chengfeng…you’re an Early-stage Soul Emperor now?! You’re absolutely amazing, you know that? Someone that improves as fast as you did can only be seen once in several thousand years, you know!”

“Aren’t you praising yourself, Yunfei?” Li Chengfeng barked with laughter, “Aren’t you an Early-stage Soul Emperor too? You’re the one to talk, though…I’m still nothing compared to you…

“I learned a lot over the years,” He sighed, “I heard about everything you did. You did all that yourself, didn’t you? I don’t think you had much help from your own school in any of those matters. I’m worse than you in that aspect. The entire knowledge of my school was given to me. I was even given a Truth of Reincarnation Pill, something that was stored for two thousand years, to become a Soul Emperor. I’d never be able to meet my predecessors if I wasn’t able to get that strong after all that help…”

“What!! The Truth of Reincarnation?!” Bai Yunfei’s eyes flew wide open, “You took one of those too?!”

“Too?” It was Li Chengfeng’s turn to look amazed, “Don’t tell me…you took a Truth of Reincarnation pill to become a Soul Emperor too, Yunfei?”

“Not in my case, I became a Soul Emperor thanks to the seniors of the soulbeast world. My soulbeast partner and I traveled to the Tomb of the Emperor Beasts and broke through then. But…it was when I got hurt three years ago. I lost all my strength and memories for three years. Thanks to the Yao clan, I was able to take the Truth of Reincarnation and recover myself.”

He waved his hand around the room, “The city you saw near my courtyard is Yao City, the current resident of the Alchemy School, or the Yao clan as they’re known now.”

“What a story,” Remarked Li Chengfeng, “You met the legendary Alchemy School? And you brought them with you?!”

“I did.” Bai Yunfei nodded. “That part of the story I’ll tell later, but you first! What’s that ‘school’ of yours! Which school did you join?!”

Li Chengfeng smiled, “You and my school are pretty tightly-connected, actually. My master is…Ge Yiyun and my school is…the Fate School!!”

“Senior Ge Yiyun!? The Fate School?!” Bai Yunfei’s eyes flew wide open, “You actually joined the Fate School?!”

“It happened not long after you left, actually. Master found me and took me in as his disciple. He took Ling’er and I back to the Fate School and helped me grow. It’s because of him that I’m who I am today…”

“Not long after I left?” Bai Yunfei thought hard back to the days he and Li Chengfeng were together. Those days were when he was still being ‘chased’. Li Chengfeng appeared to him somewhere during that process and even mentioned something about Li Chengfeng before. He never imagined that Li Chengfeng would actually come into contact with Ge Yiyun and join the Fate School… 

“Then you’re the disciple of senior Ge Yiyun? That must mean you’re the Fate School’s…”

“The ‘junior headmaster’, yes.” Li Chengfeng nodded.

“Junior headmaster of the Fate School!” Bai Yunfei leaned back, “Haha! You did great! You’re amazing, Chengfeng! The Fate School is definitely a school that wouldn’t lose to any of the top ten schools!”

He was afraid that not hearing about Li Chengfeng at all meant that Li Chengfeng hadn’t done anything noteworthy. But he was wrong. The only reason he didn’t hear anything about his old friend was because Li Chengfeng secretly became a Soul Emperor and the junior headmaster of the Fate School… 

After a moment to ponder about this, Bai Yunfei asked Li Chengfeng another question, “So then, what brings you here to Beast Taming City?”

“I didn’t have any ‘goal’ here at first…”

“What do you mean by that?’

Li Chengfeng gave Bai Yunfei a meaningful smile, “It was ‘fate’ that brought me here. And so I came. I had no idea what I’d do here when I came.”

“What’s with that cryptic storytelling? Had I not known you were from the Fate School I’d thought you’re some kind of fortuneteller.” Bai Yunfei sighed in exasperation.

“I really didn’t have any idea why I’d come here,” Li Chengfeng laughed, “but I know now. I came here because of you…I’m here to help you with what you plan to do!”

The smile on his face grew grim, “Yunfei…you came here for the Beast Taming School, right? You’re here to destroy them, correct?!”

His words stopped Bai Yunfei dead in his tracks. “How…how did you know that!?”

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