Chapter 1136: A Reunion of Brothers After A Decade

“Li Ruofeng…and Li Ruoling?!”

The suspicion in Bai Yunfei’s eyes thickened. The beginnings of a realization were starting to show. He gave Li Ruofeng a closer look, “Li Ruofeng, was it? Can you tell me…what is your dad’s name?!”

Not expecting such a question, the boy took a step back to stand protectively in front of his sister. “What are you trying at?! Why do you want to know my dad’s name?”

A little impatient for an answer to his suspicions, Bai Yunfei held his hand out, “Let me take a look at that dagger of yours.”

“What are you ta—hey!!” The boy was starting to look angry. About to demand that he make sense, the boy was suddenly shocked to feel the ‘dagger’ in his hand disappear!

He snapped his head up from his hand—the dagger was now in the hand of this stranger!

“Give that back!!” The boy panicked. He never imagined his very own dagger would be ‘stolen’ so easily!

He barely had enough time to say those three words before he saw the stranger break out into laughter like a madman after taking the dagger!

There was a wondrous expression on Bai Yunfei’s face as he laughed. “Haha!! It really is the same dagger!!”

Equipment Grade: High 
Upgrade Level: +12
Attack: 45 
Additional Attack: 176 
Soul Compatibility: 25%
+10 Additional Effect: Attacks have a 3% chance of blinding the target for a maximum of 3 seconds. 
+12 Additional Effect: When clashing with the weapon of another, this weapon has an 8% chance of severing it. 
(The chance of triggering this effect is in inverse proportion to the grade of the enemy weapon. It is ineffective against weapons of the Inheritance grade and higher). 
Upgrade Requirement: 61 Soulpoints 

A series of stats appeared in Bai Yunfei’s mind the moment he touched the dagger.

This wasn’t an ordinary weapon at all! It was upgraded to +12 and had an attack stat stronger than even a mid-human tier. By Bai Yunfei’s standards, this was really weak, but this dagger had huge importance to Bai Yunfei!

The laughter gradually died from Bai Yunfei’s lips. Looking back up to the still surprised Li Ruofeng, he asked, “Would your father perhaps be called Li Cheng—”


He didn’t even finish speaking when Li Ruoling suddenly called out to someone behind Bai Yunfei!

Eyes widening, Bai Yunfei whirled around. Someone was standing there at the entrance of the alleyway! He didn’t even notice someone getting close to him!

Then Bai Yunfei felt his heart skip a beat in joy at seeing who it was. Opening his mouth, he said a single name—


In front of him stood a man in white. His hair was long enough to reach his shoulders, his eyebrows sharp like swords, and his eyes as bright as stars. Even his aura felt impressive. Though there was a difference in how this person carried himself than the way Bai Yunfei remembered, Bai Yunfei still recognized this man to be one of the first friends he made as a soul cultivator, and a brother of sorts—Li Chengfeng!!

It was when Bai Yunfei was just a Soul Personage. He met this person when he came across the murderous Blackwood Stronghold and fought with him side-by-side!

The two of them were ignorant youths back then. Two youths that had just barely began their journey as soul cultivators before setting out into the world to make a name for themselves. A promise was made to meet one another when they made it, and it seemed like this promise would finally be fulfilled ten years later!

Bai Yunfei met all sorts of people after he stepped into the chaotic world of soul cultivators. He experienced so many things and met many friends such as Jing Mingfeng and Zheng Kai. He never once forgot about Li Chengfeng, however. Every once in a while he’d think about his old friend and think about looking for him. But the problems these days seemed endless and so he never got the chance to actually go look for him.

He was a little skeptical why he hadn’t heard anything about Li Chengfeng over the years. He remembered the man to be far more talented than anyone else he knew. Li Chengfeng should’ve skyrocketed in the world after some experience if anything. It seemed crazy that there wasn’t even a single rumor about the man… 

So Bai Yunfei never expected to meet Li Chengfeng here after all these years… 


A vigilant glare appeared in Li Chengfeng’s eyes at once. “Who are you?” He began to demand.

“Chengfeng, it’s me!!” In one fluid motion, Bai Yunfei wiped away the disguise he wore on his face and dispelled the technique to show his true self to Li Chengfeng.

The words died away in Li Chengfeng’s mouth. Standing there in shock, Li Chengfeng took a few seconds before he started to tremble. “You…” He muttered, “you can’t be...Yunfei?!”

“Haha, it’s me! Chengfeng, I finally found you!!” Bai Yunfei roared with laughter before striding toward Li Chengfeng.

“Yunfei! It’s really you!!” Laughing in turn, Li Chengfeng ran after Bai Yunfei in joy.

The two embraced with wide open arms, happy to finally meet one another at last.

Ten years had separated the two brothers, and now the two were finally reuniting.

“Dad…who’s this…?”

The excitement of their reunion was hindered briefly by the confused question of Li Ruoling. Both she and her brother were staring incredulously at Bai Yunfei now. They looked almost ready to explode into a series of questions—they had never seen their father so excited before!

Li Chengfeng pulled away from Bai Yunfei with a smile. “Ruofeng, Ruoling, come and say hello to uncle Bai!”

“Uncle Bai?” Li Ruofeng and Li Ruoling blinked. Cocking their heads they stared at Bai Yunfei.

“Is this the uncle Bai you always talk about? But didn’t you say he was already dead?” Asked Li Ruofeng.

Li Ruoling immediately greeted Bai Yunfei rather than ask questions, “Hello, uncle Bai…”

“Ah…” Bai Yunfei gave an uneasy look to Li Chengfeng, “Chengfeng, these two…are your kids right? Yours and Ling’er, right?”

“Haha, of course they are! Did you think I had a concubine or two? I’d never dare…”

“......” It took Bai Yunfei a moment to formulate a response, “What brings you here to Beast Taming City, Chengfeng? And…where in the world did you go all those years ago? How are you now? And your strength…”

“It’s a long story,” Li Chengfeng smiled, “I have a lot of questions to ask you, actually. But this isn’t the right time and place, let’s move elsewhere…”

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