Chapter 1135: Ruofeng and Ruoling

“You!!” The teenager looked almost taken aback at the boy’s words for a moment. “Hah! Okay then! I didn’t think someone would dare to talk back to us in this city! Are you outsiders, then? Let me tell you, the Beast Taming School is the strongest here in Beast Taming City! This guy was just a beggar, someone that is lucky enough to get away with just a small lesson! Aren’t I lenient? And even if I fed him to my soulbeast puppet, who’s going to bother with him?”

He gave the boy a cruel smile, “As for you, you ignoramus, you should know what happens when a nail sticks out too much. Prepare to feel my wrath!”

Jabbing a finger at the boy, the beast tamer ordered for his mid-stage class four soulbeast to attack!

He was going to beat up a small boy!

“An evil bully like you…deserves to be beaten up!”

Unexpectedly, this little boy didn’t look scared at all at the fact that he was being attacked. After letting out a scream, he kicked off against the ground to attack!

“Wha—young master, watch out!!”

One of the bodyguards behind the beast tamers cried out a warning as soon as the boy stepped forward. Letting out a roar himself, the bodyguard charged forward to protect the beast tamer!

There was something dangerous about this young boy. The speed at which he traveled in was faster than the soulbeast attacking him!

Then the aura of the boy was made known to everyone there!

“A Soul Exalt!! How?!”

The bodyguard cried out in fear—the enemy was a Soul Exalt! A boy no older than eight years old was a Soul Exalt…what in the world!?

The young beast tamer, He Fanbing, was the son of Beast Taming City’s new lord-mayor. He was the type of child that was so spoiled and inexperienced in the world that he knew nothing about life outside the city. As such, he treated the city as his own personal playground and did as he pleased. And since he was a part of the Beast Taming School, no one dared to resist his rule. 

But today was the day He Fanbing messed with the wrong people… 

His two bodyguards were only Soul Ancestors. He Fangbing himself was a Soul Sprite. Fighting a Soul Exalt was not something any of them could do.

It was too late for regrets, though. The little boy was already taking advantage of their surprise to get in close to the beast tamer!

As surprised as he was, the bodyguards moved faster than their young charge. Now standing in front of He Fanbing, the two bodyguards glowed orange and yellow and summoned their own soulbeast puppets to do battle.

But then… 


The young boy barked the moment the two bodyguards stepped in front of He Fanbing. The two bodyguards grew pale in the face as if struck by something before falling back in pain!

Were they hit by a…soul attack?!

The boy was a Soul Exalt, and not one with an affinity for illusions…but he was capable of using a soul attack! That meant…he was using some kind of special technique!

An extremely rare soul skill similar to that of a soul attack!

A young Soul Exalt with an extremely rare soul skill…who in the world was this boy?!


He Fanbing started to scream the moment he saw his two bodyguards fall away. He was frightened by the sudden danger he was thrown in—he was no match for this young boy attacking him!


That didn’t mean he was without options. His bodyguards might be useless and his soulbeast puppet too far away to be of use, but He Fanbing still had some time to launch an attack! 

A small shortsword appeared in his right hand. Eyes flashing dangerously, He Fanbing stabbed the weapon at the boy!

The shortsword flashed a faint-violet light—it was a soul armament!


But the boy didn’t seem to care about the sword! He simply whipped his hand back and lashed out with a punch onto the sword!


The two met with a loud clang. There was a small dagger in the boy’s hand, one that looked hardly different than to any regular dagger. But it somehow managed to stop He Fanbing’s shortsword…


Under the amazed eyes of He Fanbing, the shortsword—a mid-earth tier soul armament—cracked in several places and snapped in half!

This sight was met with three different reactions by three different people!

The first was He Fanbing. He had a look of terrified shock. 

The second was the little boy. He looked surprised for a second before then looking excited at this result.

The third was…the currently hidden Bai Yunfei!!

Having been hidden for a while now, Bai Yunfei knew that this little boy was stronger than the other three. He even knew that the boy was a Soul Exalt. It just surprised him that this was the case. His eyes narrowed suspiciously when he saw the shortsword snap in half upon striking the dagger. 

“That dagger…”


Snapping from his thoughts, Bai Yunfei looked on just in time to see the boy kick He Fanbing straight on the stomach.

A Soul Exalt could’ve easily killed the beast tamer, but the boy didn’t seem like he wanted to do that. From the very beginning, the boy said that the beast tamer deserved to be ‘beaten up’ instead of ‘killed’. 

Bai Yunfei guessed that this boy just wanted to teach the beast tamer a lesson on virtues and nothing more.

“Young master!!”

The two bodyguards appeared by the beast tamer’s side at once. One looked warily at the boy. He wanted to do something in retaliation, but a single glare from the boy caused the two bodyguards to freeze up on the spot… 

It seemed surreal observing the situation. A fifteen-year-old being beaten up by an eight-year-old? And the two bodyguards didn’t even lift a finger!

Looking pleased with himself, the boy turned away to his companion, “Sis, how should we deal with these people?”

The girl was still focusing on healing the wound of the old beggar. She spared a brief moment to glance at He Fanbing before giving a response.

“Dad told us not to reveal ourselves. He’s going to be angry when he finds out you were fighting.”

Her voice was calm and surprisingly mature for her age. The way she spoke was almost like an adult, but the way the two talked to one another was quite cute.

The boy frowned. “I was just playing around, dad won’t find out if you don’t tell…”

“You think dad won’t know? When have we ever gotten away with a lie?”

The frown grew more pronounced on the boy’s face. “So what if he finds out then? We’re doing ‘good acts and accumulating good fate’. You see anyone else here that’d step in?”

He looked resistant to his sister’s words, but the fear of his father’s wrath seemed to change his mind in the end. He gave a withering glare at He Fanbing and his bodyguards, “Okay okay, scram! Keep bullying people and ‘ill fate’ will haunt you!”

He stomped ‘gently’ on He Fanbing’s stomach, causing the beast tamer to groan before being sent flying into the two bodyguards. Surely, he had to have broken a bone or two… 

Hurriedly helping He Fanbing to his feet, the two bodyguards gave each other a knowing glance before quickly leaving the place… 

“Uncle, you should leave this place too…” The girl warned the elderly beggar.

“Th—thank you…”

The beggar looked stunned. His face was still deathly-pale from the terror that threatened to harm him just moments ago. He didn’t even know what in the world happened, he just knew that these two kids in front of him were ‘people’ he’d never be able to understand. 

His voice even stuttered when he was replying to the little girl and shot to his feet. Knees still weak, the beggar staggered away from the place to leave the alleyway and blend in with the other civilians on the main streets.

The boy looked a little angry still as he walked back to his sister’s side. “Let’s get going sis…hey! Who’s there?!”

He whirled around to glare at the mysterious youth that appeared a few steps away. Distrust and suspicion filled his eyes.

Bai Yunfei smiled. “I mean no harm, little friends. There’s no need to be wary of me.”

“Who…are you?” The boy asked again. He looked even more suspicious now.

“Just a random passerby, that’s all.” Bai Yunfei tried his best to look as unassuming as possible, “What’s your name?” 

Perhaps it was his smile, but the little girl didn’t seem as suspicious as her brother. “I’m…I’m Li Ruoling. My brother’s name is Li Ruofeng. Uncle, who are—”

“Sis!” Absolutely gobsmacked, the boy interrupted her midspeech, “Why are you telling a stranger our names?! What if he’s a bad guy?”


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