Chapter 1134: Beast Taming City

In the western parts of the Tianhun Empire. The Archaic Mountain Province.

A single city was situated near a serpentine stretch of mountains.

A city whose name used to be named after the province.

It happened after Prince Hao’s rebel army occupied the western provinces. The Archaic Mountain Province was among one of those provinces that fell to rebel rule.

It was also one of the first provinces to break away from the royal family’s rule.

That was because of the Beast Taming School. Located inside the province, the school’s main base was situated in the ‘Desolate Mountains’, a range of particularly rough mountains.

The city near this mountain range was immediately seized by the Beast Taming School half a year after the rebellion started. Not even its name was spared from this change in rule. The city was now known as the Beast Taming City.

The transition of power between the old lord-mayor and the new one wasn’t received badly due to the long-term plans of the Beast Taming School. Though the lord-mayor was forcibly transitioned, life in the city was the same as always. Soul cultivators went about with their lives as normal as did the commoners. 

All the commoners cared for were their own peaceful lives. The rebellion taking place with the royal family was a matter for the soul cultivators and had little bearings on their own lives. The army of the commoners saw no reason to intervene and so all was well for them.

If there was something that changed, then it’d be the fact that they had a new ‘ruler’. The Beast Taming School was now the governing force and local tyrant of their city. No commoner dared to say anything about their oppressive rule. If they did, the commoners knew they wouldn’t be living for much longer… 

And today, an important ‘visitor’ was here in Beast Taming City.

Hair scattered in the wind and robes as bleak as the cloudy skies, this visitor did not look impressive at all. He paid little mind to those traveling beside him as he looked up and down the city roads. He appeared to be thinking about something.

This person was Bai Yunfei. Disguised with the Face Chance Technique and the Soul Concealment Art, he was able to pretend to be an ordinary traveler.

Bai Yunfei wasn’t taking any chances. He knew he was considered to be dead and missing for over three years now, but it was vital that no unnecessary risks were taken. 

That was why he was traveling by himself. Xiao Qi and Tang Xinyun were both waiting for in the Core World so that they wouldn’t raise any suspicions.

A month had passed since Bai Yunfei left the Soulbeast Forest. It took him a month to finally arrive at the heart of the Beast Taming School’s rule.

Killing the Beast Taming School right away wasn’t really an issue, but it also wasn’t an issue that needed to be rushed. It had been three years since Bai Yunfei last involved himself with the world. It was necessary for him to ascertain the situation first before any other preparations could be made.

Bai Yunfei came to a stop at the heart of the city. Standing in front of him was a two-story pavilion. It was a teahouse. The ‘Cleansing Heart’.

This teahouse reminded him of Dan Teng’s ‘Soothing Heart’. Feeling a little thirsty, Bai Yunfei walked in.

Ordering a teapot, Bai Yunfei took a seat next to a window on the second floor. As he poured himself a cup, Bai Yunfei watched the throngs of people walk down the street with interest.

He remembered Wu Dijian and Xiao Qi telling him about the horrendous battles that took place throughout the continent. How so many lives were brought to an end at a whim. 

But this city hadn’t a single sight like that. Not by a long shot.

The ‘ordinary’ world hadn’t experienced any big change. That could be said to be a good thing.

“The Beast Taming School isn’t too far away. I hope the battle won’t reach this city…”

Bai Yunfei thought. He was worried about the city just in case.

Half the teapot was gone by the time Bai Yunfei snapped out from his ‘people-gazing’ stupor. Something was happening in a small alley to the right.

“A soulbeast puppet, someone from the Beast Taming School?”

Nothing strange could be said about this city have beast tamers roam about. Something could be said about said beast tamers bringing out a soulbeast puppet, though. Bai Yunfei could sense the aura of a beast tamer, a soulbeast puppet, and…the faint aura of an ordinary person!

Standing up from his seat, Bai Yunfei strode out at once from the teahouse… 


It happened when he stepped out from the teahouse. A soulbeast was letting out a loud roar from the alleyway!

Multiple people froze up the moment they heard the roar. Terrified, they began to hurry away in the opposite direction of the source to escape trouble. No one wanted to stick around here.

Eyes narrowed, Bai Yunfei silently disappeared from sight. His sudden disappearance caused several commoners to rub their eyes, confused if they were just imagining things or not.

“Hmph!! Where’d a snot-nosed brat like you come from? Learn to mind your own business, or are you tired of living?!”

Standing in the alleyway was a teenaged male. He was standing in front of two trembling figures with a look of absolute disdain.

In front of him was a gray jackal-type soulbeast about half the height of an adult man. Its eyes, red like blood, were dull and without life. A low growl could be heard from the soulbeast as it prepared to pounce onto its target and rip it apart in a single second.

Standing in front of the soulbeast and beast tamer pair was a pair of children. A boy and girl, both probably eight years old at most.

The boy was dressed in the dull green robes of a commoner. He was standing protectively in front of his female companion, fearlessly barring the way of the soulbeast in front of him.

And the female companion behind him was a little girl dressed in a pink robe. She had bright eyes and an adorable face, though slightly marred by her anger. It absolutely infuriated her to hear what the beast tamer was saying. Glancing backward, she looked at the injured old beggar nursing his injured arm behind them.

Placing both palms over his wounds, the girl began to concentrate. Palms glowing blue, the girl began to heal the man’s injuries. The bite wounds looked terrifying, but under her treatment, the blood began to clout and the broken skin started to heal.

It was easy to see what was going on here. The richly-dressed teenager had injured the beggar and was stopped by the boy and girl.

Behind the teenager stood two middle-aged men. They were definitely bodyguards, meaning this teenager was a person of status.

“Attacking a commoner in broad daylight like this…did your soulbeast puppet eat your good conscience?”

The boy shouted at the man. His voice, while young-sounding, was quite loud and sounded like he was mocking the beast tamer.

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