Chapter 1130: The +13 Soul Sealing Mandate

Bai Yunfei and Xiao Qi weren’t able to stay in the Tomb of the Emperor Beasts for long. Half a day after their breakthrough, the two of them began to feel a strong repulsion from the dimension.

The only class eight soulbeasts allowed in the Tomb were those that were on the verge of death. Not even peak late-stage class seven soulbeasts could stay for more than a hundred days, and newly-made class eight soulbeasts were forced out from the dimension after a day at most.

They were calm because they both knew of that fact. Allowing himself to wait, Bai Yunfei allowed a bubble of energy to cover him and change the environment around him.

By the time his eyes were open, the scenery was now a silent valley with two familiar auras standing behind him.

“He’s out!”

He could hear the Three-eyed Tiger King exclaim in surprise. Turning around, he could see the surprise on both class eight soulbeasts' faces.

“I apologize for the wait, seniors.”

“You both succeeded? That’s great! Haha! I knew you both could do it!” The Three-eyed Tiger King roared with laughter after taking a look at Bai Yunfei.

“It was all thanks to you, seniors, that I managed to succeed. I cannot thank you enough.”

“No need for that, it was for our mutual benefit! An increase in power for you means better for our plan! Let’s return to the wolf clan, I’m sure all preparations are already done!”

“Sounds fine. May I ask how many days passed?”

“Not long, ten days at most.”

Ten days. The wolf clan was most likely done gathering everyone in that case.

As prepared Bai Yunfei felt about how many soulbeasts were going to be there, he still had a hard time calming himself…. 

As the mountains of the wolf clan drew close, Bai Yunfei could start to feel the auras of multiple powerful individuals everywhere!

Over a hundred class seven soulbeast were there!

Many soulbeasts were alerted to Bai Yunfei and the two soulbeasts returning. By the time they reached the wolf clan’s airspace, many soulbeast leaders were coming out from their residences to greet them.

Bai Yunfei had to prevent himself from smirking at the sight. How would the soul cultivator world react if they saw this many class seven soulbeasts here…?

“Yunfei, you’re back!”

Multiple noticeable figures appeared from the crowd. Bai Yunfei recognized the Golden Lion King, the Azure-winged Bat King and a few others such others such as Hong Yin.

Everyone was excited to see Bai Yunfei at last, but the energy he radiated frightened them. They were all told that Bai Yunfei was simply someone from the younger generation and was of the same level of strength as them.

But the Bai Yunfei standing right in front of them was someone that belonged to a higher level of power than they did.

“Brother Hong Yin, everyone…” Bai Yunfei nodded, “Has everyone gathered yet? Where’s senior Bloodhowl?”

He suddenly realized most of the soulbeasts gathered here were the class seven ones. The Bloodhowl Wolf King, Violet Dragon King, and other class eight soulbeasts were all gone.

“Father took them somewhere, I believe it’ll be a few days before they return. If nothing goes and the senior they invited comes, everything will be ready then.”

“A senior?” Bai Yunfei repeated.

If the Bloodhowl Wolf King went to invite a ‘senior’ with that many individuals, then the senior had to be…a late-stage class eight soulbeast?!

The Three-eyed Tiger King and Ancient Crocodile King narrowed their eyes, “Did they…head towards the dragon clan?” The Three-eyed Tiger King asked.

“That is correct, senior. Father and the group went to meet with the dragon clan’s elder.”

A flash of respect crossed the Ancient Crocodile King’s eyes. “It’ll be a definite win for us if ‘he’ joins us!”

“A senior of the dragon clan? Who is it?” Bai Yunfei asked curiously.

Looking around themselves, Hong Yin flashed Bai Yunfei a smile, “Let’s take this talk inside.”

Within the Core World.

After bidding goodbye to the Golden Lion King and other class seven soulbeast, Bai Yunfei managed to learn some more details from Hong Yin.

All the class seven soulbeasts were basically here now—more of them came than expected. They thought the majority would be the elders of several clans and a few class seven soulbeast, but over a hundred of the latter were here.

If pitted against the Beast Taming School, the soulbeasts had the overwhelming advantage.

Now it was time to wait for the Bloodhowl Wolf King and the others to return before they could set out for the Beast Taming School. At first, they thought that having a mid-stage class eight soulbeast would be the only thing necessary, but it was possible that the Beast Taming School might have a late-stage class eight soulbeast puppet. That’d be troublesome if true, so they wanted to bring an elder from the dragon clan for insurance.

In short, Bai Yunfei was looking at all angles to eliminate the Beast Taming School for sure!

Since Hong Yin said it’d take a few days for the Bloodhowl Wolf King to return, Bai Yunfei decided to take it easy and relax in the Core World. Of course, he’d take a look at the bounty he got in the Tomb of the Emperor Beasts too.

Like that +13 Guaranteed Upgrade Stone, for example.

Today, Bai Yunfei had seven lifebound armaments. The Cataclysmic Seal, the Fire-tipped Spear, the Soul Sentinel Scarf, the Critical Glove were the only ones that were +13. The Core Stone and Soul Sealing Mandate, and now the Counter Armor were the only +12 items. That meant either the Soul Sealing Mandate or Core Stone would be getting this +13 Guaranteed Upgrade Stone.

It was hard to make that decision himself, so Bai Yunfei decided to talk with the two spirits. A polite declination from Xiao Fang meant that the Soul Sealing Mandate would be upgraded.

On top of a tall mountain, Bai Yunfei sat there on the ground alone.

The +13 Guaranteed Upgrade Stone was taken out onto his right hand and the Soul Sealing Mandate on his left.

Pressing the two together, Bai Yunfei thought, “Upgrade.”

Upgrade Successful
Unique Equipment
Equipment Grade: Mid Divine
Elemental Affinity: None
Upgrade Level: +13
Soul Compatibility: 100%
Equipment Effect 1: 100% Regeneration rate to the soul.
Equipment Effect 2: Summon a white halo. Soulforce recovery is increased by 100%.
Other Effects cannot be activated within the duration of this effect.
Equipment Effect 3: Seal the soul of a single entity. Entity will be unable to take any actions.
Additional Attribute: 80% Increase in Equipment Effect 1 and 2's effects.
+10 Additional Effect: Create a spiritual barrier by using soulforce. Gain immunity to a single spirit-based attack for up to 5 seconds.
Cooldown of 24 hours.
+12 Additional Effect: All allies within range gain a 20% gain a 20% increase in all attributes.
All enemies within range have a 10% decrease in all attributes.
Determination of ally or enemy is dependent on user. If unknown, then neither effects will apply.
Duration of one hour and cooldown of 24 hours.
+13 Additional Effect: Revert the state of the soul 10 seconds prior. Activated automatically when off cooldown and soul is in danger of destruction.
Cooldown of 24 hours.
Upgrade Requirement: 700 Soulpoints
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