Chapter 1127: Attempting to Become Soul Emperors!

It wasn’t hard to imagine how long the Immortal Iridescent Phoenix lived. How much of that lifespan it spent learning about the world and its elements. Thousands and thousands of years worth of knowledge was gathered in the bones of this phoenix. 

Bai Yunfei wasn’t finding it very hard to understand the insights on the Law of Fire being passed on to him from the Immortal Iridescent Phoenix. His own understanding of the Law was helping him advance by leaps and bounds and also indirectly helping Xiao Qi further his understanding on the matter.

The rate of progression with the Law of Lightning wasn’t as fast, but Xiao Qi was helping him a decent amount. Thanks to that Bai Yunfei was enjoying a never-before-experienced level of understanding.

One had to fully...

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