Chapter 1125: The Inheritance of the Immortal Iridescent Phoenix!

“This looks like the skeleton of an eagle-type soulbeast. Probably a magical storm eagle judging from the wind and lightning energies around it…what do you think about his inheritance, Xiao Qi?”

Bai Yunfei was currently staring at a small tornado that was standing still in the same spot. It was about a hundred meters in circumference and had the skeleton of a large eagle inside it.

Xiao Qi shook his head. “I feel his inheritance rejecting me since we’re not really related. I might be able to take it if I force the connection, but…”

“Forget it then, let’s keep on looking.” Bai Yunfei was already turning away to look elsewhere.

“Wait, Yunfei. I feel something calling for me over there, can we go look?” Xiao Qi pointed to the left with his wing.

“Oh?” Turning around,...

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