Chapter 1118: A 'Challenge' From the Class Eight Soulbeast!

The abruptness of the Golden-eyed Ape King caught everyone’s attention at once. 

“What issue might there be, Ape King?”

“My issue relates…to the Core Stone. Wouldn’t it be in your control throughout the entire plan?”

“What does the Ape King mean by that?”

Contempt flashed across the Golden-eyed Ape King’s eyes. “The plan you propose is a sound one. Hiding all us soulbeasts and springing us where the Beast Taming School is. That’s a fine plan. Not even the Beast Taming School would be able to win against this many of us. However…it’ll be hard to say what happens when we begin fighting. It’s to be expected that there will be casualties. Now if the one in possession of the Core Stone, namely you, dies, or something else happens to the Core Stone, how will we soulbeasts return to the forest? We would have to make our way through the...

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